Technology Selection Paper This assignment is Part 1 of a three-part Analysis of Alternatives evaluation exercise. You will post your draft of this paper no later than Friday of Week 6 in the weekly conference for review and evaluation by your peers. Your final paper should incorporate feedback from your peers and will be submitted for grading via your assignment folder. Follow the instructions posted by your instructor regarding peer review and “best paper” voting. For this paper, you will construct a recommendation to study and evaluate a specific technology. To support your recommendation you will use information from either your Technology Review #1 or Technology Review #2. By the time you are finished with your recommendation, you will have performed all four stages of the technology scan. GETTING STARTED Choose one of your technology reviews (#1 or #2) and rewrite the paper to serve as a background paper for a decision briefing for senior executives. These executives will be meeting to decide which emerging technologies or emerging applications of technologies will become part of one or more security-focused Internal Research & Development projects during the next budget cycle. Write down your thoughts and ideas about the security implications of this technology using (a) the Five Pillars of Information Assurance and/or (b) the Five Pillars of Information Security. For your paper, you do not need to include all ten “pillars” but you should address a minimum of three. If you are targeting an “A” on your paper, address at least five of the pillars. Throughout your recommendation (see below), you must keep your focus upon the security posture of this technology and its applications (e.g. products or services built upon this technology or which incorporate this technology). Note: If you had deficiencies in your survey of the professional literature for your chosen technology, you should correct that problem now. You may also add sources and, if necessary, remove inappropriate sources from your survey. Refer back to the original Detailed Project Description for your selected paper (TR1 or TR2). RECOMMENDATIONS FOR STUDY This assignment builds upon the technology scan which you performed for your three technology review papers and incorporates the final stage: recommending. Your focus in this paper must be upon identifying and presenting information from authoritative sources which supports a recommendation to select this technology for further study as part of an Internal Research & Development project (IR&D). Your recommendation should be based upon the following (at a minimum): characteristics (features and capabilities) of the technology interactions among the selected technology, people, environments, and processes (how will it be used; use cases if known) risks or vulnerabilities associated with adoption of this technology costs and benefits associated with adoption of this technology Addressing Costs and Benefits: Do not tell the reader how much the technology will cost. Discuss instead how much it might cost to SECURE this technology against cyber-attacks and/or how difficult it will be to deny criminals and terrorists the use of this technology. WRITING YOUR PAPER Your paper must provide the reader with an overview of the technology followed by information about the potential security risks and/or benefits of its use (the security posture ).You MUST use information paraphrased from the papers found during your Survey of the Professional Literature (with appropriate in-text citations). Revise the original paper then add the recommendation section. Your Technology Selection Paper should be at least three pages in length but no more than five pages (excluding the title page and references page). This means that you may need to shorten your original paper (cut out material) so that you can incorporate the additional information required for this assignment. GRADING Grading Rubric: Consult the grading rubric for specific content and formatting requirements for this assignment. APA Format: See the resources posted under Content > Course Documents > APA Resources. Additional Requirements: Your papers must comply with the formatting guidance provided by your instructor. All papers in this course must also comply with APA Style for references and citations.

    Technology Selection: Fat Shaftulates Analytics


    Ladies and gentlemen, the banking diligence today is saturated with integral deportment of technology utilizing twain wired and wireless connectivity. The technology the bank continues to solder in its regularitys is increasingly intricate in plan so as to fruitful to touch the fat shaftulates processing requirements of the knowledge. This presents a horde of vulnerabilities to refusal a cyber-attack. However, the ability to prearrange an assault helps to determine that the construction suffers minimal restraintfeiture from an assault. This is owing it is refertelling likely to fully detain a netcomposition regularity from cyber-attacks. Nevertheless, fat shaftulates as an emerging technology promises to revolutionize the protection of referableice regularitys restraint constructions that bargain with great amounts of shaftulates such as banks. There are a estimate of Fat Shaftulates analytics tools that if tooled they can adequately vindicate the cyber environment from cybercrime activities. Restraint that this conclude, this narration recommends Microsoft Azure Shaftulates Bricks as single of the best protection tools that the knowledge should tool

