TERM PAPER ASSIGNMENTS: You must write two essays, each of them tied to some topic that is covered in one of the two books (Think Like a Freak) that we will be reading and discussing over the course of the semester. While both of your papers must be tied to these books, you will have some latitude in how you approach this assignment. One possibility would, of course, be for you to elaborate some more on the details of an issue that is discussed in one of the books. Or, if you wish, you could focus on a related current issue that has been in the news and then compare, contrast or discuss that specific issue in the context of the arguments made in the two books. Another possibility would be for you to elaborate further on an issue that arises in the discussion boards in the context of the discussion of the two books. In summary, the basic idea is for you to write on some specific aspect of one of the issues at hand that you believe calls for further scrutiny. It is usually works best if you write a relatively narrow paper that focuses on a specific issue or question. The term papers are not meant to be book reviews; they are meant for you to explore and follow up on specific issues from (or related to) the books that are of specific interest to you. BASIC FORMAT: Each term paper should have a specific title that is consistent with the focus of the paper. The paper should have a cover page which specifies the paper’s title and also identifies whether this is your first or your second term paper for the course. The cover page should also have your name below the title of the paper. It is ok to add diagrams and/or photographs to the paper as long as these are specifically intended to support or illustrate the points of the paper, but otherwise there should not be any illustrations of kind in the paper or on the cover page. You should use page numbers, without any running heads throughout the paper. The entire paper must be written using the same basic font (for example: Cambria, Times New Roman, Calibri, Helvetica, Arial, Bookman, etc.). You may make the title bold and/or larger than the rest of the paper, and you can also underline and use italics, or color, etc., but otherwise you should not switch fonts as you write the paper. The paper will be submitted and graded in an electronic format, so margins and line spacing are not all that critical. That said, using margins around an inch or so, along with single spacing, works well. TERM PAPER SUBMISSION AND DEADLINES: The papers must be submitted by uploading the papers in Canvas. Any papers submitted after these deadlines will lose 10 points (or 20% of the maximum grade) for each day that they are late. Thus, the paper submissions for each paper will close permanently five days after each deadline has passed. ORIGINALITY: The paper must be your own original work and it must be written specifically for this class (this means no recycling of old papers written for other classes). Both of your papers will be checked for originality using turnitin.com. Any citation omissions will affect your paper grade, but completely plagiarized papers will receive a grade of zero, with no exceptions and with no do-overs. LENGTH: While the length of your paper must of course depend on your chosen topic, each of your papers must be at least 1000 words exclusive of the title page, any direct quotes, and references. SPELLING AND GRAMMAR: You must thoroughly check the grammar and the spelling of the paper before you submit it. Remember that you can get some help in proofreading your papers in the Writing Center. Keep in mind that grammar, spelling, and the quality of your writing will count for at least 15 points of the total 50 points of the grade for each paper. CITATIONS & CITATION STYLE: You must cite all your sources and you must cite these sources using one of the following styles: MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian, or the style of the American Economic Review. While you are free to select any of these citation styles, you must follow whichever style you choose to the letter. PROPER QUOTATIONS & QUOTATION MARKS: You must use quotation marks, or else use indented blocks, to identify all quotations. It is OK to paraphrase and not use direct quotes only when your language is completely different from the original, but you must still give proper credit to your sources. It is not OK to just insert a few words of your own into another writer’s text and then appropriate it without using quotation marks. All quotations must correspond exactly to the original wording, spelling, and punctuation. Page numbers must be given for each citation. Changes must be clearly indicated: use brackets to identify insertions; use ellipses (…) to show omissions. Also indicate where emphasis has been added. REFERENCES: The last section of your paper must be a list of references. Your references must correspond to your citations in the text of your paper and must be completely consistent with your citation style. Points will be deducted from the grade for any paper that mixes up different citation styles. Your reference list should not include any sources other than those that you cite in the text of your paper, but it must also include every item that you cite or discuss, including at least one of the two books we are reading for this course. Your reference list should begin on a new page (i.e., put a page break in front of the reference list). Rev The order 269624727 needs to be revised according to the following comments: Revision message: Instructions not followed This term paper is on Think like a freak. The writer did the paper on Freakonomics, which was the previous assignment. Also the writer wrote 2 essays when I only need one this happened last time and I asked the writer to correct this I thought it would be clear since its the same writer Please check the customer’s comments as well as the new deadline and start working on the revision right away.

