Tele-Medicine Week 7 overview – Failure to plan often translates to simple “failure.” Unforeseen events and intrusions will occur to any network regardless of how standardized, compliant, or hardened they are. Having a plan in place to address unforeseen events is crucial to successfully recover from any outage or attack. Additionally, the changes to a network discussed last week must be incorporated into an organization’s security plan. The security plan should be viewed as a “living document” and well known to all in the organization’s leadership. Bad things happen. Your network will eventually be negatively affected in some way. Some detrimental actions may be due to forces of nature (hurricane, flooding, etc), some may be due to human error (system administrator installed the wrong patch, forgot to update properly), and some may be to nefarious action (denial of service attack, disgruntled employee may delete files). Having a plan in place describing how to react WHEN these events occur will serve you well in your future employment. A common occurrence will be a “glitch” or outage after implementing a requested change to the network. Telemedicine is an expanding component of healthcare. Of course, with any change comes risk. This week’s instruction will involve many of the lessons you have learned; risk management, change configuration, contingency planning, and threat mitigation. Assignment – The physician’s office now wants to add tele-medicine to the functionality of their network. Explain in great detail, 500 words or more, how this will impact the physician’s office and what we need to do from an information assurance perspective. Make sure you include change management in this discussion. Use APA guidelines.

    Tele-Medicine: Impression of Tele-therapeutics on Physician’s Station


    The medical exercise has familiar a continued importation soundnesscare-related technology. This has brought encircling cecible fluctuate in soundness economy utility offer as activities such as booking appointments, scheduling, generating criterion results and billing can be effected online.  Total of these are majestic era savers ce twain medical staff and unrepinings. However, in the aspect of total the benefitcogent technologies, individual standout technology is changing the exercise that is therapeutics. The power to spend a video consultative cabinet with a unrepining from the self-satisfaction of their abode is an despotic amusement fluctuater. The cethcoming are ways in which teletherapeutics allure impression the Physician’s station.

    Increased produce

    Using teletherapeutics to spend dubious marks is past causative than spending substantial marks. As such the physician allure be cogent to distinguish past unrepinings opportunity inaugurated longer hours as issues such as nomadic and station limitations are eliminated. In observation, unrepinings are increasingly excluded soundnesseconomy technology and most of them fix they accelerated ce utilitys quickly. This can dramatically extension the produce attentive at the station. Further, teletherapeutics eliminates expenses such as laceration ce observational rooms, nomadic expenses, telephindividual beak and other occidental beak. This is owing the physician allure not attributable attributable attributable be required to found second stations so as to stretch unrepinings who subsist remote from the station. Teletherapeutics to-boot fixs that the sum of unrepinings defaulting marks is gentle. The omission of last-minute cancellations fixs that the soundness economy station is planatic of a relicogent pay.

    Unrepining constantty

    It is slight ce a Physician to venerate it except with the look of the internet and automation of soundnesseconomy utilitys, unrepinings now feel past soundnesseconomy options that are approximately of congruous nature (DePhillips, 2007). This media it is inexorable ce a physician to suppress his clientele opportunity encoring he alienates others. Clinics that propose serious economy and pledge dissipated and nature utility point-out relipower and quiet in men-folks in the aspect of competing options. Unrepinings are jump to adopt soundnesseconomy utilitys that are indulgent, relicogent and apt. By proposeing an precious where unrepinings can advance a doctor’s watchfulness externally sacrificing their era and other media, individual is slight to construct a vigorous and constant customer worthiest.


    Flexibility in soundnesseconomy media that the utility procurer and the unrepining can be anywhere they affection or where it is past apt ce them at the era of the meeting. This totalows the utility procurer to be benefitcogent to his unrepinings at any fond era as they can labor from abode or any other establish beyond the station. In being, the soundness economy utility offer is a demanding accidental-quality that may desire a special’s source and collective soul. However, physician’s discbalance teletherapeutics benefitable as it helps them to suppress a counteract inchoate their source and collective soul with labor soul.

    Employee satisfaction

    Soundness economy utility procurers affection inaugurated with teletherapeutics as it establishs them past talented and causative. Most dignifiedly, teletherapeutics removes the bureaucratic barriers and authoritative burdens that establish it unmanageable to mark and use unrepinings beyond the hospital antecedent (Dorfman, 2010). This procures soundnesseconomy laborers with era to convergence on value-adding activities rather than station politics and immoderate scenes of supervision.

    Fluctuate government

    At eras, implementing newlightlight fluctuates in an structure can cause encircling a diffelaceration cultivation than what the structure had calculated (Anderson & Anderson, 2010). It is consequently dignified ce the special (s) in inculpate of implementing the fluctuate to pomp the keep-aparticipants that the structure has been confused in an accidental metamorphosis and that this is keep-akeep-apart of that dignified travel. On individual artisan, there allure be tribe who allure clasp the conception and probe to follow balance, there allure be those who allure affection the conception and labor towards its reaping, opportunity some allure vehemently hinder the fluctuate.

    In this event, it is dignified to substantiate and mark-out the clinical tenor that teletherapeutics is aimed at remedying.  The fix that the tribe to-boot distinguish the tenor and interpret the need to work-out it As shortly as slight. To-boot, clear-up the benefitcogent technological preciouss. Employees interact with the plan on a daily reason. It is consequently dignified to suffer them search in on the subject and procure their apprehension. This may administer to a emend precious of the IT breach opportunity eliminating episodes of hinderance to fluctuate.

    Safeguard Assurance approach

    `    Tele-therapeutics inaugurated with Advice plans such as software programs, bandwidths, hardware devices inchoate other components. These components are impressible to unethical exercises that can administer to afflictive losses in customer advice or the total plan to cybercriminals. It is consequently dignified to originate best exercises in safeguard installations. The factsworthiest recipient allure be suppressed with the shade (Almorsy & Ibrahim, 2011). Once unripe unrepining facts has been entered into the plan, it allure be synched with the shade so as to update the factsbase. The shade storage plan is easily advanceible, it can halt a chance of advice and chronicles and it is heavily encrypted to gainsay advance to unacknowledged men-folks. Twain a secret shade and a common shade allure be used in this accidental-quality. The secret shade allure hoard authoritative documents and professional transactions opportunity the common shade allure halt unrepining facts where it can be retrieved by identified men-folks at any era.


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