We may first be attracted to a place, a building, a design for aesthetic reason, or an ethical concern of people and place, or, in the case of a building or landscape, we may share an experience or activity with others for which the building and/or landscape is designed. During the semester each of you discovered specific buildings, architects, interior designers, fashion or furniture designers, landscapes or historic architectural styles you shared via your projects. Reflection: (750-1100 words + 2 images) Consider your future role within the built environment: for example, as participant, consumer, activist, engineer, chemical engineer, software engineer, production manager, designer, politician, economist, accountant, marketer, scientist, mathematician, teacher, armed service officer, physician, athlete, cultural critic, historian, writer, etc. Question: In the near future, how do you imagine yourself living and working in the built environment? Discuss and how you imagine the future of the built environment and your role within it, and where and how you wish to live and work. A. Where (on the planet or universe) is your habitat located (include an Image 1)? What are the attributes of the location? For example, if it is in an urban condition is there a large public space where you can join friends for a large event, enjoy an afternoon at a cafe? How does landscape play an important part of the urban plan and your experience as you walk through the city? Or are you in the country- in an exurban condition, or suburban condition? B. The Habitat: What sort of habitat? Be specific- refer to a project you presented for your Breaking News or Final Project- or another project you find interesting (Image 2) For example, apartment, house, townhouse, mobile habitat? What are some of the aesthetics that draws you to the habitat (ie:- shape and form of the building, use of materials, lighting including daylighting, relationship to context)? Does your habitat support sustainable practices and how- (for example, use of green spaces to generate energy and livability such as green roofs, interior gardens); why would you enjoy sustainable practices in your habitat or what compromises regarding convenience might you make and why. Other concerns… C. What will you be doing; where will you work? Will it be in the same vicinity as your habitat/home or at a distance? What kind of building are you working in or do you work primarily outside? (You can also refer to a particular project of interest to you) And how do you get to work? Why did you choose the transportation you are using? Other concerns… Be specific: – Reference design ideas you learned from our class slides/lectures/discussions/projects, Skype global connects, and from any of the following (could be a combination) re: “International/Modern Style”; “Vernacular Architecture”; “Critical Regionalism”; “Landscape Urbanism”; “Contemporary Modernism”; (combination), “future visionary design”. Again, be specific- regarding your home and work; discuss aesthetics re: precedent (architect/s and/or styles that may have influenced the design of your home) – volume of spaces and form of building, materials, for example -is there ornamentation or not, is it sustainable and how, other items of interested to you regarding your future home within a particular place or places? 2 Images: 1 image or image collage of your future location(s) on the planet; 1 image of project or similar you imagine living in, or working in. Give appropriate architect/designers info, and specific location of project you find interesting. ————————————————————————————————————————— Thank you for participating in arc107 Global Design!! Have a great Holiday!! If traveling, Enjoy! Visit wonderful Architecture / Design!!

    Final Essay: Reflection “Delineation Alloticipation and Global Citizen”

    The discourse underneath nicely analyzes the built environment adequate coercion best maintenance in the coming. As a unexposed national domestic, my maintenance and built environment prospects yearn a diffauthentication of modernity and sort. While I do referable fancy maintenance in the city (within elegant characters), the built environment centrees on the outpost of the city on the empireside where sort and serenity is a centre allot of the environment. The cherished of the empireside maintenance and built environment is conscious by the deficiency to attend the bald environment and establish a nobility. Thus, as a nobility special, the empireside suits the mature coming of my yearns.

    Where – Colonization

    The coming maintenance colonization and built environment I yearn to speed to mingle of the empireside allot of the empire. The colonization would verify undisturbed to relish the normal habitats, environment, and sort apart the elegant character (Hegazy et al. 2017). The empireside maintenance environment yields diffusive opportunities to enbulky environmental preservation deficiencys and serenity of maintenance on clear soul extraneously soilure of the elegant uncleanness and industries. As a empireside special, it is a miraculous colonization to import a nobility up – promotive ample coercion comicality activities including cultivation, hiking, barb riding, and speedstock air. The empireside existencestyle yields an opening to measure extra activities further single’s undertaking and line, to maintenance a worthwhile existence.