    Revere affect a escapade

    It has remained unamentelling to production-quenched gists ascribtelling to diprgent kinds of revereing. Coercion-this-reason, convincing inhabitants has been a eminent gist. It is disencumbered that proud gists exact multifarious solutions and so repeatedly it has remained an unustelling unnaturalness to prprvolunteer solutions. Most inhabitants revere that there is constantly a amend and enormity fashion of solving a ardent gist. This has inevitably led to lots of shouting’s occasion solving gists herebehind quantitative to unsolved gists.

    How to revere clever abquenched anything

    The recent universe has demanded revereing in a excite prolific fashion. This media that there is demand to revere excite sanely and in a diprgent prepossession and be of implying. Most inhabitants are chaotic ascribtelling to how abundantly they don’t imply. Revereing affect a escapade has been telling to repress the proposal that there is a amend fashion to revere and a enormity fashion to revere or a clever and weak fashion to revere (Bert 80). Revereing affect a escapade has confused three nucleus proposals. Undivided, the incentives sanction been considered to be the cornerstundivided of the revereing as they are the guide to nature quainted with a gist. Promote, nature telling to estimate in manage to cleansedse the layers of laziness detached. Third, having usual enlightenment has been considered to be enormity.

    To revere affect a escapade, you exact to watch unnaturalnesss in a diprgent fashion and refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling be clouded by affecting and societal pressures. Revereing affect a escapade has been used to intimate a calculate of techniques that can aid undivided to distinguish unnaturalnesss in a diprgent prepossession. It is great to primeval imply what it media to revere affect a escapade. Dubner and Levitt declare that revereing affect a escapade is to repudiate and defy conversations (Levitt 127). It relies on expounding axioms as cleansedsed as affectly.  Thinking affect a escapade relies on economic entrance where axioms is used rather than biases, ideologies and analogous environ.

    Repudiate boundaries

    The gist has remained that most inhabitants sanction had unaware biases herebehind they expound axioms in their possess beliefs. Escapade is plain that anyundivided can do. It is great to imply that odd counsel does refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling shift the implyings of an peculiar. Additionally, we arrive-at excite comforttelling when we directly in others revereing and sanction their enlightenment. Emotions are besides carried afashion herebehind influencing the sane thoughts. Thus, there is a disencumbered fashion of revereing ascribtelling to influences caused by some biases. Dubner and Levitt sanction ardent an illustration of initiative a fare spurn. 75% of the fare spurns according to the anatomy of the universe cup games sanction been prosperous. Coercion exemplification, if the globe moves at 80mph, the goalkeeper has the command to promote fancy the motion of the spurner. If they dip enormityly, they growth the odds. The eminentest luck is undeviatingly shooting to the goalie and a haughty possibility of aiming the Centre. This is owing there is shame of having a failed shot.  

    Nature inclined to declare “I don’t imply”

    The primeval step in experience someunnaturalness is advanceting that undivided lacks implyledge abquenched the unnaturalness. It is great to imply that postulates overhead revere that are haughtyer than opinions. This is owing postulates are irrefuttelling occasion the beliefs are generated from the postulates occasion opinions are built on very lacking postulates. Each peculiar is entitled to their possess opinions rather than their possess postulates. Thus, when opinions and beliefs are fixed on a lacking postulates, we contribute to bound to the worn g conclusions. Dubner and Levitt declare that it is unamentelling to indoctrinate some who sanction proffered postulates to opposed their opinions and beliefs.

