The midterm consists of 2 essay questions from Chapters 1-10 in the textbook. Each response should be 150-200 content words and include references. 1. Differentiate between the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank as institutions facilitating globalization. 2. Describe how patents, trademarks, and copyrights help protect intellectual properties in today’s global business. its due tomorrow/ sunday.

    Question 1

    The distinction among the IMF and the Globe Bank is domiciled on functions, edifice, externals and limb nations. The momentous distinction among the brace facilitators of globalization is that the interpolitical monetary capital was implemented as a cooperative structure controlasmuch-as the Globe Bank was customary as a product structure (Woods, 2006). The IMF (Interpolitical monetary capital) external is to prefer interpolitical dealing, extension business and mend financial fixture and eradicating need controlasmuch-as the Globe Bank was controlmed to cater technical and financial promote to developing countries in the globe. (Woods, 2006). Collectively, the Globe Bank has 7000 staff limbs. The IMF, on the other index, consists of a uncombined structure with indelicate reputation lines and has 188 limb countries with 2300 staff limbs. The interpolitical monetary capital is mandated with the livelihood of the global monetary rule and is obligatory control issues regarding to macroeconomics and the financial sector. The Globe Bank, on the other index, is mandated with financial and hortatory promote to developing nations control economic product (Bookman, & Dreher2003).


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