Software Development Security/Secure Software Development. After reading this week’s materials, please respond to one or more of the following questions. Compare three of the following development methodologies: Break and Fix, Waterfall, V-Model, Prototyping, Incremental, Spiral, Rapid Application Development, and Agile. What is the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and what are the five maturity levels within the CMMI model? Describe the five basic software programming language generations? Define the following programming terms: assembler, compiler, interpreter, and garbage collector. What is object oriented programming and what benefits does it provide. Define encapsulation, abstraction and polymorphism.


    It is a calibre proficiency frameproduct that is to be used by constructions that design to reform their operation operation. This calibre structure standard was inaugurated by the Software Engineering Institute and this standard has been reviewed a compute of opportunitys to haunt up with the changing opportunitys. The CMMI love that control any products or order to as a sure description it is going to be influenced by the wayes that were used to enlarge the product (Paulk, M. 1993). The CMMI is principally used control software enlargement and it is leading to incorporate the standard way in the enlargement of the enlargement of softwares. The CMMI standard way can be used by constructions to train the way proficiency

    At manliness Level 1 – Initial- product is completed successfully save referable amid the opportunity schedules and at opportunitys overpriced. At Manliness Level 2 – Managed – the projects effected by constructions are planned and performed courteous, the product can be measured and as-well inferior. At manliness Level 3 – Defined, the spacious standards in an construction provides the direction required over the portfolios, projects and programs. In Manliness Level 4 – Quantitatively Managed the product amid the construction product is grounds driven   Manliness Level 5 – Optimizing- nucleus is on the proficiency of product in the construction and the construction is pliant and firm.


    Constantinescu, R., & Iacob, I. M. (2007). Capability manliness standard integration. Journal of Applied Quantitative Methods, 2(1), 31-37.