    Analogous environ

    Undivided of the best fashion to production-quenched gists to determine that it does refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling depend on a analogous environ. Levitt and Dubner declare that a analogous environ has the aptitude of convincing a peculiar that full the opinions and answers are amend and that there is a bamend method between enormity and amend (Levitt 78).  This is owing undivided is undoubtful that they imply everyunnaturalness abquenched the topic herebehind they seal experience excite. An pristine revereer faces at an ancient gist and finds a odd prepossession to production-quenched the gist. Herebehind digging subterranean excite the presented symptoms and goes excite to face at the underlying causes. This is conspicuous in the Escapadeonomics where the authors face at the growthd U.S gun enormity. Behind faceing at the underlying causes they were telling to imply that undivided of the contributing factors was the 1970’s synod of abortion.

    Revere affect a child

    Thinking affect a escapade exacts revereing insignificant. This media revereing affect a kid. Kids sanction inquisitiveness and honesty that is lost as undivided obtains ancienter. A child reveres that anyunnaturalness is affectly owing they are refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling scant to late amelioration and article. They are constantly prompt to supplicate and fabricate intimateions. Dubner and Levitt intimate that a peculiar should refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling result straightpractice to an proposal. There may some gists that are too multifarious to production-quenched and earn exact convenience. It is coercion-this-reason intimateed that undivided takes some sever of it and then rendezvous to oration the tranquillity. Levitt and Dubner besides controvert that there are some traits in adults specially those that are intelligent, where they anticipate the universe to besanction according to their beliefs (Levitt 132). Kids sanction operated externally the implyledge of how the universe is started and that’s why coercion exemplification they are ameliorate in computation the sorcery tricks. Most adults sanction constantly late most of their convenience opposed to quenchedclever the sorceryian and are shocked nature fooled with a plain technique.

    Analogous incentives

    Analogous incentives entangle nudging inhabitants into undivided fashion in manage to close eminenter results. Revereing affect a escapade exacts reframing the interconnection in manage to close what undivided demands. In manage to obtain other to what undivided demands, Levitt and Dubner intimate changing the adversarial interconnection coercion friendship.  Incentives production well-mannered-mannered behind figuring quenched what inhabitants demand and what they veritably prevention encircling. Paying heed to their responses is besides great. However, they advance that the best manoeuvre in a disagreement is allowting go and emotional on. This media that the amend fashion to obtain what undivided demands is to use inhabitants with urbanity.  


    Thinking affect a escapade besides aids production-quenched gists in a fact whereby undivided allows inhabitants nature themselves externally abundantly of their attempt. This is what Dubner and Levitt sanction considered self-weeding garden. However, persuading inhabitants that do refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling demand to be persuaded can besides indoctrinate the peculiars.  Persuasion at conveniences is unamentelling excepting is a amiable bargain of overlap. This is affectly through acknowledging their weaknesses and strengths in their reasoning. Levitt and Dubner besides controvert that rather than reasonable faceing at the corrupt require it’s besides great to face into the convenience require (Levitt and Stephen 115). If the corrupt require is quenchedweighed by the convenience require, the authors intimate that the best unnaturalness to do is to allow it go. This is owing the media late may refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling aid in solving tomorrow’s gist. This media that quitting can besides be an choice that earn prprvolunteer valutelling feedback.


    It is great to sanction the amend amelioration of solving gists and bargaining with demand.  Thinking affect a escapade media to distinguish unnaturalnesss in a diprgent implying and nature a morsel excite prolific. Revere affect a escapade has been fixed on the principles of incentives, implying what undivided exacts to estimate, apposition and usual enlightenment. Revereing affect a escapade has been apt in making undivided excite prolific and spiritual. This has contributed to revereing cleverer abquenched everyunnaturalness herebehind solving gists excite abundantly. Coercion-this-reason, revereing affect a escapade demonstrates solutions to issues herebehind solving gists.

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