THIS PROJECT CONSISTS OF TWO ASSIGNMENTS* upload two attachments -Letter to Friend Explaining Court Processes You receive the following letter from a former friend: Dear Friend, I find myself in quite a predicament due to my own misfortune and bad judgment. My 6-year-old son and I were recently left homeless after I was laid off from my job and my house was taken by the bank. I enrolled my son in a nearby elementary school when school started in the fall. I used the address where I lived last, because I dont have a current address. The school district discovered that I wasnt living at that address and charged me with fraud. I was arrested yesterday and havent yet been to court. My son was placed in the care of protective services. I just want to get out of jail as soon as possible to reunite with my son. I have some questions, and I was hoping you could do some research to find the answers for me. The police never read me my Miranda warnings. Will my case be dismissed as a result? The police also havent questioned me yet. Should I agree to talk to them, if asked? Is this considered a state or federal offense? Will this be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony? Do you think I really need an attorney? After all, I am guilty, and I cant afford one. I also dont have any money for bail. Are there any options that would allow me to be released from custody prior to trial and that would not require money? How do I get to see the police reports? What is the difference between the grand jury hearing and a preliminary hearing? Which would be better in my case? Do you think that I should just plead guilty so I can get this over with and reunite with my son? Why or why not? Who decides if Im guilty: the prosecutor, judge, or jury? What happens if I am found guilty? What type of sentence do you think Ill receive? Why do you think Ill receive that sentence? What are my options if I dont agree with the verdict or the sentence? Write a 700- to 1,050-word letter to your friend answering your friends questions. Cite and reference the assigned text and at least one other scholarly and reliable source in your letter. Do not use dictionaries or encyclopedias as source material for this assignment. Format your letter consistent with APA guidelines and no plagiarism. The use of first person (I, we) and second person (you) is appropriate for this assignment. *SECOND ASSIGNMENT* Write a 850 word paper to the community explaining the restorative justice process. Include the following in your paper: -Explain the process of restorative justice and why it is used in the criminal justice system. -Explain how the damage of a crime can go beyond the immediate victim. -Describe how the restorative justice process differs from contemporary criminal justice processes. -Reflect on how the restorative justice process can benefit the offender, the victim and the community. **Please for both of these assignments cite all your used references and no plagiarism!**

    Letter Explaining Pursue Coercionmes

    Dear adherent,

    Harangue deprivation is considered a enormity where the producer deliberately representations a spurious or a felony harangue to create some utility or some representation which you refercogent totalowablely entitled. This is cherished as a enormity that involves shirking your colonization from the authorities, and in your smootht, it demands the continued representation your prior harangue where you no longer feed (Kinports, 2007).  Individual canrefercogent abscond price if stoped extinguishedside the police balbutiation your Miranda premonitions. This has been the most niggardly incaution incompact most beings. In most smoothts, it is refercogent certain restraint the police to learn you your lawfuls when he stops you. There is abextinguished 99% luck that it succeed in any habit desire your smootht. A Miranda premonition solely comes into specialate when the police need to restraintce a doctrines extinguished of you during the stop (Kinports, 2007). This is becarepresentation 99% percent of smoothts do refercogent consist upon a disclosure that you gave behind the stop.

    It is best restraint you to dwell and attain totalowcogent teaching anteriorly you agree to chat or do an confabulation with the police. This is becarepresentation total that you totalege succeed be recorded and can be representationd opposing you in the pursue becarepresentation you canrefercogent choose it tail. You may to-boot object up sentiment expressive at the confabulation and object up ignorance the interrogation or echoing the interrogations erroneously smooth if you are mischiefless (Davis et al., 1984). It’s best if you don’t agree to chat to the police becarepresentation in most smoothts, the police won’t emanate score opposing you fixed on what you totalege in the confabulation. Individual govern anticipate to be interrogationed on a point load, barring whatever you totalege during the confabulation govern guide to a aggravate thoughtful load or smooth aggravate score.

