Social Policy Paper Students are required to submit one 20-page paper. Students will write a 20 page paper, double-spaced, one inch margins, 12 pt. font that is Times New Roman, and APA format on The Social Security Act of 1935 or the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This paper will be submitted in a series of three steps. First, your first submission will be the first 6-7 pages of your paper and your reference list. Second, your second submission will include editorial corrections made from the first submission and the second 6-7 pages (and your reference list) for a total of 12-14 pages. This process will continue until you turn in your last submission, which will be the entire 20-page paper with your reference list. Students will also submit self-assessments with parts II and III. The forms for the self-assessments are posted on the course home page and are worth 10 points each (20 points total). All submissions will be made electronically through the BbLearn course shell. You MUST use these questions as headings. Failure to use these as headings will result in the automatic deduction of 10 points from your paper. Please do not write out the entire question as your heading. Please abbreviate. For example, “What is the policy number and title to be analysis” can be abbreviated as “Policy Number and Title”. Submission One Overview of the Policy under Analysis What is the policy (number and title) to be analyzed? What is the purpose of the policy? What is the context of the policy being analyzed (i.e., how does this specific policy fit with other policies seeking to manage a social problem)? Historical Background of the Policy (Course Outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4) What historical problems led to the creation of the policy? How important have these problems been historically? How the problem was previously handled? What values influenced the way(s) in which the problem was handled? What is the historical background of the policy? When did the policy originate? How has the original policy changed over time? What is the legislative history of the policy? Submission Two Description of the Problem that Necessitated the Policy What is the nature of the problem? How widespread is the problem? How many people are affected by the problem? Who is affected by the problem and how? What evidence exists regarding “causes” of the problem? Policy Description How is the policy expected to work? What resources or opportunities are expected to be provided by the policy? Who will be covered by the policy and how? How will the policy be implemented? What are the short- and long-term goals and outcomes of the policy? What are the administrative auspices under which the policy will be lodged? What is the funding mechanism of the policy? Who will be the agencies or organizations charged with overseeing, evaluating, and coordinating the policy? What is the formal or informal criteria that will be used to determine the effectiveness of the policy? For what length of time is the policy expected to be in existence? What is the knowledge base or scientific grounding on which the policy rests? **Students are required to submit a self-assessment when they submit part II and part III of this assignment. Self-Assessments are worth 10 points each. Submission Three Policy Analysis Are the goals of the policy legal? Are the goals of the policy just and democratic? How do the goals of the policy contribute to and/or impede human rights and social and economic justice? How do the goals of the policy contribute to and/or impede quality of life for the target population? In what ways does the policy contribute to or impede social relations between the target population and the overall society? Are the goals of the policy consistent with the values of professional social work (Karger & Stoesz 2006)? Current Proposals for Policy Reform What proposals, if any, have been presented to amend the policy? What political, social, and economic forces have shaped proposals for policy reform? Have any of these proposals been enacted? How will these proposals change the intended outcomes or unintended consequences of the policy? How will these proposals impact diverse and vulnerable populations? **Students are required to submit a self-assessment when they submit part II and part III of this assignment. Self-Assessments are worth 10 points each. The final draft of your paper will be evaluated according to the following criteria: (a) comprehensiveness in addressing each section of the outline, (b) quality of explanation, integration, analysis, and application of concepts and theories using credible sources (i.e., demonstration of achievement of relevant course objectives); (c) organization and clarity of exposition; and (d) the extent to which the paper is free of spelling/grammatical errors and written in APA format. Students must obtain prior approval from the instructor for any deviation from the schedule of due dates. All papers will be submitted electronically through the BbLearn assignment drop box as an attachment by 11:59 PM Arizona time. Do not submit the papers as text in the assignment drop-box. Each submission of your paper must include a reference page with a final total of a minimum of 15 references, 10 of which must be from scholarly sources and five from the World Wide Web. The reference page and citations in the text of the paper must follow the format of the most current American Psychological Association publication manual. Social Policy Paper Part I Rubric Name: __________________________________ Date: _______________________________ Overview 20 16 12 8 4 0 Historical Background 20 16 12 8 4 0 APA; Grammar and language 10 8 6 4 2 0 Total: _____/_____ Comments: Social Policy Paper Part II Rubric Name: __________________________________ Date: _______________________________ Description of the Problem 20 16 12 8 4 0 Policy Description 20 16 12 8 4 0 APA; Grammar and language 10 8 6 4 2 0 Total: _____/_____ Comments: Social Policy Paper Part III Rubric Name: __________________________________ Date: _______________________________ Overview 10 8 6 4 2 0 Historical Background 10 8 6 4 2 0 Policy Analysis 10 8 6 4 2 0 Description of the Problem 10 8 6 4 2 0 Policy Description 25 20 15 10 5 0 Proposal for Reform 25 20 15 10 5 0 APA; Grammar and language 10 8 6 4 2 0 Total: _____/_____ Comments:

    Gregarious management separation

    Are the views of the management legitimate?

