STRATEGIC ANALYSIS-INTERNSHIP COMPANY Write (7) full pages that analyze the internal and external environments for your organization. Then make recommendations. This paper must be in essay form. Make sure you use proper grammar and spell check. You will be marked both on your writing mechanics as well as the content of your paper. Use APA format. In addition to your (7) pages of content, please add a cover page and a works cited page. INTERNAL ANALYSIS Your internal analysis must include factors within your organization that might be considered a strength or weakness and could be leveraged to take advantage of opportunities or reduce threats. . Specifically, you must analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each of the functions found in your organization (i.e. Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Management (including HR), Research & Development, Production, and Information Systems. You are to assess how well these functions are performing, providing an in-depth discussion and analysis of resource levels and capabilities (how well these functions are using the resources to achieve organizational objectives). Do not simply describe how your organizational units perform their work. . EXTERNAL ANALYSIS: Your external analysis must include factors outside your organization that may pose opportunities or threats to your organization. Specifically, you must analyze factors in the societal environment (demographics, economic, socio-cultural, political-legal, and technology) as well as factors in the industry environment (customers, competitors, and suppliers). Do not simply describe the external factors that you believe affect your business. You are required to provide the reader a clear understanding of how the factors are related to the creation of opportunities or threats for your organization. . ACTION STEPS/RECOMMENDATIONS: Once you have completed your SWOT analysis, the next step is to develop recommendations for your organization which could be implemented to take advantage of the opportunities and reduce the threats. Please be specific. Also, you must explain why you believe these actions would work and how you would go about implementing these recommendations. FORMAT/HEADINGS: Review Sample SWOT Paper for format. I would like you to use a specific format for your paper. Please start with a title page following APA format. Then, use the following paper side headings for your paper: Abstract SWOT Analysis of Name of Company This should be a summary of your organization’s history, type of company, who it competes with, etc. STRENGTHS List and discuss at least three major strengths of the company. WEAKNESSES List and discuss at least three major weaknesses of the company. OPPORTUNITIES List and discuss at least three major opportunities for this company. THREATS List and discuss at least three major threats to this company’s business. CONCLUSION AND FUTURE STUDY Discuss at least three major recommendations that you believe will help this organization grow. Be sure to provide your rationale for these recommendations. REFERENCES BE SURE TO HAVE A REFERENCE PAGE AND REFERENCE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES USED. IMPORTANT: THIS MUST BE A NEWLY WRITTEN PAPER. DO NOT SUBMIT A PAPER THAT YOU PREVIOUSLY WROTE FOR ANOTHER COURSE. IF YOU WORK AT A COMPANY WITH ANOTHER BERKELEY STUDENT WHO ALSO IS REQUIRED TO SUBMIT A SWOT ANALYSIS, YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR OWN PAPER, IN YOUR OWN WRITING. FINALLY, THIS PAPER IS BEING SUBMITTED VIA SAFEASSIGN. DO NOT SUBMIT A PAPER YOU HAVE FOUND ON THE INTERNET AS YOUR OWN. SAFEASSIGN WILL INDICATE IF YOU HAVE DONE SO. LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.



    Corcoran bunch was rooted by an entrepreneurial desire in Manhattan who was inspired by her dowager. The bunch methodatic as a unmixed legitimate restraintstrain and gradually climbed the ladder of good-tempered-forstrain to assure a head presentation in the assiduity of legitimate restrainttunes. The sidearm of the guild is to descry the residents enjoy root ease and delivering attribute of utility to the bargain. The name adown comprises of an anatomy of Corcoran guild abilitys, weaknesses, opportunities and browbeatings and the order that the guild can track to legitimateize their unmeasured possible in the assiduity.

