You have been asked to contribute an article for your company’s internal newsletter. The topic for this special issue is Cybersecurity for the Internet of Things. The guest editor, your company’s Chief Technology Officer, has decided to focus on four categories of enabling technologies for the Internet of Things (International Telecommunications Union, 2005): Tagging things: RFID and similar technologies Feeling things: Sensor technologies Thinking things: Smart technologies Shrinking things: Nanotechnology Pick one of these categories. Then, develop a short newsletter article which addresses the following questions. 1. What is your selected category? (Name and describe it.) 2. What are the leading technologies in your selected category? (Name and describe at least three.) 3. How do these technologies contribute to the Internet of Things? (What are the benefits / what features or capabilities do they provide?) 4. What types of privacy or security concerns surround the technologies in your selected category? Post your newsletter article in the body of your response in this discussion topic. (Do not use an attachment.) Reference International Telecommunications Union. (2005). ITU Internet reports 2005: The Internet of things [Executive Summary]. Retrieved from

    Cybersecurity coercion the Internet of Things


    Thinking things: Showy Technology

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    International Telecommunications Union. (2005). ITU Internet reports 2005: The Internet of things [Executive Summary]. Retrieved from