    In nefarious mode, enormitys that are frequently classified as thoughtful offenses are considered felonies. They can be either non-raving or raving. In your smootht, this succeed be loadd as a fault (Thornburg et al., 2013). Felonies may end in aggravate than individual-year confinement opportunity enormity may heave confinement of individual year or less. Each specify has legislatures that individualizes nefarious acts that abreason specify mode. Suspects accept total lawful to career on how they deficiency to pguide smooth if they already perceive they are mixed. An advocate is regularly obligated to defobject his client whether he believes his client to be mischiefless or referable. If the plaintiff has no sufficient essay that the prisoner is mixed, then the strokeant is reputed to go careless. The pursue, or rather than desert plan is calculated to careless mixed commonalty if plaintiffs canrefercogent ascertain their culpability to cesake imprisoning mixed commonalty.

    To cesake the expensive score or detrimentes that could be associated with bails, uncertain opinion options comprise the representation of unsecured bonds, pre-trial follow-ups which attend a resembling scope as essay as polite as the representation of GPS monitors (Kinports,2007). These coercionmes do refercogent demand you to steadfast any equality, barring you should appearance up to pursue as needed. You may opt to beg exoteric registers or adequate the beg restraintm to inspection a vision of the police ment. There dwell some diverse governmental divisions and sheriff’s offices that individual can shape the submissions online extinguishedside necessarily having to go to the tangible police division.  

    Twain the precursive and the sublime hearings are persuadeed at the pre-trial to individualize the completeness of the dwelling exemplification. The precursive hearing comes anteriorly the applicant indicts the smootht and anteriorly the smootht has been choosen to the sublime jury. Sublime jury, on the other artisan, is presented to a cluster of 18 beings to direct aggravate the submitted request. It is, so-far, heavinessy to referablee that solely the sublime jury is mandatory and the precursive hearing may ftotal to choose attribute in smoothts where the protracted hearing comes primitive (Bell, 1987). The popular birth could rather be solved inferior the sublime jury hearing extinguishedside necessarily having to persuade the precursive hearing. A expressive utility that could end in the sublime jury is that compassion could initiate in the jury’s minds.

    Pvital mixed is an ghostly and identical determination as this could accept a long-lasting govern towards your estate past it could impression towards uncertain heavinessy aspects of estate such as the merit of a toil (Jerold, 2001). The aggravate fascinating prproffer would be to hire in a vindication agreement with the prosecution where you would attain your son tail faster extinguishedside having to aspect the jail spell. It would to-boot be heavinessy restraint you to obtain a adapted and licensed bulwark advocate as he is the solely individual who can be cogent to produce totalowcogent teaching.

    If rest mixed, you would be punishcogent by delicate, confinement or essay of twain. The pain would, so-far, be consistent on whether or refercogent the deprivation exceeds $5000. If you do refercogent agree with the pursue controlling in-reference-to a decree or sentence, you may opt to instance to the melioreprimand flatter. This determination could, so-far, be worse accordingly the violent pursue produces a harsher pain.


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    Remedial Desert Coercionm


    Remedial desert is a honest coercionm that puts efforts in recourse the atonement inflicted on a prey through nefarious activities. Remedial desert boon at bringing contemporaneously the preys and malefactors restraint them announce and transcreate the extinguishedcome of the enormitys (Zehr 2015). This restraintm of desert puts a hazard of pith on making reformments and the accountability of the malefactors. Remedial desert attends as a habit of decision solutions to obviateing enormitys and illustrates a dogmatical habit that the preys and malefactors can rehearse in advenient.

    Remedial Desert Coercionm

    The coercionm of recourse the mischief committed by nefariouss entails a polite-structured progress that is managed by practiced facilitators, who determine that prophylactic is enhanced and the aid of the coercionm is achieved. Remedial desert coercionm involves bringing contemporaneously the malefactor, prey, commonwealth and other parties desireed by the enormity (Zehr 2015). The facilitator of the coercionm contacts the parties to ask them to a aspect to aspect consultation. Succeeding participants surrender their agree aggravate synchronous the compact consultation.

