System Recommendation & Final System Recommendation Report. Overview Before you begin work on this assignment, be sure you have read the Case Study, and reviewed the feedback received on your Stage 1, 2 and 3 assignments. Refer to the System Recommendation Report (SRR) Table of Contents below to see where you are in the process of developing this report. In this Stage 4 assignment, you will identify a certified Electronic Health Records (EHR) system for the Midtown Family Clinic and explain how it meets the requirements, how it will improve the processes at the Clinic, and what needs to be done to implement the system within the Clinic. You will add the Conclusion to the Report. In addition, you will provide a complete final System Recommendation Report incorporating feedback from earlier stages. System Recommendation Report Table of Contents Introduction (Stage 1) I. Organizational Analysis and Requirements (Stage 1) A. Introduction B. Organizational Strategy C. Strategic Use of Technology D. Components of an Information System E. Requirements F. Summary II. Sharing Data (Stage 2) A. Introduction B. Need to Share Data C. Types of Data to be Shared D. Data Interchange Standards E. Summary III. Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Policy Issues (Stage 3) A. Introduction B. Table of Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Policy Issues C. Addressing the Most Difficult Issue D. Summary IV. System Recommendation (Stage 4) A. Introduction B. Proposed IT solution C. How the Proposed IT Solution Meets the Requirements D. Improvements from Proposed IT Solution E. Implementation Considerations F. Summary Conclusion (Stage 4) References System Recommendation Report (SRR), Section IV – System Recommendation Section IV of the System Recommendation Report will propose a certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to meet the Midtown Family Clinic’s strategy and meet its operational needs. In Section IV, you will also Identify and explain the improvements the system will bring and the high-level steps that will need to take place in order to implement the system you have proposed. For this assignment, you will add Section IV to Sections I, II and III, as outlined below. Stage 4 Assignment Instructions The first step is to incorporate the feedback you received on your Stage 3 assignment, making any needed corrections or adjustments. If you have not incorporated the feedback from your Stage 1 and Stage 2 assignments, you should do so prior to submitting Stage 4. This assignment requires a complete System Recommendation Report document with revisions made as needed based on the Stage 1, 2, and 3 project submissions and feedback. Note: This is a specific grading criteria in the rubric. Using the case study and the outline listed below, develop your Section IV – System Recommendation. Approximate lengths for each section are provided as a guideline; be sure to provide all pertinent information. IV. System Recommendation A. Introduction – Introduction to this section describing what is included. (4-5 sentences) B. Proposed IT Solution: There are many certified EHR systems available. Conduct some research on the web and identify a system that will support the Midtown Family Clinic and that meets the requirements you listed in Section I – Organizational Analysis and Requirements (the Stage 1 Assignment). One easy to use site is where you can enter “Electronic Medical Records” as the search term and then select various criteria such as specialty, practice size, price, etc. From the results presented, you can identify the names of the various systems and then search on those directly for more detailed information. Be sure to evaluate potential solutions to align with the needs of the Midtown Family Clinic. Identify the vendor and the system you selected. (One paragraph) C. How the Proposed IT Solution Meets the Requirements: Using the 10 requirements you listed in your Stage 1 assignment (and incorporating any feedback you received), you will now explain how the solution you have chosen fulfills these requirements. First, insert an introductory opening sentence for this section. Then copy the entries for the 10 requirements into the Requirements column from the table in Section I (Stage 1 Assignment). Complete the table by providing the explanations of how the system you selected meets each requirement. (Provide an introductory sentence and copy the table and insert information within.) Req. Number Functional Requirement (from Functional Requirements table in Section I) Explanation of How the Proposed System Meets the Requirement 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. C. Improvements from the Proposed IT Solution: Explain how the proposed IT solution will help the Midtown Fami

    MIDTOWN Family Clinic Software Monition Description


    The prevalent bloom economy superintendence rule substance reasond by Midtown Family Clinic is inconclusive, compound and space putrefaction. An fruitful and accepted bloomeconomy superintendence software is readily beneficial from selected vendors at competitive costs. Owing of the compoundity and vastness of the most-open medical rule, spacely medical benefit offer and soften superintendence of open clinic operations has been hampered. This has the germinative of affecting the chances of handling illnesses in space distinctly constant disorders such as cancer and feeling disorder. Computer fixed enduring archives and counsel superintendence rules are increasingly decent qualitative in bloom economy benefit offer. This is owing of the qualifys in counsel exqualify and storage that has been familiar balance the years. Technological provokement in bloom economy accelerations to collect demand reasonfulness, respectful enduring superintendence grounds and amendd benefit offer. This descriptions aims at exploring and recommending a viable IT disintegration coerce Midtown Family Clinic.

    Key words: Bloomeconomy benefit, bloom economy worker, bloom interior, enduring, doctor, counsel, Grounds, Software, Counsel technology, real-space benefit

    Rule Monition Description

    The subjoined is a monition description coerce an IT disintegration coerce “Midtown Family Clinic”. The description contains details of the projected Counsel Technology disintegration and how it is congenial with the clinic’s vocation demandments. It too details the amendments from the projected IT disintegration as courteous as the projected implementation subsidy. The projected IT disintegration is fixed on the clinic’s vocation demandments including; Coordinating operations, Automation of operations, integration with the EHR software, billing and financial anatomy, e-prescription, grounds and counsel superintendence, audit and coerce and enduring message.

    Projected IT disintegration

    DrChrono EHR Software

    DrChrono is an iPhindividual and iPad bloom superintendence rules software that is congenial with bloom economy billing rules and EHR. The collision allows bloom economy workers to mould bloom economy benefits such as e-prescribing, clinical charting, real-space enduring eligibility represss, supply customized medical coercems, supply and superintendence of medical archives, billing, scheduling endurings and a enduring entrance (Middleton et al, 2013). In abstracted, the DrChrono app offers a difference of other apps in its directory as courteous a medical API coerce bloomeconomy bloom superintendence software developers. The software is congenial with android contrivance cameras so that doctors can admit pictures of coercems or areas of profit and upload them to the clinic’s groundsbase coerce anatomy. The bloomeconomy collectrs can reason the “Free Dexposed Function” to compel annotations on x-rays, diagrams and other smooth coercemats. The EHR collision comes with pre-installed billing codes. The storage rule is obscure-based.

    How the projected IT disintegration meets the demandment

    Req.NumberAuthoritative Demandment (from Authoritative Demandments consideration in Section I)Explanation of How the Projected Rule Meets the Demandment
    Coordinating OperationsAll the authoritative bloomeconomy benefit demandments can be plant lower individual platform, making it unconcerned to coordinate clinic operations.
    Automation of operationsA restraintm such as billing and enduring accept been automated. The benefit collectr is simply demandd to penetrate exposed grounds and the rule analyses and engenders results in real-time.
    Integration with other EHR software rulesThere other bloomeconomy rules that are reasond at the Midtown Family clinic and websites such as legislation websites. The projected IT disintegration is abundantly congenial with these other platforms
    Client billing superintendenceBenefit collectrs can automatically engender enduring bills are coerceward then electronically ensuring bills are punish and are compensated faster.
    Audit and coerce All electronic operations concession an electronic footprint that is reasond as an audit transcript. Electronic instruments reasond accept a digital attestation that indicates their authenticity
    Clinic financial anatomyThe rule collects  an courteous filing rule coerce references facilitating a significant financial anatomy function
    Grounds and counsel superintendenceIt reasons a obscure storage rule, consequently, the clinic achieve be able to examine fat grounds with benefiting from some of the best defence encryptions.
    Enduring anatomyBloom laborrs can obtain enduring anatomy descriptions in real-space as instruments are automated.
    e-prescriptionPatients and Benefit collectrs can attach remotely and prescriptions sent online.
    Enduring messageThe software contains weighty bloom updates targeting endurings. It too has a collective platform where doctors and endurings can interact

    Improvements from the projected IT disintegration

    The program achieve acceleration to diminish the epeculiarity of space admitn in the enduring anatomy. In abstracted, a balballot of space is wasted at the cashier’s labor as community queue up to compel liquidations. With the projected software rule, endurings can accept their bills electronically and compel liquidations using the selfselfsame platform. It too eliminated financial anatomy risks such as hallucinations and mistakes. The electronic anatomy is balance respectful than manual anatomy due to civilized hallucination and missing of instruments Alliance, 2007). It too reasons a obscure-based. In the gone-by, it has been opposed coerce bloomeconomy workers at Midtown Family Clinic to liaise with their countertonnage in other tonnage of the dominion to examine cases. DrChrono connects bloom workers from balance 40,000 laboratory facilities encircling the dominion where messages can be dindividual in real-space (Metzdorf, 2018). Doctors can, consequently, interrogate with each other in real-space and acceleration snatch lives.

    Implementation Subsidys

    The projected IT disintegration is a obscure-fixed benefit. It is consequently urgent that it be implemented as such. The subjoined subsidys are key

    1. Vendor bond
    1. , Midtown achieve deficiency to compel a unmeasured liquidation upon escheatment to fix unmeasured occupation and reason of the disintegration void of any encumbrances. An bond deficiencys to be verified between the vendor and the clinic allowing the clinic to reason the rule.
    2. It achieve demand the clinic $26000 up face or $8000 per year (Sangachin, 2018).
    3. Hardware and Telecommunications
    1. The clinic achieve demand iPhones, iPads, Android Phones and laptops.
    2. Telecommunications demandd conceive a LAN rule coerce indoor message and WIFI connectivity.
    3. Configuration
    1. The software is contained in a DVD disk and is readily configured to clinic specifications.
    2. The outline and installation achieve be dindividual by the vendor’s technicians.
    3. Testing
    1. The clinic’s IT cheerful achieve pass tests. Doctors achieve reason it to repress its workability
    2. Grounds and Counsel superintendence. Counsel achieve be external and snatchd and then retrieved.
    3. Employee Preparation
    1. Leadership – deride administrators to buttress the implementation
    2. Qualify superintendence – attach the impending qualify in advance
    3. Trailing – Engage workers in hands-on trailing coerce faster getments.
    4. Grounds Absenteeism
    1. Existing grounds to subjoin conceives, enduring fact, billing archives, compute of doctors and their sameness, medical archives, cure supply archives and persistent schedules.
    2. Usefulness and aptitude achieve be accomplished
    3. Maintenance
    1. The interior IT cheerful achieve collect updates opportunity punishions achieve be dindividual by vendor technicians.
    2. This achieve be dindividual on a monthly plea or when the deficiency arises.


    Once the clinic has plant the software congenial with its vocation deficiencys, it achieve penetrate an bond with the vendor so as to get unmeasured hues to reason the rule. A cost of $26000 achieve be compensated upface or compel every-year liquidations value $8000. Necessary hardware such as iPhindividual is a demandment so as to buttress other functions such as outline, testing, grounds absenteeism and livelihood.


    Midtown Family Clinic is fixed coerce a curve in its efforts to amend bloomeconomy benefit offer. The projected IT disintegration is fixed to acceleration automate the restraintm and procedures at the clinic as a value of decorous the restraintm strategic operations are examined. This is expected to acception aptitude at the quickness. The clinic is fixed to like benefits such as diminishd space gone-by analyzing enduring counsel and generating diagnoses, exactness in the billing rule eliminating abstraction and crime bills sent to crime endurings and ameliorate supply and instrument superintendence rule. The rule is consequently recommended and general to provoke to the implementation limit.


    Alliance, S. C. (2007). Smart Cards in US Bloomcare: benefits coerce endurings, collectrs and payers.

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