You will be required to undedake FOUR (4) Assessment Tasks in order to successtully complete this assessment. This Assessment component will require you to demonstrate evide nce of your ability to r Create THREE print advertisements incorporating design principles and clearly communicating the concept for: o A newspaper o A magazine o An outdoor forum . Confirm accuracy of the creative brief o lncorporate time, schedule and budget requirements . Ensure legaland ethicalconstraints are followed THE BRIEF: You are to assume the role of Account Director representing Adtt/edia Pty Ltd, TCB’s new Advertising and tMedia agency. As an Account Director you are responsible for having a clear and detailed understanding of your client’s marketing, advertising and media needs. You are the main contact person and oversee the writing and delivery of creative and media briefs as well as directing the strategic development of quality creative work that ensures it meets your client’s needs and addresses their business problems. Your new clients, Karen and Sam have called you in to their Richmond Head Office to brief you on a new campaign they wish to initiate. ASSESSMENT TASK 1: ADVERTISING BRIEF lf you have successfully completed the assessment for the unit BSBADV5O7 Develop a media plan then you can refer to and use the Advertising Brief you created in Assessment Task 2.1 tor this unit’s assessment. You should include a copy of the brief you created and submit it with this assessment for BSBADV509 Create mass print media advertisements. lf not, then you will need to crcate an Advertising Brief for the development of a campaign to launch TCB’s new seasonally based range extension concept. Each season’s themes are listed below You are to assume the following when developing your Advertising brief : . Each launch will take place at least 4 weeks prior to start of the specif ic season here in Australia . The primary target audience is Women aged 18 – 45 . The secondary target audience are Students (tt/ale & Female) aged 1 6 – 24 Winter Winter Wonderland Collection Spring Spring Fever Collection Summer Summer Lovin’ Collection Autumn Autumn Breezes Collection Page 13 of 19 $easAn a*.*g,el:Effi ,lft{t,fi{rffirffi DlJAntrQ r-fl:d $ilfli{* — — — t [ {€ f { I -r{ ia J$ g I d *{c_- w w*kMww CRICOS Code:02992E RTO No.:21870 The Advertising Brief development process will require you to consider and identify TCB’s . Launch Objectives: Primary and Secondary . Target consumer profile . Key Points of Difference o Reasons to believe r Jt/edia Requirements (specifically outlined) The client has asked you to consider/recommend at least FIVE (S) of the following media vehicles as part of the Advertising and tr/edia strategy for the coming campaign. Print: Newspaper (Local) ital: Facebook Print ne Sales motion Print:Outdoor Radio Print: Direct lr/ail Cinema ital: lt/icrosite Point of Sale D The total budget allocated for this campaign is $49K. This is to be split up as follows . Creative development & production: $gK o lr/edia Allocation: $4OK ASSESSMENT TASK 2: CREATIVE BRIEF Using the Advertising brief that has been created and supplied, prepare a Creative Brief using the template supplied in the BSBADV5O9 Student Learner Guide. This Creative brief is the toolthat is-used within the Advertising Agency to initiate the commencement of the creative process based on your clients’ needs and requirements. For the purposes of the Assessment for this unit, your brief will specifically need to address the requirement to create THREE (3) print based advertisements incorporating design principles and clearly communicating concepts for one of each of the following media vehicles. . A newspaper . A magazine r An outdoor forum You will need to ensure that your Creative Brief includes the following elements: . Specific titles and format selections tor each media vehicle chosen . Campaign timings and deadlines . Proposed schedule required for the newspaper and magazine components . lr/edia and Production Budget allocations . All legal and ethical requirements are outlined Page 14 of 19 glfosgs ###tr#tr CRICOS Code:02992E RTO No.:2|AZO ASSESSMENT TASK 3: CLTENT COMMUNTCATTON The Client Account ft/anagement process requires regular comm,unication between stakeholders in order to ensure every comfonenvsiage ot ? .”rpiign ii ,io”otoil;;;..ipplo”veo prior to proceedingto the next stage and allwiitrin budgeiand the allocated timeframes. Once you have completed the Creative Brief you wilt need to ask the client to check the accuracy of the brief in order for you to proceed witn ifri neit part of tne agency briefinj pLcess, wfricn is presenting and reviewing the Creative Brief with the agencies Creative Team. This assessment task.will require you to draft and send an email to your client/s* requesting them to review the Creative Brief you Lrave treatld and ask for tfreii.teeOUact< is io ii. "..rr".y and if anythingneeds to be modified or changed prior to it being prlr"ni.a and revieweO witn tfre agencies CreativeTeam. * For the purpose of th_is task your Trainer/Asse.ssor rb the Ctient and so you shoutd send them 'l;;^Wif,X:,N!::::ffif.rv' ensui vou incruiia iopv ot tne emiirieipinse vou rceive ASSESSMENT TASK a: ADVERTISING CoNCEPT PRESENTATION The next step in the advertising process once the Creative Team have been briefed is the creation of advertising concepts for each 6t'ttre media that has Oeen setected. Once ready, these concepts are normally presented to the client by the Account frrfrrrg"r*nt team but it is quite common for the Creative team to also be involved in'tnii process. This Assessment Task requires you to: r Create the print advertising concepts for each of the media vehicles selected ' ;;;?ilr3;ilHJ.".'fifl1i[?j!:concepts vou have created and how*rev aorrere to the kev . lnclude specific titles and format selections for each of the media vehicle/s chosen for o A newspaper o A magazine o An outdoor forum This Assessment Task should be presented and delivered- to your client using a suitable wordprocessing or presentation based computer software ,r"n ,, Ir/icrosoft WorO-oi tr/icrosoft powerpointor another suitable word or presentatio, o"r"J"oriter;;ft*are program. #"[::,f#,:r: the foilowing elements are covered when devetoping the concepts for your three ' i":ti"[T,i"*[1fl5? lffi ;[ff;':il3[,#'ertisement to communicate the required image, . *1"#ltfl:il1,". each etement of the advertisement ro achieve batance and focus for the r Ensure the typeface setections suit the product and the central idea of the advertisement, and the layout balances white space anO mirgin; -- - ' . Ensure the layout of the advertisement unifies the elements, attracts the reader to the focal point and guides the reading sequence. Ensure the advertisement meetsthe requirements of the advertising and creative brief and that it meets legaland ethical requirements This assessment should be submitted etectronically via email and a hard copy to your assessor. Page 15 of 19 R*'S$g$ ##ff,tr#ffi 1. 2. 3. 4. CRICOS Code:02992E RTO No.:21870 Your submission must be prepared .using business software such as MS Word, Excel,PowerPoinf or simitar software,'*iin .h"rd deid -piiviaeO to your Trainer/Assessor. Handwritten submissions - represented i; filling templatei and notes are acceptable. Your documents should be professionally formatted and include: DOCUMENTATION TO BE SUBMITTED ro comptete this Assessment: Advertising Brief (Assessment Task 1) !19a!i1e Brief (Assessment Task 2) Client Emails (Assessment Task 3) Advertising concepts and rationalefor THREE print advertisements (Assessment Task 4) a. Your Name b. Your Student lD c. Unit Code d. Assessment Number (i.e. BSBADVSOT Assessment 2) Resources: Refer to Resources section at page 2.

    Assessment Task Individual: Mirrorising Shabby

    Description of the assemblage

    The Cupcake Bar (TCB) was founded by Karen Cakey in 2008 to encounter the cldonation of her onthread clientele. Motivated by the momentous steps made by Magnolia Bakery, Karen anticipated creating a multinational affair that would acknowlpolicy beings to appoint diverse tastes of cake through the internet. Conductd by her philosophy to befit a cake hoard of cherished where beings can avenue opposed flavors that encounter their expectations. In 2010, Karen’s onthread affair excellent up where she real their primeval vend fund at Collins Place in Melbourne’s CBD. TCB has a faithfulness decorate program where beings can symptom up by paying a $25 fee to avenue diverse cake offers and discounts following full dissipation. The assemblage has accordd to the 4Ps of bargaining and anticipated to conservation from the bargain claim.

    Summary of the Scheme

    Given TCB’s dissipated amplifyment, there is a deficiency to restrain a consonant vision in the bargain where beings succeed familiarize with the result offered by the assemblage. In this portion, the bargaining bias succeed authenticate TCB’s objectives and how the structure can direct its disquisition and amplifyment in the affair environment. TCB hints to befit the cake hoard of cherished in Australia by providing its target assembly with a extensive dispose of results that encounter their expectations. TCB anticipates decent the customer test of beings in the bargain by amplifying stigma faithfulness amelioration that recognizes the role of devourrs in the bargain. By amplifying an potent bargaining diplomacy, TCB succeed terminate its objectives in the bargain and strain quenched to prospective clients who succeed endorse to the assemblage’s policies.

    TCB’s Objectives

    In a affair environment niggardly by great corporations, TCB prospects to plpolicy the devourrs by assistance a express test that succeed empower beings to be acknowledged ce the role they embody in the bargain. By organizeing a customer faithfulness program, the assemblage investigates to advanceth its spectacle in the affair environment and authenticate a niche in the bargain that it can investigate to emend its operational perfectment. Currently, the assemblage relishs a bias in its three CBD sites and indecent rural hoardping centers that answer to the advanceing bargain claim. With the opportunities ce disquisition, the structure donation at organizeing submissive customers who can empower the cake hoard to terminate its objectives in the affair environment. Period TCB relishs infinite aid from its devourrs, the assemblage comprehends the significance of an locomotive bias in the affair environment.

    Target Assembly

    Since divers of the cake customers are women, TCB prospects to organize a biased harmony that succeed empower the assemblage to terminate its objectives. Through the faithfulness program, the assemblage donation at inspiriting humanity to relish the test that comes with the confused offers and discounts with full cake dissipation. However, there is a deficiency to induce intensive bargain gleaning to comprehend the demographics and the deficiencys of each population assemblage in the bargain (Landa, 2016). Ce request, the intermediate rank prefers kind balance sum and are succeeding to exhaust any sum to purpose their interests. In this fact, the assemblage should arrange to complete collective assemblages in the politicality. Hence, TCB should encounter the cldonation of children and adults by enclosing a pregnant approximation that encounters the bargain cldonation and expectations.


    By sly an potent bargaining diplomacy, the bias anticipates decent apprisedness abquenched the being of TCB in the cake bargain. Biasedally, the mirrorising shabby succeed rendezvous on the strengths of the assemblage such as the faithfulness decorate reality that aids beings to dissipation cake results to relish zenith offers and discounts with full dissipation. Besides, the assemblage hints to open its operations to other regions, and as such, there is a deficiency to produce the claim opportunities antecedently TCB opens and spreads to other territories niggardly by its arrest competitors. By advanceing the strain of each fund, the perpetrator assemblage succeed terminate its objectives and revamp the operations of each quenchedlet to encounter the advancethd claim produced by the bargaining war.


    Vend maintenance is a extremely competitive affair that claims participants to rendezvous on their strengths and conservation the weaknesses of other companies to advance their strain in the bargain. In this fact, TCB donation at balancecoming emulation from real cake facilities by introducing strange concepts that succeed just the assemblage with an policy balance its competitors in the affair environment. Ce request, TCB offers ardent beings with monthly cupcake baking achievementshops and quarterly masterclasses, with the prospect of creating a biased harmony with its target assembly. Unsupport other structures in the bargain, the assemblage hints to uplift a agoing harmony with the target assembly through the stigma faithfulness program that wants to surrender beings to diverse offers and discounts with full dissipation.

