Software Development Security/Mobile Code, Database Security and Malware. After reading this week’s materials, please respond to one or more of the following questions. Explain the following terms: boot sector virus, meme virus, stealth virus, multipartite, macro virus, script virus, and tunneling virus Explain the difference between a virus and a worm. Describe what a Trojan Horse, Root Kit, Adware/Spyware, Botnet and a Logic Bomb are. Define the following key database terms: record, file, database, DBMS, Tuple, Attribute, Primary Key, View, Foreign Key, Cell, Schema, and Data Dictionary. What are some security concerns when using mobile code?

    Part II: Computer Poisones

    Boot Sector Poison

    A boot sector poison is a program that is open to depolish the conquer boot chronicles of hard-disks and the boot sectors of floppy disks (Piqueira, et al 2008). The boot sector poison successfully defiles a hard-disk or floppy drive when a plan runs from an defileed disk.

    A stealth poison is a program open to disguise in the computer plan and it uses divergent methods to quit defiance by antipoison software. The poison disguises in computer partitions, folders and in boot sectors and attacks the unhindered plans processes. The poison uses self-modification mechanisms to quit defiance in the cethcoming ways. (1) By encrypting axioms using ultimate encryption. (2) By modifying codes and signatures of defileed polishs.

    A multipartite poison is a multi-part program that scatters very unyielding amid a computer plan. It attacks the boot sector and unhindered polishs conjointly using boot defileors or polish defileors. By cecible the boot sector and unhindered polishs conjointly it causes a chance of injury to the computer plan amid a concise period.

    Macro poison is a computer poison open to depolish Microsoft function contacts approve Microsoft expression and abound and causes some actions to be effected automatically when the contact is produced. Macro poisones are embedded into undivided of the function contacts and the poisones are launched by simply space the instrument. The poison defiles the other function instruments in the defileed computer and the other function instruments aggravate the shared resources. The macros poison can be bestow as an benevolence in mails, aggravate the internet and through disks.


    Script poison is a program open to depolish computers through the work pages. The script poison is sent using work page advertisements and uninterruptedly downloaded and produced it changes the homepage of the work browser, modifies the windows registry and slows down the computer work.

    The tunneling poison is a computer poison that intercepts interrupts of poison programs and other softwares so as to quit defiance. The poison attaches itself inferior the antipoison programs and intercepts the DOS and BIOS discontinuance handlers.


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