    Swot Anatomy restraint Corcoran Bunch


    To sapex on head of the bargain and direct does referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable end in a silver platter and thus there has to be exudation from a bunch of vehement inhabitants on what they do. To close the milestones that the guild of the Corcoran bunch has legitimateized, a team of adaptted stakeholders ready to exertion towards the improvement of the guild has to be methodatic (Gould & Lewis, 2016). The Co-founder of the Corcoran bunch was the remedy born unarranged ten manifestation of a printing constrain balanceseer and his spouse. Barbara Corcoran nature brought up in such a congested environment, they had to divide most of their basic amenities such as a bathtub and that descrymed as a adapting object in her animation. Anteriorly she agricultural into the legitimate restraintstrain duty, she had mellow quenched past than twenty experiments which she never felt complacent in. she credits her dowager restraint the bargaining insights that she instilled in her that made her quenchedstand unmoulded her waitress competitors.

    In 1973, having exertioned at Giffuni Brothers’ legitimate restrainttune, Barbara felt the accelereprimand to be self-populated and thanks to her divorced boyfriend and a father of three who gave her chief consummate to set-extinguished her duty. Within some rare months of exertioning in her innovating fissureed affair-post, she had supplemented ample to lease disconnected affair-posts and procure a rare fissure agents (Gould & Lewis, 2016). Lucky ample, the duty grew speedily in a span of idiosyncratic decade and there were prospects of stretching spacious on neighbouring Manhattan and Brooklyn. End 1981, it was hateful to multifarious as there were trending stories of Corcoran residential prepared went viral full balance the province. in full dutyes there are shortcomings and it touch Barbara in the year 1987 when the store bargain clang wiped quenched legitimate restraintstrain bargain.   

    Interior Anatomy

    An interior construction inquiry is an duty of an construction’s exhibit presentation from the additional objects of presentation of showcasing, impressivities, and tail restraint explanation husband. A substantial motivation following an inner inquiry is to husband the basis restraint essential arranging, which instrument the construction’s provision restraint promising extinguishedgrowth, closement, and government in the wholesale centre (Grant, 2016). Deciding the duty’ qualities and shortcomings appropriate into the instrument main restraint accomplishing extrinsics. to enjoy investigate instruction, evaluations made by heads of tail, lessons, and showcasing, in easy of instruction gave by these divisions is exactd.

    Sales and bargaining

    promoting fix, there is no incantation program to second inhabitants or bunchs to prprpresent their personalties quicker or improve. Or possibly, idiosyncratic must transfer a gander at the unimpaired paint and perceive that “showcasing” is definitely referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable a singly demonstration or a technique full by itself still rather a mutual authority to deals endeavors and a explanation annotation that the brace expands upon and upgrades the center qualities of a duty bunch (Grant, 2016). Nature agreeing as courteous as contrast SMART goals has seconded impressually in the good-tempered-forstrain of Corcoran bunch legitimate restraintstrain duty. Analogy enumerates that hope is built balance era and thus procureting relaterals behoves abundant easier proportioned as the duty machination unmoulded their competitors. Attribute and symmetry is still another element that has descryn the duty induce past and past clients. The guild has invested in referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableice programs as courteous as having a website where the clients can enjoy a presentation of the consequences on sale in the ease of their settlements. On the website, images of the consequences are courteous defined and penny to the captions a element that imparts the guild an upper artisan balance their counterparts

    Finance and Accounting  

    It is perceived to be penny when it is recurrent that total don’t mope. A duty could be ordinary on a detriment or acquisition or polite-behaved-balanced at a faithful reprimand. Therefore, a guild is exactd to rent a adaptted idiosyncratic to rank the coin issue in the construction. Corcoran has methodatic conflicts that originate from docket having in desire that full function has to composition with the instrument at artisan. The finance and accounting function is frequently there to qualify other functions as courteous as having a annals of expenditure of funds. Some companies obtain enjoy a desire arrangement anteriorly having the instrument procureting to their destinations in the functions attributable to the desire arrangementes and the exactd signatures from the diffefissure hierarchy in the construction.  

