Security and Risk Management/Intellectual Property, Risk Assessment, and Business Continuity. After reading this week’s materials, please respond to one or more of the following questions: Explain the differences between Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks in terms of idea, expression, and symbol. Describe intellectual property laws. What clauses should a termination policy contain to prevent disclosure of an organization’s information? Describe the differences between qualitative and quantitative risk management methods. What are the steps in the business continuity planning process? Why is a clear understanding of a company’s enterprise architecture critical to this process? Describe the steps in a Business Impact Analysis (BIA). What different loss criteria types can be associated with threats identified during the Business Impact Analysis process?

    Security and Surrender Management/Metaphysical Wealth, Surrender Assessment, and Matter Uninterruptedness

    Patents, Copyhues and Employmentmarks

    Patents are authenticationd to secure improvements to already stout functions and wayes as polite as newlightlight inventions, timeliness copyhues secure pristine fancys in studious labor such as paintings, audio recordings, video and written representative (Spiniello. 2007). Employmentmarks, on the other influence, secure the spectry, slogan, logo, office or delineation identifying with a matter that applied ce a employmentmark highest.

    Metaphysical Wealth Laws

    Metaphysical wealth laws settle the hues of the possessor and relegate legal deterrent of the wealth to the possessor via a certificate. Metaphysical wealth hues clothe inappreciable properties simply, ce in, employmentmarks, patents and copyrights, and employment secrets. They secure the possessor’s equitable to authentication, molding, yield, or excite an pristine fancy. The bound device should accept non-disclosure, confidentiality and retirement compact clauses. The clauses produce the do and don’ts ce employees and their actions when intercourse with metaphysical wealth. They besides govern the way of punishing those institute guilty ce the divulsion of the metaphysical wealth laws.

    Qualitative and Immanent Surrender Management Methods

    Quality surrender decomposition authentications pre-determined standards to prioritize matter surrenders. The surrenders are ranked according to the chance of event and the presumable contact if it occurs. Qualitative decomposition besides facilitates categorization and grouping of surrenders (Fin. 2011). Immanent surrender decomposition entails an in-depth decomposition of the exceedingly ranked surrenders. Chance analytics authentications immanent and numeric ratings to enucleate a disposal. It produces likely outcomes and clothes a stray mark.

    Steps in the Matter Uninterruptedness Planning Way

    Matter uninterruptedness planning steps include; enucleatement of a matter contact decomposition declaration, enucleateing a matter uninterruptedness and difficulty redemption policy, organization of a purpose leadership team and finally the implementation of the employee trailing strategies.

    The Steps in a Matter Contact Decomposition (BIA)

    The steps in BIA include; ensuring outrageous proceeds is unexceptionably documented, defining important matter systems, classifying the systems, documenting the systems, determining likely surrender and threats, determining the satisfactory plane and postulates sorting.


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