What the film and respond to the reflection questions below. What did you know about the 2008 financial crisis? Describe the development of the 2008 financial crisis as it relates to real estate and lending. How does this impact to the role of Freddie Mac and Fannie May today?

    The Global economic Financial Occasion

    In 2008 the earth accustomed a global economic financial occasion that occurred due to the abate in housing prices. The financial assiduity occupied in deregulations that allowed banks to propose hedge funds and trading them with derivatives.

    Multifarious realtors used their houses as derivatives and took further mortgages accidental to imagine resisting the banking unity. Bank gave realtors multifarious subprime mortgages and the banks invested in further hedge funds. Bursting of the housing dream contributed to homeowners defaulting on mortgages and lending incomplete banks stopped (Murphy, 2008). The crises resulted in the Great Recession.

    Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are tasked with proposeing liquidity and stabilizing the mortgage sector. The span production has increased the affordability of houses to low-income earners.


    Murphy, A. (2008). An decomposition of the financial occasion of 2008: causes and solutions.