WEEK 7 ESSAY QUESTIONS Instructions: Answer all questions in a single document. Then submit to the appropriate assignment folder. Each response to a single essay question should be about a half-page in length (about 150 words). 1. Software development is a complex task, especially as technology changes at the speed of light, environments evolve, and more expectations are placed upon vendors who want to be competitive within the software market. This complexity also makes implementing security more challenging. Given this environment, what suggestions for secure software development best practices would you suggest to improve software security? 2. In addition to application development, databases are another area that needs to have a focus on security within their design. Describe the database concepts of View-based access control, Polyinstantiation, Data warehousing and data mining, and Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)? 3. In a database, to control security, lock controls are implemented and tested using the ACID test. Explain the following terms for each letter within the ACID method: Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability.

    Week 7 Essays


    • Suggestions to Improve Software Assurance


    The deficiency to close software is very piercing and some of the ways of decorous software assurance is (1) By skillful the action and sustaining it with entire the certain close solutions. Having a cheerful sense of the action is dignified so that the assurance ductility and regulatory requirements can be achieved (Takanen, et al 2008). (2) By skillful the basic principles of securing softwares. The basic principles are honesty, confidentiality, availability, referable attributable attributableoriety and auditing. (3)By knowing softwares that possess very close marks. During the knowing manner of the software assurance measures incorporated in the software should be inspected by attempt denunciation and affront cases modeling (4) By enriching the software stigma that customers credit. Enriching the software stigma from palpable production is the once of the developer accordingly the developer conciliate be held legitimate ce assurance breaches. The breaching of assurance measures has reparations accordingly the developer conciliate cefeiture the self-reliance and credit of the customers.

    1. Describing Axiomsbase concepts on View-grounded avenue regulate, Polyinstantiation, Axioms warehousing and axioms mining, and Online Action Mannering (OLTP)?

    VBAC is a contrivance which regulates the avenue to MIB objects and it does it by facilitating a excellent grained avenue regulate contrivance that associates authorized users to the views in MIB (Wang, et al 2009). View-grounded avenue regulate is used in attention with SNMP so as to afford a totally close environment. Polyinstantiation is a technique that is used to grant the axiomsbase the ability to frequent multiple instances ce preventing corollary attacks. It creates multiple archives in the practical retrospect so as to fix a close method when the archives are substance used by multiple users.

    Axioms warehousing is the storage of comprehensive action knowledge in electronic cemat and the stored knowledge is used ce analyzing purposes. Axioms mining is the manner through which axioms is firm balance disjoined perspectives and summarized and analyzed into meaningful cem. Online Action Mannering is a software grounded manner that enables the transmission and acknowledgment of axioms to adequate actions in actual season.



    • Explain the restraintthcoming conditions ce each epistle among the ACID method: Atomicity, Substance, Isolation, Durability


    It is an adventitious mark in a axiomsbase action whereby incongruous pieces of knowledge are either committed or referable attributable attributable. Atomicity fixs that the action easily admits situate or does referable attributable attributable attributable admit situate at entire. Substance in a axiomsbase action is whereby a action that is created must accord to the axiomsbase substance rules ce it to be stored in the axiomsbase. If the action does referable attributable attributable attributable engage the fixed quenched rules then the undivided action is rolled end and an mistake sent to the user.

    Isolation is very dignified in any action in a axiomsbase method. Isolation deals with axioms substance and correctness (Tian-yang, et al 2010). Durability in any axiomsbase action is whereby the created action and saved in the axiomsbase is saved permanently and canreferable attributable decrease or acquire erased accidentally smooth when a axiomsbase crashes. This is achieved by frugal entire actions and action logs in a storage average.


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