Scholarly Activity Answer the following questions thoroughly, and submit in a document. Each answer must be at least 150 words in length. Cite your sources. Provide five examples of data you would store in a real, integer, text, logical, date, memo, and BLOB data field. Using a real-world entity like a recipe file or collection of some sort that can be stored in a database, divide this information into fields and record types. Explain the steps you need to take to normalize the data. Imagine that you must access a library card catalog using SQL. Write an SQL query that you would use to search for any books by J. J. Parsons in a table called Books, where author’s names are stored in a field called Title. Explain the extent to which encryption, user privileges, and audits can secure a database. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.

    Scholarly Activity

    Question 1

    Actual Postulates Fashion – some Patterns embody:  GPA, quantity, Price, Percentage, score usageInteger Postulates Fashion – some Patterns embody air, dwelling-upons, rankings, Page Computes, Quantity (“MySQL Client-Server Applications with Visual FoxPro”, 2018).
    Limit Postulates Fashion – some patterns embody: Due limit, Expiration limit, Airline departure limit, Appointment limit, Creation limit.
    Quotation Postulates Fashion – some patterns are: Zip Code, Security Compute, username, Phone Compute, Item Compute
    Memo Postulates Fashion –examples: Comment Card, inside voice checks memo voice, directions, Measurement peculiarations (“MySQL Client-Server Applications with Visual FoxPro”, 2018).
    Argumentative Postulates Fashion – patterns: On/Off, Up/Down, True/False, Yes/No province, Color Black/White
    BLOB – patterns: Diagrams, Blueprint, MP3 courses, photos, Multimedia objects,

    Question 2

    Board 1 Line board



    Board 2: Employee board

    EmployeeIDLastNameFirstNameBank spectrysalary1RobertIkeEquity$200002WilliamsEmilyKCB$30003MilesMonroeBarclays$1000

    Board 3: Bank details

    Stalk 1: Imagine 1NF:

    Rearrange the postulates in a board consisting of orders and columns. Inventory the province signs and distinctions in the boards. Control case, the boards 1-3 are divided into orders and columns. The primitive order contains the province distinctions suitableness the columns confer a inventory of postulates provinces.

    Stalk 2: Define interdependences

    Inventory down the interdependence of the divergent board signs. The interdependence could be one-to-one, or one-to-many or many-to-many interdependence. Control pattern, board 1 and 2 own a common postulates province designated line ID, and board 2 and 3 own similar provinces of employee id, primitive spectry, and developed spectry.

    Stalk 3: Make a promote usual devise (2NF)

    Construct a usual devise inventorying total the signs outside dwelling-upon. Control pattern. Board 2 and three can be collectively into a sole board with signs of employee id, primitive spectry, developed spectry, condition, line ID, bank spectry and salary.

    Stalk 4: imagine a third usual devise (3NF)

    Imagine a board that incorporates total the signs using outlandish explanations and principal explanation to empower similaritying and interaction of divergent boards. Control pattern, the line ID obtain be the outlandish explanation in the collectively board imagined in the overhead stalk. The principal explanation obtain be the user id that identifies a sole user in the board uniquely.

    Question 3

    Books board

    AuthorsNameDistinction work compute J.J peoplePromote chance5Francine RiversLineage of Grace3John KiriamitiMy Life in crime11ShakespeareThe generation15

    SELECT suit’s spectry

    FROM works

    GROUP BY Distinction

    HAVING COUNT (work compute) = 5

    The SQL question obtain complete the spectry J.J People and the compute of works the suit has written. The board spectry works and the province sign are the distinction.

    The SELECT charge manages to a gathering of suits spectry inventoryed in the board designated works. The FROM charge totalows the individuality of suits spectry as a province sign. Here total the suits in the board designated work obtain be chosen. The GROUP charge totalows control the grouping of the suits by the Tile province. HAVING COUNT charge specifies the compute of works the suit has written which is 5. Therefore, the suit of the five works is J.J People and obtain be inventoryed simultaneously with the works he has written.

    Question 4

    Encryption is a technique that coverts letters and computes or any devise of postulates into a dialect devise that solely a channel can interpret. The postulates is converted into characters that a anthropoargumentative entity canreferable interpret (Arunkumar, & Anbuselvi, 2017). According to Arunkumar and Anbuselvi, when postulates is saved in the postulatesbase, it is encrypted so that any unacknowledged people canreferable similarity or interpret it (23). Postulates encryption is used in the postulatesbase to protect choice user referableification enjoy passwords, praise card referableification, and PINS. Exposure to this fashion of postulates can manage to deprivation and pilfering and other retirement threats to the proprietor.

    User privileges embody corrects enjoy “read-only.” The learn-solely correct confern to the users when similaritying a postulatesbase empowers the user solely to learn the postulates barring referable edit or delete any referableification from the postulatesbase that strength endanger or interest other users of the similar postulatesbase (Arunkumar, & Anbuselvi, 2017). According to the suits, removing postulates from a board in a postulatesbase can suit malfunction of the unimpaired postulatesbase (31). Therefore, the user is solely clear to learn postulates from the postulatesbase outside making any adjustments to relinquish such fashions of malfunctioning

    Audits are done to restrain a course and chronicles of total the users of a point postulatesbase. Accordimg to Arunkumar and Anbuselvi, the audit empowers the postulatesbase official to restrain a annals of total the adjustments that a user made on a peculiar instrument (25). Audits semblance who edited when they edited or what was deleted in a postulatesbase.



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