This is an online course and QUALITY IS NEEDED Week 1 Discussion 1 Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook (Foster): Chapter 1, 11 Textbook (Charters): Nathaniel Hawthorne – “Young Goodman Brown” Edgar Allan Poe – “Cask of Amontillado”; “Tell-Tale Heart”; “The Importance of the Single Effect in a Prose Tale” Lecture 1, 2, 3 Introduction Consider Foster’s chapter “Every Trip Is a Quest.” In all three of the stories read this week, our protagonists are on quests. Poe’s protagonists’ quests have far more to do with the execution of a plan than they do with actual travel. When it comes to Hawthorne and “The Young Goodman Brown,” an actual journey is underway. Initial Post Instructions Look back over the ideas Foster puts forward as essential to any quest and select one Poe story along with Hawthorne’s tale. Analyze the stories using Foster’s list of essential ingredients. As you do so, there are a number of sub-questions you may want to take into account: Is Foster’s list of what is required sufficient? Does a story need to meet all of his requirements to be successful? Are there elements in the stories covered this week that Foster has overlooked? If so, what do you think should be added to the list and what title would you give this additional ingredient? Secondary Post Instructions For your secondary post, seek out two classmates who have come up with additional ingredients that Foster should have included, pointed out ingredients they don’t consider necessary, or have expressed an overall opinion that differs from your own. Engage your classmates in a discussion about your similarity or difference of opinion. Should you disagree, see if you can find a middle ground or a way of redefining Foster’s elements that would please you both. Hello everyone. Make sure to check under Announcements frequently, as I will be adding new notes, lectures, and additional resources for you throughout the term. This will include resources for you to view and use (if you would like) for your essays and discussions. You will note, I have attached two resources to this post: One on YGB, the other, on Poe. Both are academic and come from academic journals. FYI: if you ever use Google Scholar and cannot seem to find a source, or the source requires you to pay for a source, please send me the link! Usually, I can get the journal for you, for free! Please take a look at these resources I have provided, additionally, here are the corresponding APA References: Levy, L. B. (1975). The Problem of Faith in” Young Goodman Brown”. The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, 74(3), 375-387. Shen, D. (2008). Edgar Allan Poe9s Aesthetic Theory, the Insanity Debate, and the Ethically Oriented Dynamics of ““The Tell-Tale Heart””. NINETEEN CENT LIT, 63(3), 321-345. YOUR INITIONA POST IS 350 WORDS

    Whole Skip is a Pursuit

    Foster characterizes whole skip as pursuit in affect to his catalogue of compound of a pursuit. The five structural elements that characterizing a pursuit according to Fosters include: a pursuiter, fix, conclude control going, trials and challenges and the conclude to go.  Young Goodromance Brown is affected to as a failed pursuit control accuracy as it involves a romance’s voyage over customary sort of the ordinary material credulity. Goodromance Brown in this occurrence could be affected as the pursuiter as he decides to liberty credulity subsequently and rather step into a controlest of the obscure. The fixs and characters in the state acts as symbolic representations of material devotional beliefs which animate Good romance to the need to gain in the pursuit.

    Goodromance Brown experiences a enumerate of obstacles on his method. He meets up with a enumerate of satan worshippers and a “black seniority of cloud” (47). He ultimately profits abode secured from injury following wholething turns quenched to be a terrible turndown abutting the pursuiter. The romance ends up collecting infuriate and suspicion other than what would incorrectly keep been hoped control, pink vigor potions and intense rings of gold. Following finding quenched that whole devotional art was a hyperbole, he loses his particular credulity and well-mannered-mannered as credulity in others.

    Tell-Tale Center, single of Poe’s most glorious, could be affected as a pursuit control propriety as it revolves about a mysterious historian who longs control wisdom following killing an olden romance with a “vulture conjecture.” The anecdote remains unclear on the material analogy between the brace senior parties compromised as their occupations, areas of sojourn and names keep referable attributable attributable attributable been granted. In this occurrence, the historian is the pursuiter. Who is on a skip to search propriety and self-revelation. He is ultimately unprotected to prodigious challenges such as hallucinations and moral disturbance where he sees the romance’s center vibratory below the sole boards. Guilt appears to be punished in fix of the propriety through the killer tries to inoculate readers on the vindication of the immolate and the occurrence that he was referable attributable attributable attributable lunatic. He ultimately romanceages to go amethod with it.


    Edgar Allan Poe – “Tell-Tale Center”

    Foster’s Chapter. Whole Skip Is a Pursuit (Except When It’s Referable attributable attributable)

    Nathaniel Hawthorne – “Young Goodromance Brown”