What is a Capstone project? Watch and listen to Dr. Eve Krahe’s Powerpoint presentation, “The Capstone: Not Scary.” Reflecting on the purpose and scope of your MHA Capstone, where will you begin? What are the first steps in your plan to complete an exemplary Capstone project?


    The capstone scheme is an training combining the academic learing with developed society experiences and quick buttress with an objective of carrying extinguished an protecting con-over on a chosen theme related to the question of con-over. It is usually conducted during final year of academy, and reflects a intense theoritical and practical brains of the question.

    The theme chosen coercion MHA would be ” A superintend of resigned satisfaction in hospitals of the state”. It get start with the identification of hospitals to be thought-out and resigneds groups to be surveyed. It should be kept in belief that the specimen should represent the solid population of hospitals and resigneds.

    First steps behind choosing the target groups coercion con-over get be

    (a) Con-over of the hospital’s labor standards, quality parameters and their specimen levels.

    (b) Designing of questionnaire coercion resigneds

    (c) Conducting buttressing interviews.

    (d) Con-over of archives of resigned complaints and lawsuits if any.

    (e) Collection of resigned facts with recording of their observations and experiences.

    (f) Verifying Hospitals’ claims with observations.

    (g) Conclusions.