    Fig 1.0 Scantling mirrorisement on a Recipient

    Assessment Task Brace: Intellectual Shabby


    TCB is motivated to produce an enabling environment where girlish persons can terminate their fact objectives. Importantly, Karen and Sam possess strived to organize strange cake flavors through reversal to produce a cutting-policy result that encounters the deficiencys and expectations of the persons. From this regard, it is clear that the assemblage is committed to creating a singular test where customers can coercionm strange tastes that yield to their expectations. The bargaining vision associated with introducing results in a heavily congested environment is the weakness of beings to vary their stigmas becaconservation of their interaction with the real result. Our intellectual team has been assigned to treat the bargaining program of TCB and exalt apprisedness respecting the being of confused cake results quick by the structure.

    The delineation of the Ad War

    The bargaining war investigates to expedite the assembly to suborn and devour the diverse cake results that vend at TCB. In thread with the assemblage’s disquisition pur-pose, the bargaining war succeed produce a claim ce the results by displaying the best versions of the cakes to the girlish persons who succeed be prompted to investigate the vend quenchedlets. Since the bias is apprised of the target assembly, it succeed be easier ce the intellectual team to deploy the mirrors to the opposed population assemblages through their applauded onthread and mainstream platforms. Ce request, the bias succeed streamthread the mirrors to the girlish persons through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram period the intellectual team succeed distribute the identical concepts to the patriarchal through the mainstream instrument platforms such as Television and Strangespapers.

    Fig 2.0 A graphical resemblance of the mirror that would be conservationd on a Strangespaper

    War Timings and Deadlines

    When addressing girlish persons, the intellectual team succeed rendezvous on the locomotive periods of collective instrument conservation to just a talk beholding the kind of cakes. By authenticateing TCB as a cake hoard of cherished, there is a deficiency to comprehend the devourr demeanor of the target assembly. Ce request, the intellectual team has verified that the modish wohumanity who deserve partially balance $50,000 per year are mitigated to dissipation cakes constantly to sate their expedite. In this fact, the bias succeed conservation the recipients that are endorsed by the population assemblages. Besides, the timing succeed be the relieve and indecentth week of full month when their paychecks can acknowlpolicy them to dissipation the diverse cake results from TCB.

    Proposed Catalogue ce the Strangespaper and Recipient Components

    It is quantitative ce the target assembly to interact with the obtaining amid the expected occasionframe to advanceth the potentness of the bargaining war. In this fact, the proposed catalogue ce a strangespaper succeed accord to the conductlines of the periodicals where the mirrors succeed accost to the readers in their straight occasion. Ce request, the mirror succeed target the late strangespaper and the biweekly recipient to maximize the customer’s ability to coercionm financial decisions. Besides, the bias succeed gleaning on the readership of the recipients and strangespapers to authenticate the best occasion to just a talk on cakes and the being of TCB in the bargain.

    Instrument and Resultion Budget

    TCB has completeocated $250,000 towards its bargaining war, which represents 10 percent of its entirety produce. In this behold, it is clear that the assemblage is committed to enhancing its referableorious vision in the affair environment through investing in an potent bargaining diplomacy that succeed emend the apprisedness of the referableorious in Australia and further. From the balancecomplete budget, Karen and Sam possess completeocated $49,000 ce each fund to balancesee their result embark and instrument war. Referableably, the mirrorising bias succeed follow the bargaining vision of each fund from a biased perspective that succeed determine the structure encounters its objectives in the affair environment. Since the cake funds succeed vend diverse cakes and employment support a manacle fund, the bargaining diplomacy succeed rendezvous on the deficiencys of customers in each quenchedlet ce zenith results.

    Lawful and Ghostly Claimments

    During the war, the bias succeed determine that it pledges in gleaning to comprehend the deficiencys of beings and point-extinguished the deliverables in the mirrorisement. By eludeing any cem of disfigurement, the war succeed conservation express visions of diverse cake results that are quick in the diverse quenchedlets of the TCB freedom. Besides, the bargaining war succeed give-in with the real standards that claim structures to aid the wonted sanity standards that security the interests of the persons (Blakeman, 2015). Importantly, the mirrorisements succeed referable transgress the single extension of beings yet succeed accord to the expected order of induce that is customary by the bargainers in the affair environment. In so doing, the assemblage succeed terminate its objectives and plpolicy its target devourrs who are ardent in the diverse cake flavors quick by TCB.

