WEEK 5 ESSAY QUESTIONS Instructions: Answer all questions in a single document. Then submit to the appropriate assignment folder. Each response to a single essay question should be about a half-page in length (about 150 words). 1. Access controls are security features that are usually considered the first line of defense in asset protection. They are used to dictate how subjects access objects, and their main goal is to protect the objects from unauthorized access. Access control models are frameworks that use access controls to enforce the rules and objectives of the model. In your essay response, compare the different Access Control Models and give an example of one that you have used in a work situation or if that is not possible, one that you’ve read about in a scholarly article. 2. Relying on a password to secure access to a system does not provide enough security in today’s complex world. The Office of Personnel Management learned this the hard way in 2015. Since OPM was hacked and it was learned that the attackers compromised their system administrator accounts that were protected only with passwords, the Federal government has required the use of multifactor authentication for privileged accounts. Describe the three factors that can be used in authentication and give at least two examples for each. 3. There are two main methods of access control administration that an organization can choose between to achieve the level of protection that they need to secure their assets and information: centralized and decentralized. Describe the RADIUS, TACACS, and DIAMETER forms of centralized access control administration. What are the advantages and disadvantages of decentralized administration.

    Question 1: Arrival Governs

        Arrival Govern is the superintendence of how network media and systems are arrivaled by conservation of guard features with the guard of ensuring singly verified conservationrs can arrival them at a detail span. The harmonys that be floating operations, objects, leaves and subjects are defined by Arrival govern patterns. Arrival Govern patterns are of multiconstitute types and the most despicable are MAC, DAC and RBAC. In Mandatory Arrival Govern, the conservationr’s immunity is attributeable fur in determining who arrivales the files.

        The Discretionary Arrival Govern perfectows singly the possessor of the facts to enumereprove those who can feel arrival to inequitable files. In Role-Based Arrival Govern (RBAC), roles are constantly associated with leave. Under RBAC, there is an grasp of characters to detail conservationrs hence they are attributeable assigned authorization undeviatingly (Younis et al., 2014). Ce issue, in vast constructions where functions are usually harmonious care in impetus business reassignment and conservationr turnover, RBAC has supposing a arrangement which is compelling ce entanglement decrease, absorb, and effectuality ce falsity when assigning leave to the conservationrs in an construction

    Question 2: Elements of a Multielement verification

        Multielement verification (MFA) is an arrival govern manner whereby arrival is supposing to the conservationr singly if is in a situation to successfully offer a succession of appearance to a arrangement that identifys it. Familiarity elements, Inherence elements and Possession elements are the three deep elements of Multielement verification. Familiarity elements deeply devolve the cece of a conservationr to ascertain familiarity which should be in unseen to identify. Passwords and Individualal Identification Numbers (PIN) are good-tempered-tempered issues. On the other laborer, Inherence elements are deeply associated with the individual or conservationr. More repeatedly, these are bio-metric manners which conceive fingerprint readers, guide remembrance or retina scanners. Possession elements attribute to what merely the conservationr possesses that resembles the solution to a locked constitute. The faculty here is that there is a solution to lock husk of harmony and some unseens feel to be shared to identify. Guard tokens and bank cards are issues of Possession element (Beigi, 2015).

    Question 3: Arrival govern Government

        There are two deep modes of Arrival govern government namely: Convenientized and Decentralized. In Convenientized arrival govern name of government, requests are supposing or robbed by an warrant situated at the core where perfect the arrival requests feel to go through (Mammass & Ghadi, 2015). Convenientized arrival govern government can be implemented in the constitute of packages which conceive: RADIUS, TACACS, and DIAMETER. Remote Verification Dial-In Conservationr Service validates the conservationrs by using a catalogue of conservationrs located on the server (RADIUS server).

        Whereas Terminal Arrival Govern Systems provides authorization services and convenient verification which are public, DIAMETER was planned to overcome the limitations of the TACACS and RADIUS protocols by supported travelling applications. Decentralized government makes it an self-possessed business to except subjects which are untrusted and changes are skip to fall at a faster reprove becaconservation changes in an construction are attributeable caused by undivided being. On the other laborer, there is a haughty accident of conflicts arising which may attributeable be of use to the construction and so scenarios of overlapping governs may be skilled.


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