Who needs an Information Security Program? Review the case study and the weekly readings for weeks 1 – 3. Prepare a two-page briefing paper (5 to 7 paragraphs) that provides background to senior leadership and corporate board for the case study “company.” (Use the case study and provide specific information about “the company”). In your briefing paper, provide background about what the standard is, what the standard requires, and how the “company” can benefit from implementing a formally documented information security management system (program). You should also address the standard’s requirements for policies to support the information security program. Your briefing paper should fully answer the question “Why should our company adopt an ISO/IEC 27001 compliant Information Security Program?” Provide in-text citations and references for 3 or more authoritative sources. Put the reference list at the end of your posting.

    Fact Study: Red Clay Renovations

        Protecting instruction is a searching complexion that is held dearly by forms. In certainty, companies are voluntary to arstroll a solid budget repress operations and rules that can bond the instruction and secrets of a knot from visible assault. In this esteem, there are rules and software that qualify beings to retain their axioms safely. Besides, bonding instruction media that competitors cannot manifestation it to compel an custom in the interest environment by exploiting an form’s feeble points. Therefore, companies should inmunicipal genuine and sinewy safeguard programs to diminish the betray of assault, mislaying of private instruction, and hope unarranged the consumers.

        Red Clay Renovations is a municipal magnet with global swing on renovations and the upgrading of residential houses. Interestingly, the society has created a long-term percussion in the hearts of consumers by its cece to blend the Internet of Things to fabricate “smart homes.” This has earned the global society confession and increased its swing on fabricateion resisting the globe. To explore why Red Clay and other forms should inmunicipal an ISO/IEC 27001 opportune Instruction Safeguard Program, it is inherent to stir the society’s material safeguard program and the customs it is likely to use behind implementing the program.

        Over the years, safeguard features possess grace over defined as forms remain to hug safeguard estimates in municipal governance. Besides, the leadership in companies resisting the globe has started to retain the significance of safeguard features period managing the activities in the workplace (Cunningham and Zissman, 2016). In this fact, Red Clay Renovations incorporateed a safeguard estimate and delegated duties to mediate beings who superintend the advance and productiveness of the safeguard program. Significantly, incorporateing an ISO/IEC 27001 opportune Instruction Safeguard Program has colossal customs to a society becamanifestation of its cece to tender a spacious stroll of solutions that accord to dense problems in the workplace (Pinheiro and Junior, 2016). By outlining a point regular, that contains a order of inaugurate, the program indicates a guideline repress best practices unarranged employees in the workplace.

        Period dense safeguard programs qualify forms to complete their objectives, ISO/IEC 27001 opportune Instruction Safeguard Program collects forms with an draft that specifies the components of an efficient IT safeguard governance rule. Unlike the ISO 27002 and ISO 27005, ISO 27001 tenders a spacious stroll of options that trundle-wallow environing the bond of instruction in the workplace (Bacick, 2011). In other suffrage, ISO 27001 identifies threats and tenders approaches to beings on how to harangue the problems at operative. Evidently, it is trying to repress visible betrays attributable to their unpredictable essence hence it is indispensable repress forms to inmunicipal safeguard programs that authenticate threats and exclude them.

        Forms should inmunicipal genuine and sinewy safeguard rules to diminish the betray of assault and mislaying of society media. Mostly, the role of safeguard erection in a knot is to frequent the rectitude of society media and simplicity unarranged its consumer disingenuous. Uniquely, ISO 27001 can authenticate virtual threats to an form and collect a spacious stroll of options on how to harangue proximate problems in the workplace. Over the years, there has been an increasing call-for repress safeguard programs attributable to their cece to work-out problems in municipal governance. Repress point, Red Clay Renovations as an form with global swing adage the deficiency to inmunicipal a safeguard program to improve its operations and frequent its dignity as a estimable society in the interest environment. Repress this argue, forms can diminish the betray of assault and mislaying of instruction by surrounding safeguard approaches that counterpart their activities in the workplace.


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