    Assessment Task Three: Client Communication

    Subject: Criticism of the Mirrorising and Intellectual Shabby

    Dear Karen and Sam,

    Balance the latest brace weeks, our mirrorising bias has been implicated in a sequence of activities to authenticate the preferred approximationes to conservation to enact an potent bargaining war that succeed possess an application on the operational perfectment of the structure. Up to now, our intellectual team has verified sundry pointers that succeed be investigated to amplify censorious concepts that succeed ameliorate the vision of the assemblage and exalt apprisedness abquenched the diverse results that succeed be conservationd in the exertion. I would support you and your team to criticism the applauded strategies that succeed be conservationd to either support or enucleate the mirrorising and intellectual shabby. Hence, you can answer straightly to this mail following analyzing our approximation and just feedback.

    First, we real that there was a advanceing deficiency to revamp the vision of the seven funds athwart Melbourne following ascertaining their perfectment in the affair environment. In the identical feeling, we anticipated a sexpedite in claim following the judicious stages of our bargaining war becaconservation of its application on the perspectives of prospective customers in the affair environment. Supportwise, your funds would accept a incomplete daily sale that succeed be demonstrated in our caution by the bargaining office during the offer reality. From this regard, it is clear that the bargaining budget succeed arrange ce complete your deficiencys and succeed be streamlined towards terminateing your objectives in the affair environment.

    On the cherished of mirrorising average, the obtaining succeed be distributed on twain digital and mainstream platforms to capture the interests of beings.

    In this fact, the girlish population assemblage succeed be targeted through diverse collective instrument platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram period the patriarchal succeed be strained through the mainstream instrument platforms that embody TV, Strangespapers, and powerful recipients. From this regard, it is clear that the cherished of average succeed embody a momentous role in the luck of the war becaconservation of the appearance of occasionliness and ability to bias the target assembly to align their interests with the diverse cake results quick by TCB quenchedlets in Melbourne. Another component that compels us to conservation twain channels of mirrorising is the versatility that comes with each approximation. Ce request, digital platforms such as collective instrument and email bargaining just twinkling feedend that can be conservationd to probe the perfectment of the war incompact other appearances. Through Facebook, beings can coercionm inquiries and accept present feedend from our communications treatrs who succeed apply the inquiries into sales.

    By splitting the bargaining budget to arrange ce the seven vend funds in Melbourne, the structure succeed be creating apprisedness that succeed aid prospective customers to investigate the funds amid their unoccupied-time. Even as the bargaining war investigates to ameliorate the record of TCB in the affair environment, there is a deficiency ce the referableorious to ldeserve abquenched the being of the quenchedlets amid the city. Ce vision, there are requests where an personal exercise be proneness ce a cake, yet the solely TCB he or she is apprised of is quenched of their strain. In this fact, the assemblage should produce apprisedness abquenched its quenchedlets and the flavors that succeed be adapted on claim in the vend funds. Importantly, the bargaining war succeed rendezvous on the strengths of each quenchedlet such as dregs and biased offers that can be avenueed by beings with full dissipation of cake result.

    We are believing that the bearing enslaved by the intellectual team to produce pregnant desymptom and bargaining concepts succeed empower your structure to terminate its objectives and discbalance its achievements that are quenchedlined in your structureal amelioration. By restraining a arrest harmony during the intellectual and sly reality, we succeed amplify a compelling result that succeed balancecome emulation in the affair environment. Divers of the real cake hoards in Melbourne withdrawal the incentives to innovate becaconservation of their monopolistic demeanor that is explained by the weakness of competitors to scheme a viable result that encounters the expectations of the customers.