    Microsoft Azure Shaftulates bricks

    Features and Capabilities

    Postulates Bricks is a Fat Shaftulates analytics program that offers an optimized shade patronage through the Apache particle platform. Among the endure extinguished marks of the Shaftulates Bricks protection disintegrations is the deed that it is deployed by proportioned single click of the mouse. In adduction, the protection disintegration mark auto-scaling capabilities and a ooze-period that has the power of suittelling the composition o9f particle tasks by up to ×10-×100. With Microsoft Azure shaftulates Bricks protection disintegration, it is likely to ooze great compositionloads in a isolated, consume-fruitful deportment. In adduction, it includes menace monitoring tools, an interactive referableebook platform and a be of protection protocols that cem it be consonant with a estimate of truthrs. environments. Microsoft Azure can be truthd simultaneously with Apache particle to optimize fat shaftulates analytics.

    Interaction with Its Environment

    Single of the important developments to fperfect I the ground of electronic shaftulates administration was when muniments became `multi-editable’, this resources that diverse inhabitants could be established on the selfselfidentical muniment at the selfselfidentical period. Similarly, the selfselfidentical concept has been solderd in the globe of shaftulates knowledges and shaftulates engineering (Russom, 2011). Microsoft Azure Shaftulates Bricks procure fetch this revolutionary technology to the knowledge’s shaftulates administration. The interactive referableebooks fix amid shaftulates bricks can be shared subsist. Real-period collaboration resources that diverse inhabitants in the construction could be established on single muniment abetting. A duty can be designated subordinate novel parameters and be delivered safely and in period. Interactive visualization can be optimized by integration PowerBI into the regularity. In adduction, Microsoft Azure Shaftulates Bricks technology is comforttelling to truth. A truthr can be fruitful to truth beggarly sources of shaftulates simultaneously, ooze algorithms abetting and be fruitful to attain the operations of the technology straightway to obtain hurled straightway. The program has potent tools that suffer the truthr recintegral and criticise spent dutys. Adductional marks such as R shaftulates and Python knowledge stacks are integrated into the regularity. This helps the regularitys director to trace conclusions and propagate narrations.

    Vulnerabilities Associated with The Adoption of The Technology

    It has been referableed that tool’s hurler consummates de-serialization of its socket shaftulates in an perilous environment. This resources that integral the programs that procure be hurled programmatically using hurlers API oration procure be vulnerfruitful to an selfish mode that would hurl by an assaulter with advent to a topical utensil or a topicalized truthr representation. It favors the shaftulates bricks disintegration regularitys solely by-passing the particle-shell (Zakir et al, 2015). At this object, the hacker would be fruitful to consummate commands as the bonafide truthr of the representation.  In adduction, where shaftulates bricks analytics regularitys bear been tooled, the hackers bear an occasion to engage utility of the `trust’ on the abode server and shaft a tempt combine. The mind of the combine is to machination the truthr to unreserved the standing, the combine may denote marking the standing procure carry to a feature webstanding excluding this is refertelling usually the instance. The hacker is solely looking restraint an advent object. Therefore, in instance single chooses to mark the website; they are giving the assaulter a loose ignoring into the netcomposition environment. The assaulter engages govern of the advent object and they can consummate intolerant commands with comfort.

    Costs and Benefits

    Single of the important benefits of adopting the technology is the deed that it provides a developer with a be of referableice administration structure protocols. In adduction, it is consume fruitful gone it is likely to ooze numerous programs at the selfselfidentical period (Srinivasa and Bhatnagar, 2012). its comfort of truth resources that the knowledge procure refertelling be required to meet adductional consumes to cortege or better novel staff to composition with the regularity. The personnel that had been bargaining with shaftulates dissection can abundantly subordinateendure and interact with the regularity. Nevertheless, the regularity has challenges in that it is a relatively novel concept, in adduction, the availfruitful elimination is refertelling indisputable and more insights in the ground of Fat Shaftulates Analytics are uniformly cropping up. This may cintegral restraint general changes which may favor the ordinary duty of the knowledge and to an production its overintegral composition.


    It is compulsory that the knowledge adopts Microsoft Azure Shaftulates Bricks Fat Shaftulates dissection technology. This is owing it is the carrying shade shaftulates analytics program and it can be integrated with other regularitys to optimize fat shaftulates and netcomposition infrastructure hardening activities. The Azure technology procure elucidate shaftulates dissection and enhance exposure exposure.


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