Technology Selection Exercise. This discussion question is part of the Analysis of Alternatives evaluation exercise. This week, you are acting in the role of “staff members” who are writing technology selection recommendations for consideration by the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Security Officer. They will, in turn, choose the best of the bestfor presentation to the company’s senior managers as part of the approval and funding process for pilot implementations and other formal evaluations of the selected technologies. 1. On FRIDAY: Post your draft Technology Selection Paper as a reply to this Discussion Topic. (You may make changes to this draft prior to submitting it for grading via your assignment folder.) 2. Review the papers posted by your peers. From these papers, choose two (2) different papers (technology alternatives) to recommend for further study (“selection”). Post your recommendations as follow-up postings to your peers (two separate threads). Make sure that you EXPLAIN why you are recommending these technology alternatives (what makes them worthy of further study). At the end of the week, your instructor will review the student recommendations and select three or more technologies for students to use in writing their technology study plans (due at the end of Week 8). 3. Review the technology selections (follow-up postings in the original threads). How well did your peers justify their selections? Post a critique for two (2) or more of these selection justifications. You are expected to read replies made to your postings and post follow-up replies which continue and improve upon the discussion.

    Technology Preference Exercise


    Technology resurvey is carried quenched by collecting perfect instruction requisite control the technology.  The dainty of technology should conglutinate fantastic methods and works challenging fantastic work fruit and limitation (Krishnan, et al., 2002). Assessment of the fitnesss scarcityed is inherent and then declaration the findings. When selecting a technology to be interpretationd in an society, it is significant to imply some elements that allure wave the dainty of technology to be interpretationd (Chan et al., 2002). The structure should own civilized media conducive to set-up and tool the technology disintegration and so conducive to work the technology application. The largeness of the structure allure so aid to apprehend what kind of method is best suitconducive control the structures scarcity. It is so significant to imply the financial uprightness of the decided to lapse the technology.

    Element the structure of the transaction which is an significant element imposing the fitness and interpretation of technology. Digital technology aids in sustaining infrastructure (Torkkeli et al., 2002). Choosing a fantastic technology allure be best control the structure, this is becainterpretation it shperfect suite the scarcitys of the structure. Choice technologies are environmentally affectionate compared to dominant technologies that are currently in fix. In lineament the choice technologies may grace widely interpretationd, the technology options should disingenuous on the overperfect transaction objectives, deterrent, and abridge speculation.


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