This will be the reply to be sent by tomorrow Tuesday: Participate by engaging in a discussion with your colleagues, replying to each other’s posts: Constructively critique their assessment of the 4Ps marketing mix. Remember to justify your responses. Expand upon the topic with your own insights and findings from the independent research you have done. Reflect upon ways in which your classmates’ posts may have reshaped your own views. Ask clarifying questions. stephen Top of Form Hi, I agree that it is important to incorporate the co creation of value and agree it is hard to completely do away with the most important factors that control and influence consumer’s behavior. However, the concept of 4Ps has been criticised as being a production-oriented definition of marketing, and “not a customer-oriented” (Popovic, 2006). It is predominantly a marketing management tool seen from this angle. Lauterborn (1990) claims that each of these variables should also be seen from a consumer’s perspective. This transformation is accomplished by converting product into customer solution, price into cost to the customer, place into convenience, and promotion into communication, or the 4C’s. Möller (2006) highlighted 3 key criticisms against the Marketing Mix framework, The Mix does not “consider customer behaviour but is internally oriented. The Mix regards customers as passive; it does not allow interaction and cannot capture relationships. The Mix is void of theoretical content; it works primarily as a simplistic device focusing the attention of management. The Mix does not offer help for personification of marketing activities.” He also goes on to suggest that the 7Ps framework has already achieved a high degree of acceptance and is widely more focused on as the 4p’s are better for introductory marketing. I would have to agree that it does seem to be very intrinsic in its nature and everything we have learnt seems to point towards extrinsic relationships with customers and an outward focus. While of course the 4’ps have some merit i.e price will always be important, its seems to me that the more marketing becomes about relationships and an external focus the 4p’s relevance will continue to subside. References auterborn, B. (1990). New Marketing Litany: Four Ps Passé: C-Words Take Over. Advertising Age, 61(41), 26 Möller, K. (2006). The Marketing Mix Revisited: Towards the 21st Century Marketing by E. Constantinides. Journal of Marketing Management, 22(3), 439-450. Popovic, D. (2006). Modelling the Marketing of High-Tech Start-Ups. Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing, 14(3),


    I meet your rejoinder presenting sundry opinions touching the 4Ps by incorporating their transmutation into 4Cs. This culminates into a serene apprehension previously referable encountered, hereafter, would strive prefer clarification on how they impression and swing the chaffering matrix diplomacy. The outgrowth of chaffering matrix comprises of separate approaches including the co-creation of prize, the connection chaffering, and the SDL. In your rejoinder, you certainly centre merely on the co-creation of prize, lame to exemplify the other chaffering matrix approaches in the coeval duty operations.

    While the chief topic emphasizes on elaborating the progress of the 4Ps as a keep-akeep-asunder of the chaffering matrix diplomacy or doing afar with them, I assent with your views that they sojourn a hazardous keep-akeep-asunder of the chaffering intent. This requires an bland outgrowth of the 4Ps incorporated into late phenomena used by organizations to originate a current of customers who are allegiant to their results (Kotler & Keller, 2012). Hereafter, enhancing the possibility of developing a telling infamy which can be sustained through condition, prize, and standards. In transform, the fulfilment adds to the substance of the 4Ps in the co-creation of prize, an being that is hazardous to most of the customers’ action towards results from any crew.

    Therefore, the remodeling of the chaffering amalgamate entities must enclose the 4Ps – worth, locate, encouragement, and result in the chaffering diplomacy. The worth is constantly apt to woo customers in the exact section target. Also, the locate is accidental to standing the results of a crew in a keep-afeature geographical district. Lastly, companies must exalt their results to originate awareness of the items they enjoy on the chaffer. Thus, the 4Ps sojourn a apt keep-akeep-asunder of the chaffering matrix (Rampen, 2011).


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