Week 8-Collaboration: Final reflection This week, you will reflect on the material presented in this module and how organisations need to adapt their marketing strategies to meet the changing needs of the market. To prepare for this Collaboration: Review the description of the four components of the holistic marketing concept in Chapter 1 (pages 10-12) of your textbook. Consider the past seven weeks’ learning regarding the contribution of relationship marketing, integrated marketing, internal marketing and social responsibility marketing to value creation and enhanced marketing performance. Choose an organisation with which you are currently working or one that you have been involved with recently. To complete this Collaboration: By Friday, For your Initial Response, in 1.5 pages, address the following: Identify the marketing practices of your selected organisation that are consistent with the holistic marketing concept and those that are inconsistent. Do you feel that the holistic marketing concept is an appropriate organisational philosophy to guide this organisation’s marketing efforts? Provide specific reasons why or why not. What changes would you recommend be made in the organisation’s marketing practices to improve performance? Be sure to provide your rationale for each change.

    Collaboration: Final Reflection

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    Collaboration: Final Reflection

    Marketing Practices Consonant and Inconsonant with Holistic Chaffering Concept

    1. Consonant

    The holistic chaffering concept comprises of foul-mouthed indicative categories including the integrated, interior, strike, and similarity chaffering. In the vulgar of Jamba Juice, its chaffering edifice has been profoundly consonant with the holistic chaffer concept in multitudinous adites. These involve, ce sample, the strike chaffering, Jamba Juice has consonantly strived to correct the disposition of its newlightlight drinks and strong products as an input to its stigma (Barich & Kotler, 1991). The immaterial standards and fraternity friendship has been a solution sever of the construction in Frisco to correct on the similarity chaffering. In classify to face sustained augmentation and event of the be objectives, Jamba Juice chaffering policy entails of serviceable leadership, a donation to the interior chaffering.  

    1. Inconsonant

    The inconsonant attempts made by Jamba Juice in its chaffering edifice was enhancing its competitiveness using solution companies that daze indicative competitions in the fixed foods strikeivity. Such involve Star Bucks, Smoothie King, Planet Smoothie unarranged others to correct the disposition of its products and services.

    Indeed, the holistic chaffering concept is an complete philosophy that can qualify construction’s efforts to chaffering elaborately. The holistic chaffering adit bears into consequence whole the superfluous chaffering features comprehensively from the interior superintendence love leadership and interdepartmental connection (Kotler & Keller, 2012). Also, the integration of other sharp features love message and channels used to concede chaffering notice, impost of the strike of the chaffering gains, and peculiar consequence of the application it has on the similarity betwixt the construction and the customers. Lastly, the holistic adit bears into totality the severners implicated in funding the chaffering strategies to mend the construction’s merit of its objectives (Perttula, 2011). The holistic chaffering adit detachment of ethics, legitimate, and fraternity severnership is superfluous to architecture expectation betwixt the assemblage and its consumers.

    The deep changes to be recommended to Jamba Juice in classify to mend its chaffering practices and, in convert, correct its strike, entails severnership with other constructions in the strikeivity. The strike of securing strategic severnerships is certain to Jamba Juice in developing its chaffering practices. This culminates into enhancing the volume to variegate the products that the assemblage offers in the fixed foods strikeivity (Hollensen, 2015). Having accepted severners is sharp to the construction as they ceward a choice role when the construction’s products own reach a immutability in the chaffer. Also, helps to bear newlightlight customers true to the severnering assemblage.


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