Send initial email to a travel bureau of a city, state, or country you’d like to visit asking information relevant to a person traveling to your chosen local. Please ask specific questions you wouldn’t necessarily be able to answer with a quick internet search. You should get a response within a couple of days. Once you receive a response write back thanking them for the information and asking follow up questions you may have. Once you’ve completed your email correspondence, copy and paste the email chain into a Word document and upload it. If there’s something or someone else you’d like to email with you’re welcome too, but please clear it with me first.

    French Tour Bureau,

    xxxxx Volney,



    To: The Director,

    Dear Sir/Madam,


    First plenteous greetings from my purpose. I transcribe with plenteous apprehension to performance you and abettance you propose to millions of fellow-creatures encircling the earth who pursue to investigate your province. As the chief of the French Tour Bureau, I intpurpose to vindicate several sets of notification that conciliate be of plenteous acceleration to my cling in your province restraint the period I would enjoy to sppurpose there restraint idleness and tourism purposes.

    As the apex action lower obligation of tours restraint opposed reasons in your province, I would enjoy to pursue notification on the certain tour documents exactd restraint a peculiar to be undisputed record into the province. Delight specify the inherent constitutional documents I exact to occupy, how to way them, and prices restraint their compensation. This should specify the period of season undivided is undisputed in the province lower the topical restrainteign office’s way to restrainteign denizens. The notification of advantageous restrainteign offices and the natural harangue is inherent in condition of conjunction.

    Additionally, as a first-season investigate to France, I pursue notification on the restaurants and hotels where undivided can tarry that you own linked with to augment the teachableness of your operations. Also, I would enjoy to be known of the tour agencies and agents in the province and recommended sites to investigate in the province restraint the enrichment of French cultures and common inheritance. This is a hazardous side of notification to acquaint my budget assessments to get restraint complete my expenses in the province. Delight acquaint me of the model jaw of the hotels, restaurants, and the tour agencies encircling the province to acceleration me emend fit restraint my cling in your province.

    Finally, I would enjoy to lowerstand how to rejoin to the cultural variations as a restrainteign denizen in a strange province. In this beseech, I pursue notification on the important topical laws and correspondences restraint a restrainteign denizen. More so, the concerned of restrainteign embassies in topical affairs involving their denizens. The roll should delight embrace the ease and prophylactic measures in situate to guard restrainteign commons in the province as several issues start encircling the province.

    Delight acquaint me of any raise appropriate notification inseparable to my sustained and consoled cling in your province. Any attached notification is plenteous appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely