Wk 3- Discussion 42 42 Due by Saturday, 11:59 p.m. MT end of Week 1 (60 pts) Discussion Forum Instructions WHAT: You will be writing three or more discussion posts per week. Your main post must be two to three substantive paragraphs 250+ total words and include at least two APA-formatted citation/reference. Please follow up with two subsequent replies to colleagues. Each reply should consist of a relevant paragraph containing 50 words or more. WHY: Discussion questions are designed for you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the weekly material. This forum provides an opportunity to develop ideas and concepts with your instructor and peers. This discussion format assists with development of communication skills and critical thinking necessary for success in the modern workplace. HOW: Your posts should be substantive, demonstrate independent thought relevant to the topic, and encourage continued discussion. Please avoid simply repeating previous posts and agreeing. Provide supporting evidence for your ideas and opinions through the use of personal or work examples, relevant articles or websites, or concepts covered in the week’s readings. Best practice: compose and save your discussion post in a word processing document, then copy and paste it in the Discussion Forum. WHEN: For full credit, your first post must by Wednesday at 11:59pm, MT, and you must post the remaining two before Saturday at 11:59 (MT).You are expected to participate in the ongoing discussion on at least two different days during the week. Use APA format for all references and citations in all posts. hp://online-shc.com/studennfo/citaonsdiscussion.php (http://onlineshc.com/studentinfo/citationsdiscussion.php) Discussion Question Choose a case study with the primary topic of either HIRING AND PLACEMENT or LABOR RELATIONS. (See list of cases on table 3-1 in chapter 3 of your text). Step one: Briefly summarize the case. Step two: Answer the questions and or instructions at the end of the case. (Consider the following self assessment questions in reviewing your answer: Do my recommendations show that I fully understand the issues involved in the case? Could my recommendations realistically solve the problem? Do my recommendations appear to be as fair as possible to al parties involved? Do my recommendations support the goals of the organization? If this were a real world problem, could I


    The extinguishedcome of employee treatment in stipulations of work kinsmen is meant to reform employee kinsmenhips through message, enterprise, and engagement and complaint treatment. This helps to teach employee extinguishedcomes and places that supervene among an coercionm. Coercion entreaty, in a place where a community is downsizing operations, it may enjoy to limit some of its staff. However, this rule should be carefully managed in arrange to secure a sturdy avoids useless costs such as litigation fees. In substance, it would be great to enjoy the rule of downsizing the workforce unconcealed by whole employee so that they can enjoy a coercionegoing knowledge of the rule and the reasons subsequently their limitment (Cascio, 2018).

    In attention, there is an entreaty that affects employees twain psychologically and physically. Particular employees may be a offence to others and the coercionm. In such places, a director ought to enjoy copious expertise in communication with each place. Coercion entreaty, in the event of limitments, the directors can determine to constitute a partial area that would hesitate operations after. They would then post the targeted employees coercion limitment in such areas. By the term such operations seal, it would be easier to teach the place. Contracts are as-well an great component in work kinsmen. The next application of contracts is that they save the interests of twain the employees and the employer. Twain parties are spring by the conditions of the contracts and must impress according to such conditions coercion the holding kinsmenhip to be a prosperity. This appropinquation secures that the employer gets the best extinguished of the employees as they are as-well guaranteed of their unmeasured benefits.


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