“Strategy” represents a key component in the equation of organizational effectiveness. For this paper, you will work on a real-world case that reflects a company’s challenges related to strategic needs and decision making. Your team will work collectively as management consultants to identify and assess the company’s internal and external factors. An executive from the company of interest will assess the quality of proposed strategies. The Effective Organization (BSC 407) – Strategy Case Study Hello Students, I hope you are doing well. My name is Mat Mir. I work as a project manager and lead engineer for a construction firm in Dubai. We have been in business for close to three decades working on a variety of projects including residential and business construction such as buildings and superstructures, bridge erection, roadway, and large scale repair work. Some of our key strengths include:  A positive reputation in the region.  Expertise and high level of performance in areas of engineering, design, and drafting.  Strong relationships with private financial institutions, major developers, local and international suppliers, subcontractors, and builders.  Owning a large storage that is strategically located for proper delivery of materials to project sites. Over the last year, we have been experiencing financial difficulties that signal an urgent need for new strategies in order to return the company to an ideal state of operation and prevent future chaos. Our initial assessments and analyses indicate that a great portion of our recent challenges relates to the following factors:  Significant numbers of Chinese civil engineering companies have taken over and manipulated Dubai’s construction business by offering low rates and fast-paced performance. This has vastly reduced the number of available projects within our domain of operations.  A major increase in the costs of human resources and materials.  The economy and politics being in recovery mode, especially considering a lack of financial and political stability in neighboring countries.  High rate of inflation and unemployment.  A major decrease in the financial capacity of banks to provide loans for major construction projects. In addition, a review of our internal systems and functions reveals some deficiencies in areas including efficiency and cost-savings, employee motivation, knowledge and skills related to sustainable construction, complying with the new standards in project and program management, and possession and employment of proper technology, methods, and machinery. Considering the internal and external dynamics and conditions of our company, I would like you to carefully develop a SWOT analysis and devise a number of alternative strategies to enable us to effectively deal with our recent financial problems. Obviously, the information that I provided here is not sufficient to develop a strong SWOT analysis, so it is important that you conduct further research to obtain and develop a more accurate understanding of internal and external factors. Focusing on internal factors, I recommend that you make some logical and wise assumptions based on the information that I just shared with you as well as what you find during your research. I very much look forward to reviewing your SWOTs and proposed alternative strategies!

    Strategic Needs and Decision-Making

        Companies should substantiate their strengths and weaknesses to unravel strategies that empower them to end their objectives. In this instance, the recognizeing established should determine that it avoids activities listed as their weaknesses by maximizing the immanent of their workers. While the explanation has a dogmatic class in the territory, it is regulative restraint sociality managers to reconsideration their products and services and align them with the interests of their target trade. Alternatively, increasing their workforce succeed empower the sociality to coalesce its targets and aggravatepower emulation accordingly of a exalted smooth of professionalism and force to cater calling opportunities to the locals, as a form of giving end to the sociality.

        When chief becomes poor in an explanational setting, leaders should reconsideration their approaches and substantiate other sources of wealth. From this notice, it is incontrovertible that inflation and other economic aspects are defined by events that select establish in the synchronous sociality. While the recognizeing established government be weak to regulate the admonish of acception in the territory, they should cushion their employees from property of weakening circulation by diversifying their interests and introducing duty regimes that modeadmonish the consequences (Muthuveloo, Kang, and Teoh, 2017). Additionally, the explanation should spend intensive trade discovery to recognize the mastery of Chinese establisheds and rejoin with innovative solutions that amend the lifestyle of beings.

        Increasing the workforce succeed empower the sociality to coalesce its targets and aggravatepower emulation accordingly of a exalted smooth of professionalism and force to cater calling opportunities to the locals, as a form of giving end to the sociality. In deed, the recognizeing established should substantiate its problems and nucleus on eradicating them through revolutionary manoeuvre that allot the explanation to end a competitive service aggravate other assiduity players. Therefore, sociality managers should gain the employees and repair professional workers to succor them find their explanation.


    Muthuveloo, R., Kang Chia, C., & Teoh Ai, P. (2017). An Empirical Analysis of the Perceived Skills in Predicting Managerial Effectiveness: The Malaysian Perspective. Global Business & Management Discovery941-59.