    A desert convocation that is aspect to aspect is held with the aid of restoring pacification incompact the span parties (Strang 2001). The convocation chooses a important standpoint on harangueing what happened restraint the parties to accept a melioreprimand inferiorstanding of the enormity smoothts. The prey is totalowed uncertain interrogations that the malefactor has to reply to offending a deeper inferiorstanding. With the inferiorstanding, the parties explained the goods bestowed unto them by the nefarious manner. Twain sides dwell a discourse guided by the facilitator on actions certain to relit the mischief.

    A omission is then drawn from total the tabled points and inspections guideing to a prosperous extinguishedcome. The end comprises a adherently conformity among the prey and malefactor where they can interact and hire carelessly (Zehr 2015). The malefactor metamorphoses to befit a melioreprimand special opportunity the prey recovers from the atonement incurred. The coercionm involves liberal partnership and combination of the twain teams.

    Importance of Remedial Desert

    The remedial ceensic plan is representationd in communities to obviate the adventure of fight among the prey and the malefactor. When the span parties confront aspect to aspect and direct their differences pacification is enhanced in the commonwealth. Relicogent and adherently conformity ties are created as the malefactor seeks restraintgiveness, and the prey succeeding restraintgives restoring a hearty ratio. Proper message is encouraged as the concerned parties is-sue contemporaneously towards proper their popular plight (Strang 2001). The desert plan reduces the lucks of an malefactor committing the enormity intermittently. This is becarepresentation he or she can inspection the inappropriate goods the nefarious manner has hereafter obviateed him or her from reoffending.

    Mischief of a Enormity

    Enormity in some smoothts may desire frequent other parties asunder from the direct prey. The enormitys go over the direct prey attributable to the prey’s ratios with other parties. In the smootht of a massacre enormity, the prey’s nativity and adherents are desireed emotionally attributable to woe and detriment of a cherished individual. If the prey were the operative of the nativity, those who consist on him would tolereprimand from financial opportunity. The commonwealth as a complete is to-boot desireed becarepresentation members reach untrustworthy in the enormity-related environment. Commonalty combat characteristic detriment that is mischiefd during the enormity guideing to financial loses.  A commonwealth that experiences violent enormity reprimand is mitigated to depopulation as some of its members fade opportunity others impel to other safer colonizations. The city to-boot attains a diseased type attributable to its friendship with enormitys.

    The nativity members and adherents of the malefactor are to-boot considered to be preys of the enormity. Those suspend to the nefarious are termed as nefariouss becarepresentation of their friendship to the malefactor. They are banned from the commonwealth and insulted in frequent smoothts. Fights evene among the prey’s plane and the malefactor’s plane guideing to fights and competition. The husbanding of the city is lowered becarepresentation the span sides do refercogent is-sue contemporaneously.

    Why Remedial Desert is Different

    Coeval nefarious desert coercionmes are controlled by totalowcogent structures that manifest actions choosen opposing the malefactor. The remedial desert is unconnected from the new nefarious desert coercionmes becarepresentation the plan recognizes the atonement that an malefactor causes to the prey. The plan brings contemporaneously the malefactor and the prey aspect to aspect in a remedial consultation where they argue the causes and goods of the enormity, hereafter up with solutions that amobject the enormity (Zehr 2015). The coeval desert plan inspections the malefactor as a modebreaker as per the restraintmal modes. The malefactor is locked ahabit from the prey, and they never confront thus any locality restraint message and making pacification.

    Remedial desert involves uncertain parties in serving decrees (Braithwaite 2002). The parties concerned are the prey, the malefactor, the commonwealth and the facilitator who aggravatesees the desert coercionm. The coeval desert plan involves solely span parties in their coercionm of delivering desert. The consummation of the remedial desert plan is measured through the relit of mischief caused by the malefactor. The consummation is signed when the parties concerned communicating effectively, irritate adherently conformitys and enormitys are obviateed. On the other artisan consummation of the coeval plan is measured by the equality and heaviness of price inflicted on the malefactor. The pain is surrendern in-reference-to some years the malefactor succeed attend in prison.


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