Week 8-Collaboration: Final reflection This week, you will reflect on the material presented in this module and how organisations need to adapt their marketing strategies to meet the changing needs of the market. To prepare for this Collaboration: Review the description of the four components of the holistic marketing concept in Chapter 1 (pages 10-12) of your textbook. Consider the past seven weeks’ learning regarding the contribution of relationship marketing, integrated marketing, internal marketing and social responsibility marketing to value creation and enhanced marketing performance. Choose an organisation with which you are currently working or one that you have been involved with recently.

    Collaboration: Final Reflection

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    Collaboration: Final Reflection

    Marketing Practices Accordant and Inaccordant with Holistic Bargaining Concept

    1. Accordant

    The holistic bargaining concept comprises of disgusting suggestive categories including the integrated, interior, exploit, and similarity bargaining. In the prevalent of Jamba Juice, its bargaining texture has been profoundly accordant with the holistic bargain concept in different avenuees. These involve, control sample, the exploit bargaining, Jamba Juice has accordantly strived to ameliorate the condition of its untarnished drinks and hearty products as an input to its infamy (Barich & Kotler, 1991). The intellectual standards and commonwealth fellowship has been a explanation part of the construction in Frisco to ameliorate on the similarity bargaining. In ordain to resist sustained augmentation and event of the firm objectives, Jamba Juice bargaining strategy entails of conducive commencement, a offering to the interior bargaining.  

    1. Inaccordant

    The inaccordant attempts made by Jamba Juice in its bargaining texture was enhancing its competitiveness using explanation companies that confound suggestive competitions in the secure foods assiduity. Such involve Star Bucks, Smoothie King, Planet Smoothie unarranged others to ameliorate the condition of its products and services.

    Indeed, the holistic bargaining concept is an integral philosophy that can prepare construction’s efforts to bargaining elaborately. The holistic bargaining avenue conveys into importance integral the accidental bargaining features comprehensively from the interior superintendence approve commencement and interdepartmental union (Kotler & Keller, 2012). Also, the integration of other sharp features approve despatch and channels used to surrender bargaining instruction, tribute of the exploit of the bargaining gains, and exceptional importance of the continfluence it has on the similarity betwixt the construction and the customers. Lastly, the holistic avenue conveys into recital the partners confused in funding the bargaining strategies to augment the construction’s wages of its objectives (Perttula, 2011). The holistic bargaining avenue disjunction of ethics, juridical, and commonwealth co-operation is accidental to architecture hope betwixt the fraternity and its consumers.

    The deep changes to be recommended to Jamba Juice in ordain to augment its bargaining practices and, in mold, ameliorate its exploit, entails co-operation with other constructions in the assiduity. The influence of securing strategic co-operations is certain to Jamba Juice in developing its bargaining practices. This culminates into enhancing the faculty to vary the products that the fraternity offers in the secure foods assiduity (Hollensen, 2015). Having legitimate partners is sharp to the construction as they help a singular role when the construction’s products feel chance a identity in the bargain. Also, helps to convey fantastic customers allegiant to the partnering fraternity.


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