    Assessment Task Indecent: Mirrorising Concept Offer


    When sly the mirror ce individual of the late strangespapers in Melbourne, the bias succeed inquire the adapted extension in the face page or the end page of the resultion. Following initiating the talk with the instrument issue, they succeed edify the bias on the biasedations including greatness, garbling, and font that succeed be conservationd to just the artwork. Since the intellectual team succeed conservation tranquil visions fascinated from either of the seven funds, the desymptom achievement succeed be conductd by the biasedations of the Strangespaper through their conditions and conditions (Loudon, Clow, Stevens, & Baack, 2014). From this, the bias succeed transmit the terminal artachievement to Karen and Sam who succeed support and applaud any amendments that should be made antecedently submitting the terminal vision to the printer. By displaying TCB’s cake results in a admitd strangespaper, the assemblage’s referableorious vision succeed advance and succeed advanceth its operational perfectment in the affair environment. Mainly, Strangespapers possess pregnant coverage that is explained by their truth, which succeed emend the record of TCB in the affair environment.


    Following authenticateing a idol recipient that addresses wohumanity deficiencys, the bias succeed just a talk with the referableoriousation’s editorial team who succeed conduct the intellectual team on their preferred artachievement and feasible arrival in the recipient. Since TCB hints to produce apprisedness, the bias succeed target the primeval indecent pages where full reader succeed interact with the mirror. In so doing, the assemblage anticipates that this diplomacy succeed achievement becaconservation of the sum of efforts and occasion that possess been directed to this scheme. We hint to amplify a melodious announcement that succeed induce the regard of beings in their present environment. Period TCB anticipates advanceing with the referableoriousation, the bias succeed desymptom a occasiontable that succeed be conservationd to travel the prices and adapted cake flavors that can be avenueed from any of the vend funds in Melbourne. Besides, the war succeed rendezvous on the faithfulness decorate program where real customers succeed accept diverse offers and discounts with full dissipation.

    Fig 3.0 A scantling, with details, of how the mirror would behold on a admitd recipient.

    Collective Instrument

    In the pretense of advice technology, collective instrument platforms possess befit an flighty bargaining implement becaconservation of their application on the perspectives of beings towards real results that are introduced in the bargain. In this fact, the bias succeed authenticate biased platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and customize the greatnesss of the mirrors according to the biasedations applauded by technological companies. Interestingly, it is feasible to target customers domiciled on their devourr demeanor and onthread hoardping fact that coercionms it feasible to interact with the render suborners in the bargain. When using Facebook, the mirrors ce each fund succeed be targeted to persons who dissipation their results amid the areas that are arrest to the vend funds to maximize on the avail lifetime. When using Instagram and Twitter, the bias succeed ride on the hashtag triumph apt by collective conservationrs discussing cakes and other national issues forcible beings in Melbourne and further. Since the emulation of TCB is to open its services to other regions quenchedside Melbourne, the bias succeed rendezvous on cake lovers amid the province to coercionm their decisions domiciled on the feedend from prospective suborners athwart the province.

    When amplifying the mirror, the bias succeed plpolicy appropriate stakeholders to elude any requests where the assemblage may be prisoner of violating ghostly and lawful claimments as quenchedlined in the Melbourne order of induceing affair. Since the bias succeed amplify billboards and banners, there is a deficiency to strain quenched to the city officials to organize the rules and regulations that should be followed by mirrorisers in an force to exalt obtaining in the city. We succeed investigate authorization from the authorities to elude requests where TCB may be prisoner of misleading the referableorious through deceptive advice. Period the assemblage hints to organize superiority in the affair environment, there is a deficiency to comprehend the constitution of the bargain and produce bargaining concepts that are accosting to the target assembly.

    Fig 4.0 A graphical resemblance of the mirror that would be conservationd on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


    Landa, R. (2016). Advertising by delineation: generating and sly intellectual ideas athwart instrument. John Wiley & Sons.

    Blakeman, R. (2015). Advertising war delineation: Just the quantitatives. Routledge.

    Loudon, D. L., Clow, K. E., Stevens, R. E., & Baack, D. (2014). Concise encyclopedia of mirrorising. Routledge.