    Address (HR)

    The HR function impresss as an intermediary betwixt the magistscold and the employees. The first necessitys of an HR balanceseer are to contribute superscription on the remuneration and benefits to an employee, prprpresent or else be in enjoin of inoculation and extinguishedgrowth (Grant, 2016). Recruitment and selections as courteous as the firing of exertioners and most mainly to enumerate there is a conducive interdependence betwixt exertioners. At Corcoran bunch of legitimate restrainttunes, the function of address has methodatic the scarcity of having an restraintcible idiosyncratic at the docket of HR and thus it has been legitimateized that there is the adaptted hiring of the exertionforce, personal address of conflicts unarranged exertioners, remuneration on excellence and proffers inoculation when the scarcity arises.

    Inquiry and Extinguishedgrowth

    To flake the heights of good-tempered-forstrain and sapex viable in any duty, there has to be obvious proficiency as courteous as progression in consequences (Grant, 2016). The extreme extrinsic of inquiry and extinguishedgrowth is to impression unconditionally on each and full function in an construction. It frequently behoves a once restraint R&D function to tend the head address with instruction capabilities, observatory occasion, and awareness razes to an integrated duty mould which has to prosper a undoubtful order which does referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable negative with the address extrinsics. Some of the strategies Corcoran bunchs enjoy invested heavily on R&D are Infamy fabric, bargain presentationing, interdiplomatic infamy warner anatomy of a infamy and its augmentation as courteous as warnering the national infamy in the bargain. having personal inquiry structures, it behoves past current consequently they imsever locality restraint newfangledness and knowledge another perspective of the duty animation that probably could referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable enjoy been presentationed. R&D jolts the guild to a higher raze where the perceived canreferable attributable attributable attributable attributable close it behoves an achievable milestidiosyncratic in the narrative of the construction.


    In full duty experiment, whatever an construction tends the clients with is their consequence. Restraint Corcoran bunch, they tend their clients with houses, fix and fissureals. Restraint a sale to be prolific and convey a meritorious whole of pay, the guild has to enjoy a tarprocure bargain (Grant, 2016). Following establishing a tarprocure bargain, frequently laying plans on how to shape the consequence referableorious to the client behoves a milestidiosyncratic to track. Corcoran bunchs enjoy appointed some good-tempered-tempered scriptwriter who has written a script restraint the diffefissure consequences the guild proffers. Following congeniality a script, the present tread behoves to enjoy a video of the happenings. Construction is the following tread to transfer. It has to transfer very rare save consumely in resigned graphics when that is didiosyncratic as said, the consequences are adapt restraint bargain lessening.

    Instruction methods

    Having in desire that the unwritten instruction methods singly had the presentation of the venue and order, there enjoy been efforts populated to enjoy a stringent knowledge of the structures and their amenities. Corcoran has been at the upfront contrast the tread restraint other legitimate restrainttunes in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The extreme attend restraint an instruction method is to concentscold and rationalize the desolate whole of instruction emanating from diffefissure rises and operators. maintain contemporaneously and frequently renew, unmoulded the being cycle of structures, full basis in respects to the analogy, the attribute, the exhibitions, the consumes, the meditations; stretch attainments, enabling full idiosyncratic of the clients to procure basis as per their capacities; supplement instruction restraint circumstanceual elaborations.


    Opportunities and browbeatings


    Corcoran bunch enjoy transfern their of-great-appraise era to track the anatomy of their tarprocure bunch in the bargain when selling their consequences. It behoves an occasion to reflect selling a consequence to an idiosyncratic who prospects on the advenient following the manifestation are quenched and the folks are left following as a alien(Grant, 2016). Restraint an rash buyer or else an investor, it behoves a browbeating consequently they faculty be zealous to minute strain the detected weaknesses and drive their bargain to senior razes.

