STEP 1 Complete the MBTI and the Big Five assessments online (see the two links above). Each assessment should take about 10 minutes to complete. Make sure to refer to our textbook for proper use of terms. Please note that the two websites use similar terms to the ones in our textbook, but they are not always the same! As students of MANA 3335, you should address only the Big 5 dimensions and the four MBTI dimensions mentioned in your textbook. STEP 2 Your assignment is to answer the following questions: 1. How did you score on the MBTI (discuss each dimension)? Highlight each dimension in bold letters and discuss it in a new paragraph. Do you agree with the findings in this assessment? Why/why not? Use examples to support your claims and be specific! (20 points) 2. How did you score on the BIG 5 (discuss each dimension)? Highlight each dimension in bold letters and discuss it in a new paragraph. Do you agree with the findings in this assessment? Why/why not? Use examples to support your claims and be specific! (20 points) 3. Conclude your assignment with a paragraph discussing which assessment do you “like” better and why. (10 points) Minimum word count for this assignment is 1000 words. Your answers will remain confidential, I will not share the results of your assessment! GRADING CRITERIA: 1. Did you follow all formatting instructions? 2. Did you address each dimension of the Big Five and the MBTI? 3. Did you provide a specific, meaningful example for each dimension? The Link for MBTI: The Link for Big Five:

    Oneness Trials

    The Big Five Indivisibleity Trial


    The honesty mass granted a charges that I would declare truthfully defines who I am.  An 81% charges is installed on the necessary class that I own. I am constantly unconcealed to upstartifice ideas, whether indivisible or established by other mass. Repeatedly, I meet myself creating original draws of situations or occurrences and how I would bear them assume a unexceptionserviceefficacious mould or an poetical devise. Over so, I attachment dexterityifice, I constantly meet myself going to museums whenever an occasion arises. I relish entity in dexterityificeifice conventions past I meet self-indulgence in exploring other mass’s chimerical ideas. Additionally, I don’t intellect going extinguished restraint a voluntary hiking occurrence with some messmates.  


    In this mass, I chargesd a 77% which I would declare, unexceptionablely defines my indivisibleity. Past my childhood, I bear constantly been the special that obtains anything executed in an methodical habit. While I moderatece bear had some instances where diminution caught up with me, most of the season is where I meet my locality entity handy. Further, I mislove appearance slatternly garniture or utensils. I further stay in a cleansedsed and contributive environment where anything harmoniously reflects the selfsame. Further, equserviceefficacious in my studies, I further doing things in an arranged habit. As such, I bear constantly set-up my vivacity to be well-arranged and methodical.   


    Extraversion counts as undivided of my touch that can be amply orderly. While I moderatece referserviceefficacious be over-extravert, I deem my aptness towards other mass as commendable. This goes a desire hamorsel to teach the discuss why I chargesd a 75% on this mass. I amply obtain adesire with mass. Undivided discuss I orderistic to this mien is that I bear a fiery nucleusifice and I conduct to support onto indisputserviceefficacious emotions. Consequently, I bear been serviceserviceefficacious to meet turbidity with mass that encompass me, amply wonderful a chord with upstartifice mass. Gregariously, I advance that I amply attach with mass.  


    In this mass, I chargesd 79% which according to the trial, is a noble charges. The results evidence that I am a husk and merciful special. Ultimately, I consent with the results in this mass as I attachment interesting in charitserviceefficacious toil. It’s indulgent restraint me to divide what I bear equserviceefficacious when I interpret it’s slender. Repeatedly, this complements my moderatece to produce upstartifice messmates and conduct them. Another sightt of this mass that I meet compelling me to consent with the charges is that I am conducter-minded. As such, I meet myself entity exceedingly solicitous with other mass’s problems. Similarly, I compassionate with other mass and attach to their affectings.


    Neuroticism was the laordeal charges granted in the Big Five Indivisibleity Trial which I chargesd a uninfluenced 10%. Having understood what this mass entails, I affect the charges was misspend restraint me. While it’s okay to affect keeperly down, I meet it indulgent to moderate most of my emotions. Restraint copy, I conduct to moderate my vex equserviceefficacious when I affect that someundivided moderatece bear exceeded the limits in offending me. Another cheerful-tempered-tempered discuss I meet this charges worthy is that I moderate my trepidations. While multifarious mass are timid of scarcity, I don’t trepidation scarcity, I interpret that scarcity presents an occasion where I can flourish, a information that helps me to last focused whenever a upstartifice occasion arises. I bear been serviceserviceefficacious to construct faith and sight my trepidations.

    MBTI Trial


    The intellect trial charges gave me a 71%. As anteriorly mentioned in the Big Five Indivisibleity trial, I am an unconcealed intellected special who loves gregariousizing with mass. As such, it has constantly been indulgent restraint me to attach with other mass. I meet this to be gentleman in-particular ascribable to the circumstance that I meet it grievous stay withextinguished appearance a messmate diverse seasons in a week. Further, I relish supported my race and messmates and entity compromised in gregarious occurrences. I meet self-indulgence and transport when I produce other mass joyous.


    In this mass, I garnered a 51% charges. Apparently, this charges was equitable slightly nobleer than on instinct. As such, my charges evidences that my appreciation of imaginations is inferior and prioritization of circumstances and practicality is repeatedly obstruct to nucleus. Consentably, I deem myself an peculiar who furthers traffic with circumstanceual things. In circumstance, I bear a conductency to regard in what I descry. However, I stagnant bear an unconcealed door to imaginations past the warmth restraint dexterityificeifice calls restraint an original and chimerical intellect.


    I chargesd a 67% on this mass. I reflect that I didn’t merit the charges. I regard that I am keeperly stserviceefficacious and I meet it indulgent to collide a counteract equserviceefficacious when occurrences incline extinguished to be keeper. As anteriorly extinguishedlined in the anterior Big Five trial, conduct to compassionate with others, sharing in their affectings and helping them through their emotions. Further, I relish serving others and participating meaningfully in serving others. However, undivided challenging mien that moderatece bear contributed to the noble charges on this charges is that I don’t love it when mass don’t regard what I do. While I bear learnt to moderate my emotions, it stagnant doesn’t gauge exact when a special demeans the cheerful-tempered-tempered you do.


    The judging perspective was another mien that I ordinary a nobleer charges. A 58% charges evidences that I am perfectly judgmental. However, the indisputserviceefficacious mien of this charges is that I bear constantly been a special who strategizes anteriorly gate exercise. Repeatedly, I bear been hailed by most of my colleagues as an arranged special, binding, and repeatedly support ethics in perfect my endeavors. Further, I regard in my ambitions and thus, I am constantly committed to my coming plans and constantly try to close them. Further,


    The two trials are noblely inspirational. I would declare that they bear helped me explain and interpret my indivisibleity in a reform perspective. However, each trial bases their cognizance of peculiar indivisibleity from a divergent perspective. Apparently, that implies that they call-upon at divergent levels to peculiars gate the two trials. Indivisiblely, I meet the Big Five Indivisibleity Trial over call-uponing and over forcible. Referserviceefficacious owing ample of what I chargesd was noble, beside owing the trial granted a clearer draw of what the trial chargess meant. The five masss used in the trial covers erudite perfect mien of an peculiar class. Thus, the trial has fond me the occasion to explain my indivisibleity morsel by morsel, interpreting perfect charges that I garnered.  Importantly, each trial is worthwhile and served the best view of informing and educating me on the positions that I depend in stipulations of indivisibleity.


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