Week 02 Collaboration Initial Response Your response to the initial Week 2 collaboration question was well done. You identified a solid range of segmentation variables for water in the UK market. However, your response on the strategy employed was confusing. Actually, an undifferentiated mass appeal strategy was used but your comments appeared to suggest a mixed and differentiated strategy. Observations on marketing mistakes were well done. And references were supportive. Please also see my new Week 2 announcement posted the class for some additional feedback Week 02 Personal Development Plan – Formative Feedback You presented a good overview and summative of set of observations included in your week 2 initial PDP submission. You have addressed your benefits both from a consumer and professional perspective and provided a sound basis for developing your future PDP submissions. References were helpful and could be expanded and integrated into future PDP assignments as well Week 03 Collaboration Individual Summary You presented a clear and concise well-articulated and developed response to the Week 3 individual summary. You posted a sound set of observations encompassing both the advantages and limitations of segmentation and address the importance and impact of external environmental factors. References were supportive. Week 03 Module Project In our correspondence, you were advised not to use a franchise based company for your original marketing plan assignment. Nonetheless you proceeded to use your choice and will need to carefully ensure that all your contributions reflect your own original input and not that of the organization or its pre-formatted corporate marketing plan. You will need to be extra cautious to ensure that you do not replicate or provide a parallel plan. Your week 3 marketing plan submission also reads more like a library report based on published articles rather than reflecting your own thoughts and research. Keep in mind that I can only evaluate what you have personally developed as we move forward through the development of your complete marketing plan. Sections 2.0 through 2.6 were satisfactory but far too focused on the existing parent company data this limiting your assessment.