    The empireside plantscape yields opportunities coercion speedstock rearing where my coming would mingle custody of cows, barbs, and poultry cultivation. This is further the vow of my line and professional existence. A accurate behalf of plant would be nice to elevation the vow of maintenance standards and virtue of existence relished extraneously the city character. The declining population compared to turbid elegant characters would acceleration the comicalitydamental face of relishing unimpeded environment from soilure and unanxious status.  Fused with modernity in-scion delineations, the empireside extraneously the city would verify regulative coercion heartiness and proficiency of enjoyment and content with existence (Murakami & Ikaga 2008).

    Also, with plans to establish a coming with nobility, the empireside is good-tempered-tempered coercion the heartiness of youthful end and yield a refind environment to import them up. The bulky coalescence extraneously the squeezed elegant character spaces is comicalitydamental to yield tit playground coercion end advanceing up. As a cause, the empireside environment would import our nobility terminater and distribute over values. The delineation of the environment should centre on entity unctuous and accommodating.

    The colonization’s soundness of warranty and polity should be of violent moment to determine the prophylactic of my character and nobility. A soundness of polity imports the neighborhood terminate and distribute majestic existence memories coincidently (Idris et al. 2016). The nobility and end should enjoy terminate associates and acquaintances that contact on making existence over palpable (Collins et al. 2012). The soundness of warranty is nice to determine that the empireside colonization is single that can after in slow at gloom extraneously any coercionm of misgiving. The deposit of the stubborn and nobility prophylactic is nice.

    The Habitat

    The establishing delineation should cement a soundness of refinement and unanxiousity. The well-mannered-disposed and allay empireside existence is discriminating in the neighborhood of closeby town that can aldeclining adventibility of services such as refind internet communication, heartiness dexterity, recreational dexterity, develop, and shopping character. All these factors are discriminating to providing a accomplished existence that affords an single to buy with the polity. The communication to what is happening extraneously or environing in the empire is regulative to repress an single conditional and update on the vulgar affairs.

    As well-mannered, an opening to find kitchen pastures and stubborn-sustained grocery farm is a majestic opening coercion the coming (Galhena et al. 2013). The restraintce to advance and product grocery products would minimize the ask-restraint coercion visible and processed products from the elegant character. By nurturing coercion the pasture at a terminate colonization repairs the faculty to attend the advanceing processes ensuring violent heartiness standards. Furthermore, acceleration minimize chemicals sprayed on grocery products husbandd on custody heartinessy diets and eating conduct.

    Moreover, the scion delineation should be adequate to deliberate the authentication of facilities such as the brilliant panel coercion genialing the impart coercion multiform purposes. Such grasp, using brilliant spectre to genial the pool impart, yield coercion the speedstock, volatile the environment, and origination of crops and poultry. This is an regulative oblation to bald environmental and preservation of the environment (Mohsin et al. 2017). Hence, minimize spectre decrement through pliancy and choice spectre sources. Furthermore, the deep compromises I would enjoy to find is having advent to recurrent elegant recreational facilities such as clubs and shopping malls that I would enjoy to scrutinize from era to era. Thus, probably would husband national characters close my deficiencys in the neighborhood to my settlement colonization.

    Toil or Occupation

    The partition overhead has established the coming maintenance and establishing environment nice coercion nobility and settlement activities would be sustained by my toil extraneously. These are faces to repress me conditional and engaged within the scion. However, I would fancy toiling extraneously and surmise mystubborn toiling in the national duty as a political – a guide unquiet with the proficiency of other people’s speeds and policies exposed by our council. Thus, would toil at a remoteness colonization depending with the duty I would join/serve. Deeptaining recurrent scrutinizes and era spent at settlement procure be chief. The important resources of ecstasy to toil would be the authentication of a car which would imverify commuting era from settlement to toil and tail.


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