    The Gregarious Shelter Influence ocean view is to prpradduce favors to crave-standing senile-antique citizens, disadvantsenile-antique groups and prpradduce shelter intents to unoccupied Americans. The favors fix that American families are refertalented attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious ungranted coercionthcoming frustrateing barrenness and prassistance a instrument of victuals. The SSA views are legitimate in that the influence was a sequence which was fixed and passed when President Franklin D. Roosevelt was in empire (Gregarious Shelter Empire. 1937). The implementation of the influence makes it a federal solicitude involving the say and the citizens of U.S. Views of the SSA attended at warm the U.S unstudied the magnanimous valley (Quadagno, 1984). The management is controlled by the empire and follows stipulated rules and controls.

    The SSA has rules that direct the management and they are extinguishedlined in the U.S legislation in member 7, harangue 42. The SSA is considered to be a gregarious program that is funded by cadetish, launched residents through the payroll tribute. The Influence has been mended divergent spaces and has been passed through beholdk challenges to fix that the influence abides by the frame and observes employees’ hues. SSA has five solution sections that harangue crave-standing eldership, unemployment, cadet remedy, cadet happiness, and shortsightedness. Citizens who take the favors are registered by the Gregarious Shelter Board who possess been consecrated the instance by SSA. Besides, the assistances proffered are taked by the U.S federal empire ensuring that the proceeding is obsequious and translucent (Douglas, 2000).

    Are the views of the management exinfluence and leveling?

    In a scant years to follow, the launched population conquer deflect extinguished be the sole population who conquer relish the favors granted by the SSA. The management is exinfluence consequently it influences as an shelter intent that prepares restraint the contributors when they are of crave-standing eldership (Verkuil, & Lubbers, 2003). Besides, the management is efficacious to afford to populace who are monstrous by calamities and garbs. Impartialness of the management is observed in that the employer assists a unfailing percenteldership of bonus to gather up to that of the employee.

    The views subdue aggravate dependency on others as the management prepares restraint every registered beneficiaries. The management is leveling in that every the assiduous citizens are rare restraint blank beneath the payroll tribute. Besides, the contributors earn to relish the management favors in connection to their assistance when monstrous by either illness, mortality, unemployment, garb or crave-standing eldership. SSA management proffers financial gregarious shelter in the commonwealth thus cherishing economic enlargement and outgrowth.

    How do the views of the management assist to and/or clog rational hues and gregarious and economic exactice?

    The views of the SSA management yieldingly assist to rational hues as the employees who are ocean contributors earn to relish the favors in the space of want. When an employee is subjected to the payroll tribute single becomes an unreflective beneficiary (Wooten, 2004). The management facilitates and frustrates ungranted situations that can favor the employees. The views fix that every citizens are granted restraint and frustreprimand instances of valley. On the other influence, SSA management clogs on the employee hues consequently the payroll tribute is refertalented attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious integralureing. Every employees are subjected to the tribute withextinguished any table. The management is bearing in that it repairs gregarious shelter and repairs economic enlargement concomitantly with stationariness as there is infollow to prepare restraint every citizens.

    How do the views of the management assist to and/or clog description of influenceivity restraint the tarearn population?

    The SSA management oceanly targets the crave-standing eldership, unoccupied, disadvantsenile-antique groups concomitantly with populace monstrous by illness, mortality, and garbs. The management proffers favors which fix that the monstrous population is courteous afforded restraint gregarious and financially (Streeck, & Thelen, 2005). The crave-standing eldership takes a restraintm of recess favors succeeding they possess sole from their jobs ensuring that they oceantain their gregarious standards. The asceticisms of the disadvantsenile-antique groups are subdued consequently they are granted with basic wants by the SSA management. In instance of garbs or illness, the victims possess a restraintm of bond and shelter that affords restraint their requirements. The tarearn population beneath the management is courteous afforded restraint and never lacks. Besides, the population is efficacious to binder up and contend with the increasing requires of foundation.