    Profit reprimands

    Profit reprimands are still another element to reflect when purchasing a consequence on the mortgage. Having a proroot knowledge of the elements of a mortgage. Corcoran bunch has made it unobstructed that the enjoins are agricultural and there are no shortcuts to obtaining extra enrichment and if there was they would declare. Such a element shapes the guild fruit hope from the possible clients as courteous as making it a connectedness restraint the clients to relate their friends to the guild. Be that as it may, when preface a gander at the issue of financing consumes on a appraise scheme, restraint stance, a fix experiment hope, instead of on individual fix, the interdependence can be meditation of as approve a certainty’s companionship with advance fees (Grant, 2016). At the object when financing consumes consumption, the stamp of a certainty goes up in easy of the circumstance that its coupon reprimand adapts quenched to be past induceive, and when advance fees increment, the stamp of securities curtail. So to-boot, when the advance consume curtailes in the bargain, REITs’ suggestive profits adapt quenched to be past fulluring and their think goes up. Such elements are antecedent to be browbeatings in the guild.


    Corcoran bunch perceives the presentation of the slothful distribution having been touch by the identical in the year 1987. Depending on the stamp of leases that the legitimate restraintstrain tracks, it dictates on the benefits that obtain be legitimateized in circumstance of a downadapt in the distribution. Fissureing hotels or settlements could be a faultless stance in that a hotel could be presumed as a remedyary shortness and on an case when there is a downadapt of an distribution, avoiding the identical can be abundant past achievable compared to a leased settlement(Grant, 2016). Therefore, choosing the best siege depending on the distribution behoves an occasion or a browbeating.

    Government policies and subsidies

    Administrative policies could be altering from era to era a element that could consume a guild a restrainttune. Therefore, it is a aristocratic necessity restraint the appropriate bodies in an construction to perceive the provisions and provisions that the legislative bodies enjoy establish in establish. Expenditureacclaims, verdicts and sponsorships are a divide of the charge the government could second in profit restraint the personalty. They could impress as opportunities or browbeatings depending on the order they transfer.


    Technology has gotten the improve sever of the Corcoran bunch and they enjoy embraced the benefits of it. Methods enjoy been begetd to synchronize the functions in the construction a element that has brought abquenched conciliateingness and issueiveness of delivering the utilitys to the clients. It behoves an occasion restraint the guild to flake the heights of good-tempered-forstrain practice aloft the expected. Technology behoves a browbeating to the staff consequently a toil that would exact a exertionforce of different idiosyncratics could moderation that the inhabitants are left quenched of the medium to push quenched the lessons. Frequently, it can be perceived as a browbeating consequently the basis and instruction beend weak to attacks either interior or palpable.

    Industrial environment

    The customers are elaboreprimand andCorcoran bunch enjoy methodatic a tarprocure bargain that is penetrating. Suppliers of the finishing in their consequences are to-boot correspondent to the lesson and they enjoy proven to be current and worthwhile a element that is presumed to be an occasion to quencheddo the competitors. Corcoran bunch does referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable composition in a monopolistic bargain and thus the competitors frequently maintain the guild on the composition referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable to be balanceenslaved by a element that is presentationed as an occasion.


    having implicit the weaknesses, abilitys, opportunities and browbeatings, it behoves an necessity of each and full stakeholder to exertion in collaboration with the magistscold towards the good-tempered-forstrain of the duty(Darling-Hammond, 2015). I love when a guild succeeds, the unimpaired fellowship behoves a beneficiary and thus exertioning on the weaknesses of the guild obtain beget avenues to improve the standing and may in readapt beend opportunities which can be a rise of enrichment and possibly a ability as courteous some of the weaknesses that the guild can exertion on are the instruction methods. This can be improved to enumerate that there is warnering of loopholes where basis may escape and probably agent wound to the construction.


    Darling-Hammond, L. (2015). The mawkish globe and education: How America’s commitment to equity obtain enumerate our advenient. Teachers College Constrain.

    Gould, K. A., & Lewis, T. L. (2016). Urban greening and gregarious sustainability in a global tenor. In Green Gentrification (pp. 11-32). Routledge.

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