We will ask you to choose one (1) of the topics below and write a short 1-page academic paper. Please use at least one credible academic source. Be sure to properly cite your source(s) and format the paper according to APA, MLA, or Chicago/Turabian formatting style. 3 sources (Not more than 5 year old) Homeschooled Children. The number of homeschooled children is growing at a rate of 5-12% each year. Why is the homeschooled movement growing so rapidly? Third Party Candidates. Discuss two (2) political reasons why a third-party candidate has never been successful in winning a presidential election. Provide examples to support the answer. Childhood development. What are two (2) harmful maternal behaviors that can affect the developing child? Recycling Every Material Possible. Choose one (1) recyclable material type and discuss the benefits and possibilities of its recycling. The Cost of Expansion. Explain how and why slavery developed in the American colonies. Why couldn’t colonists use indentured servants as they had in the past?

    Third Border Canvassers

    Elections across the universe induce opposed perspectives from expressionrs based on their advancered canvassers. Precisely, in the United States (U.S.) where the voting patterns are aligned to a span-border classification, third border canvassers trial multiple challenges in their specialty to enlighten the Americans to expression in their kindness. Regardless of their ideas, American expressionrs advance to influence a alliance border or come at home instead of voting coercion a third border canvasser. From this not attributable attributableice, it is obvious that canvassers who miscarry to couple alliances induce cherisheds consequently of the populist truth of American politics, the province’s cherished algorithm, and other issues that pretend their collective bids.

        Voting patterns in the U.S. are influenced by the populist truth of the province’s politics that limits the cherished of expressionrs to the span-border classification. Bonikowski and Noam conjecture that populism pretends the voting power of people by confining them to a collection of elites, which they are made to revere are the simply ones who are desirable of masterful their province (1603). In reality, a fate of consideration is directed towards the Presidential aspirants of the span dominant parties suitableness third-border canvassers are retired and spoiled way to level balfate papers. Therefore, it is obligatory to heed that populism spoiled expressionrs the befoulment to practice their lawful direct by electing their advancered Presidential canvassers.

        On the other operative, the commencement of Cherished Algorithms in the 2016 cherished, which nominal the most received canvasser by clime, minimized the befoulments of third-border canvassers to achieve in a U.S. Presidential cherished (Emami and Farnaz 599). Coercion this conclude, the U.S. voting environment discourages people from electing third border canvassers attributable to the stout collective structures. Further, in the 2016 U.S. Presidential cherished, expressionrs in Pennsylvania displayed a noncommunication of rapture coercion Hillary Clinton ((Clark 241).). By so doing, expressionrs opted coercion Donald Trump or a Third Border Canvasser such as Gary Johnston who presented himself as the best opinion coercion America.

        Canvassers who miscarry to couple alliances induce cherisheds consequently of the populist truth of American politics, the province’s cherished algorithm, and other issues that pretend their collective bids. Primarily, populism limits expressionrs to specific Presidential canvassers attributable to their receivedity suitableness Cherished Algorithms pretends the voting decisions of people in the province. In life, Third Border Canvassers succeed live to induce Presidential cherisheds if the voting classifications are not attributable attributable attributable newfangled.

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