The Week 3 Module Project partial Marketing Plan documents, which were to cover sections 2-2.6 (Sections 2.0, Situation Analysis, 2.1 Market Summary, 2.2 SWOT Analysis, 2.3 Competition, 2.4 Product Offering, 2.5 Keys to Success and 2.6 Critical Issues) varied in quality with a majority graded at r the satisfactory or merit level with a range from marginal fail to distinction. I would underline that the expectations for the Week 5 and Week 7 in terms of the content, quality, clarity, grammatical correctness and professional presentation etc. will be of a high order and be more complex in the content and coverage that was the case in the Week 3 requirements. I was generally pleased with the module project marketing plan progress to date. However, several class members did not post their marketing plan assignments specifically according to the guidelines or omitted or insufficiently addressed some of the sub-sections and their grade assessments reflected that fact as I have indicated in the individual feedback that I have provided. These plans, when completed, are intended to be commercially viable plans. Therefore, any use of academic oriented references as opposed to trade or commercially focused references should have been included only at a minimum. Please avoid referencing the text in your subsequent submissions. References included in the core content should add practical support for the specific sections of the marketing plan. Applied, industry oriented or public sourced references are welcome within the core of the plan as appropriate. Marketing plans also need to be written in the third person and must be properly paginated with all sections numbered in accord with the guidelines presented. Please avoid the use of elegant margins, headers or footers as these can complicate the ability to download and print the plans as presented. Any fancy presentation style should be limited to the cover sheet with simple pagination as the only content of subsequent pages in the Week 5 and Week 7 submissions and all plans are to be posted in Word format. To re-emphasize, there should be very few academic oriented references included in the body of the plan and certainly not repetitive references to the same source. Of course, references of an applied nature, which reinforce plan details, are always welcome but please ensure that all tables, graphs etc. are clearly identified and labelled as to source. If these are of your own creation, then a Source: Author credit would suffice. In reading through the Week 3 marketing plan submissions I noted several common problems that should be kept in mind as you move forward in developing your Week 5 and Week 7 submissions: 1. Only Sections 2-2.6 were to be included in the Week 3 plan submissions. The provision of a cover sheet, table of contents, or partial executive summary or introductory section or concluding section were not required nor assessed although several class members chose to include some of these as well. Note that there is no introduction section for the Week 3 assignment and any sections following Section 2.6 should not have been included. 2. A few papers had sections, which were not numbered according to the guidelines and this needs to be corrected for future submissions. 3. Plans should be written in the third person. They should be prepared as if you were contracted as an external consultant and should not be personalized in any way. Also remember that you are not permitted to prepare a clone or rely primarily on existing company information (or a lack thereof) for this plan as it is intended to be wholly a creative work constructed by you as an original plan for the class. 4. Generally, Sections 2.0 to Sections 2.6 were competently completed by most of class members although some more detail and balance for some elements in the Section 2.2 SWOT analysis would have been beneficial in some papers. In addition, some of the plans could have focused with some added detail on perceived and identified key competitors (direct or indirect) in Section 2.3 where practical. 5. If any tables or graphs were included in the plan (and they must be cut and pasted into the plan in Word format) each should have been sequentially numbered and titled along with a source attribution line in each case. 6. If you have used ANY information from previously completed assignments, these must ALL be clearly acknowledged and documented in each instance and remember to properly include BOTH opening and closing quotations marks for each, even for phrases and single sentences from all secondary sources to avoid potential plagiarism violations. I am confident that everyone can come up with a quality final marketing plan based upon a review of these observations as well as emphasizing the importance of carefully formulating your Week 5 and Week 7 module project submissions if the time and effort is taken to properly develop the complete plan. And do keep in mind that the final plan must be between 4000-5000 words in core content NOT including the executive summary, cover sheet, table of content and references and any appended materials. I mention this specifically since several of the Week 3 submissions exceeded the 2000-word maximum guideline and the content will need to be edited to ensure that the remaining sections when completed will not lead to an overall net core content of 5000 words in the final submission in Week