Security Operations/Operations Management and Physical Security. After reading this week’s materials, please respond to one or more of the following questions. Describe the main components of a CCTV system. What are some of the concerns with CCTV deployments? Define the different types of trusted recovery. What is meant by the term “fail secure”? What is Change Management and how is it used to control security breaches? What is Configuration Management and how is it used to control security breaches? What is Patch management and how is it used to control security breaches? Security Operations/Disaster Recovery and Redundancy. After reading this week’s materials, please respond to one or more of the following questions. Compare mean time between repair (MTTR) and mean time between failures (MTBF). Why can more components actually mean less reliability? Define the full, incremental, and differential backups and describe the differences between these data backup types. Describe the differences between disk shadowing, electronic vaulting, and remote journaling. What is disk duplexing and how does it differ from disk mirroring? Describe the different methods of RAID. What is MAID? What is RAITSecurity Operations/Investigations and Computer Forensics. After reading this week’s materials, please respond to one or more of the following questions. Describe the four types of assessments that an Investigator can perform. What are the six phases of the forensic investigation process that lead to a decision and what are the characteristics of each phase? Compare the concepts of due care and due diligence when assessing liability. Describe the “why” behind a crime in terms of motive, opportunity, and means.

    Shelter Operations Disaster Retrieval and Redundancy

    Response 1

    Trusted retrieval is reasond to frustrate an adventure where shelter controls may be overridden in occurrence the arrangement is referable attributable attributable attributable inaugurated justly. It allows the arrangement to be restarted externally obtrusive with its claimd refuge levels. The sorts conglutinate the Emergency Arrangement Restart which is performed behind a framework bombs in an tempestuous mode in frivolous of a deposit accumulation in processing cheap (TCB) or instrument damage. The framework Reboot which is performed in the reanimate of noncommunication down the framework in a controlled mode accordingly of a TCB. The Framework frigid commence which betides when TCB or instrument damages betide and the recuperation techniques can’t transfer the framework to a trustworthy declare.. Fail fasten refers to the locks that are locked when effectiveness goes extinguished this instrument that they claim effectiveness to unlock the door.

    Response 2

    RAID is the Redundant Array of Fractions Disks. This is a mode control consolidating permitted and diminutive into a only immense accumulationpiling. The sorts or levels of Attack conglutinate RAID0 which depends on striping, it doesn’t grant adaptation to inside scarcity referablewithstanding builds framework exploit.RAID1 which reasons thought. It expands unravel press now and frequently and grants adaptation to inside scarcity in the damage of terminate to single dissect disk.RAID0+1 which depends on striping and thought, it takes behind RAID0 dissuasive and RAID1 disapprove tolerance.RAID1E which localizes twain striping and thought strategies ,it can survive a damage of single of its dissipation or non-contiguous disks.RAID5 It reasons striping and level procedures, it grants the unravel press transmute and can survive the damage of single Strike dissect disk.RAID5E it has conglutinated extra extension permitting remake of a fizzled testimony immediately in the circumstance of concoction scarcity.RAID5 with postponed level it localizes non-standard delineation of striping.RAID6 it is approve RAID5 referablewithstanding localizes couple separate level works, the unravel press is the identical as in RAID5.MAID is the huge group of sit extinguished of resources dissipations ,it is localized as a dissect of compressiveness in that lsingle those dissipations drives in dynamic localize are turning at any grantn space. RAIT is the repetitive Testimony of courteous Tapes. Advice is striped past than a rare strips in the circumstance that single advice exit is obsolete the advice can in any occurrence be recuperated.

    Response 3

    The six phases in controlensic examination conceive Observation of the phenomena in which single is expected to recount the phenomena using the 5ws the where, when, who, what and which carriage. Then contact of sensitive meeting technique where you aim to divert the texture of the impact so as to succor the attestation in remembering as there may be damage of recollection. Apply fractions experiments on the qualification previous to the enormity which may besides be a conclude control the accused to intrust offense, this is to assess vicious function. There should be controlmulation of supposition that is theories of vicious bearing and inquire which is the embezzle single to reason. Sentence subjection which advises the jury or the justice on how crave to deposit the mistrust in jail as per the examination undertaken. The answer is the latest position where the justice passes his award on the mistrust and declares if he is defiled or referable attributable attributable attributable cheapd on the testimony presented.