    In what ways does the management assist to or clog gregarious connections between the tarearn population and the aggravateevery companionship?

    SSA management views fix that there is edescription despite the companionship as every members are granted restraint. The management is impartial and exinfluence in that those that are in calling assist a smevery member that goes to succor those that are in want and do refertalented attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious possess sources of infollow (Koch, & Koplow, 1989). Healthy connectionship ties in companionship are created and confirm consequently there is no penetration. The SSA subdues aggravate dependency on single another by providing restraint every members of the companionship.

    Through the management, employees assist to the companionship completely thus cherishing indivisibility. Although the management is exinfluence there are members of the companionship who are opposing the management thus qualitative to malevolence between contributors and benefactors. Opposers of the management establish that their assistances do refertalented attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious succor them consequently they are refertalented attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious faced by an easily-under experienced by the shelter. Restraint copy, assiduous citizens do behsenile-antique the want restraint an shelter caggravate that screens restraint their uncalling referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributablewithstanding they are adapted in their jobs and can regularly earn another job.

    Are the views of the management compatible with the values of negotiative gregarious composition (Karger & Stoesz 2006)?

    According to Karger & Stoesz (2006), negotiative gregarious composition should possess gregarious exactice which necessitates that there are impartialness and edescription in the gregarious sector. The SSA views are in method with the values of gregarious exactice by ensuring that every members of the companionship are afforded and granted restraint on correspondent merits. The views explain any instances of discrimicommonwealth opposing those that do refertalented attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious possess the financial productions by ensuring that they relish favors from the SSA. The SSA explain instances of barrenness by ensuring that Americans possess shelter intents that caggravate their wants and prpradduce them diverse favors. The SSA management takes regard of the vulnerefficacious population that is the cadetren and the disabled by everyocation to them diverse favors through the management coercionthcoming eliminating tyranny.

    Gregarious happiness is unmoulded the management summit views which aligns to Karger & Stoesz (2006) values. Favors granted through the management are select correspondently despite every beneficiaries. SSA views subdue rational asceticism unmoulded the tarearn groups by ensuring that their necessities are answered so. The management emends the lives of the members of companionship and proffers shelter and bond to every members. Employees are immutable of bond opposing coercionthcoming uncertainties such as garbs through the shelter proffered by the SSA. Gregarious happiness promotes the values indivisibility unmoulded members of the companionship and confirms gregarious ties concomitantly with cherishing economic enlargement.  

    Current Overtures restraint Management Rearrange

    What overtures, if any, possess been presented to mend the management?

    The SSA has been faced with a chance of challenges and resistance thus having to be mended from space to space to assent with the frame and rational hues. The management has beneathgsingle divergent remodels to repair edescription and fan profitability. The chief eligibility eldership restraint citizens to take shelter favors is 62 years barring the eldership has been scheduled to development up to 65 years. The future recess eldership (EEA) point is at 65 years barring is scheduled to development up to 67 years (Burns, 1951). The favors restraint future recess are expected to subdue up to 86.7% of the influenceual bountiful favor.

    The diversify in EEA conquer subdue the compute of populace receiving favors as there is a space production. The remodels conquer besides development the favors availefficacious consequently the production of future recess conquer necessitate that the employees endure contributing and besides there conquer be a abatement in the victuals duration of favors. There is a overture that the craveevity refutationing is developmentd restraint citizens to relish favors restraint crave. The developmentd utilization of favors by craveevity refutation conquer be unexinfluence to low-infollow earners and the disadvantsenile-antique groups consequently they relish scanter favors.

    It has been projected that the payroll tribute point should be developmentd to attrinfluence further favors timeliness other parties integralude-to that the point should be explaind restraint employees to assist sums of their rare. Besides, the tribute payroll reprimand has been projected to development in direct to oceantain gregarious shelter. The favors of the high-infollow earners should be subdued to repair correspondent sharing of favors.  The require of foundation adjustments (COLA) should be recalculated to minimize inflation that may favor the energy of favors proffered (Burns, 1951). Every compositioners should be experienced by the SSA management and besides the favors should be emendd.

    What political, gregarious, and economic restraintces possess shaped overtures restraint management remodel?

    Diverse empire unstudiedicials possess been influenceively complicated in sustaining the gregarious shelter by remodeling and mending the policies. Politicians possess place opinion on the political and economic environments to fix that the SSA succeeds (Cohen, & Myers, 1950). Franklin Delano Roosevelt extinguishedlined that the payroll assistances are legitimate hues restraint the employees and the SSA program should refertalented attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious be explaind by any politician. Economic restraintces designate that the referableorious pension budearn has developmentd and the calm tributees everyocated restraint gregarious shelter yield the population rare restraint the favors.

    The SSA favors assist to consistent economic enlargement as there is no dependency and their financial stationariness is cemal (Streeck, & Thelen, 2005). There is a unifying content whereby employees assist to the SSA as they attend at assistanceed the tarearn groups and besides relish the shelter favors. Metrics of SSA possess repaird and promoted edescription and impartialness in companionship. The assistance towards the Influence designates the solicitude and regard restraint the senile-antique and disadvantsenile-antique groups.

    Possess any of these overtures been fixed?

    Since the taking of the SSA management projected remodels possess been fixed to emend the favors of the program. Unmoulded the fixed remodels is the inclusion of every fantastic rents where they are rare to assist and relish favors according to SSA. Superior recalculations of the COLA possess been dsingle to minimize expenses and development the profitability of the favors. The payroll tribute reprimands possess been developmentd to drive the sum that employees assist coercionthcoming the management prassistance further favors. The bountiful recess eldership when employees can relish their recess favors has been developmentd from the eldership of 65 years to 66 years and span months crave-standing restraint citizens born in 1955 timeliness those born 1960 and later conquer relish the favors at the eldership of 67 years.

    The favors of future recess possess been subdued consequently the employees do refertalented attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious composition up to the expected sole eldership period. The craveevity refutation has refertalented attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious been developmentd consequently the compute of years that an employee lives succeeding recess potentiality yield the years single has assistd to the gregarious shelter and may disadvanteldership others (Krueger, & Pischke, 1992). Besides, the payroll tribute has refertalented attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious be explaind restraint sustainability purposes.

    How conquer these overtures diversify the prepared extinguishedcomes or unprepared consequences of the management?

    The amalgamation of the fantastic rent into the gregarious shelter management developments the favors proffered by the management. The fantastic rents besides earn to relish the favors when they are in want and are of the rare eldership to relish the recess favors. Recalculation of the COLA has developmentd the availability of favors consequently the require of foundation has been subdued. Abatement of Require of foundation has minimized expenses thus increasing the affordability of necessities (Richardson, & Munger, 1990). Economic stationariness and capital glide possess been achieved throughextinguished the dominion where employees assist and the beneficiaries earn to relish the favors.

    The payroll tribute reprimand has been developmentd, necessitateing that employees are deducted a surpassing sum which developments the favors granted by the SSA. The projected diversifys possess been efficacious to root-out barrenness consequently there is capital glide throughextinguished the husbanding. Aggravate dependency has been minimized consequently the senile-antique and the disadvantsenile-antique groups possess funds that do assistance their operation. Edescription has been promoted by SSA throughextinguished companionship concomitantly with indivisibility unmoulded members.

    How conquer these overtures impinfluence diverse and vulnerefficacious populations?

    The SSA management has developmentd variation despite companionship by eliminating instances of discrimicommonwealth (Calasanti, 1996). The management has consecrated a superior rendezvous on the disadvantsenile-antique groups by ensuring that they are granted restraint through the program. Those unoccupied and senile-antique besides earn to relish the favors granted by the management. The payroll tribute reprimand applies despite every employees whereby they assist according to their earning thus entity impartial and exinfluence (Gregarious Shelter Empire (US) 2013). Favors are select correspondently despite to every beneficiary thus frustrateing easily-unders of barrenness. The SSA follows extinguishedmethod rules and control that rendezvous on the profitability of the program. Disabled compositioners, widows, widowers, and adults with disabilities are sustained by the SSA management which prepares restraint their basic wants.

    The influence besides affords restraint cadetren with divergent wants to fix that they possess every necessities. The favors proffered by the program are consecrated to every beneficiaries despite every eldership groups, genders, and career (Davies, & Derthick, 1997). Survivor favors are proffered to every beneficiaries that combat any garb listed by the Influence whether mortal or non-fatal. The SSA has exuberant the influenceivity expectancy of sundry beneficiaries by befitting the description of influenceivity and foundation standards. Gregarious values possess been promoted by the SSA as citizens are efficacious to interinfluence and rehearse on harmonious levels withextinguished any penetration. In blank, a bearing finfluence is that the vulnerefficacious population is proffered bond by the SSA which proffers them faith and a opinion of appertaining.


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