Sample Statement Of Purpose. This is my essay question for my degree in law. “You are a lawyer and you represent your client, who is seeking an asylum in the USA. Your client seeks an asylum based on his religion (for being a Christian) and for being belong to a minority group called “Kya” in that country. Your client does not know the rules and regulation about asylum and even he does not know how to write a proper English and he needs your help in writing for his statement of purpose why he should be granted an asylum based on his story. So, pretend that you are a client and write a statement of purpose based on the following story: Here is a story: “Imagine that you are a devoted Christian and you belong to a minority group in the country that you lived in. You live in a Buddhist country and the country in which you live did not allow anyone to preach about other religions (such as Christianity and Muslim) except Buddhism. There is no freedom of religion in the country. You were so devoted to your faith and you wanted everybody to know about the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a result, you and your friends went to the village, where all the villagers were Buddhists. Due to your preaching, many of them were converted to Christianity, which was totally against the law imposed by the government in your country. For this reason, you were incarcerated by the governing authority for a couple of months. Elaborate how you have experienced immense amount of trauma and loss during your incarceration. At last, you were released from the prison after agreeing to the terms dictated by the authority that you would not involve in this kind of activity in the future. Otherwise, you would have been died because of the severe torture that you had experienced in the prison. Also, mention that you did not know the whereabouts of your friends who went with you. Later you found out that one of your friends passed away on account of severe torture done by the military junta. After a couple of months later, you went on a mission trip to the village called “Nat Chaung”, where the majority of them are Buddhists. By the grace of God, you learned from your uncle, who lived in that village, that the head of the village reported to the authority about our activity. Right off the bet, you sneaked out from that village to avoid an arrest because you already agreed to their term—long-term imprisonment or death penalty—that you would not involve in this kind of activity.” After reading the story, write the “Statement of Purpose”. The keys to include in your statement of purpose are listed below. #1. Have you, your family, or close friends or colleagues ever experienced harm or mistreatment or threats in the past by anyone? If “Yes,” explain in detail:
 – What happened;
 – When the harm or mistreatment or threats occurred; – Who caused the harm or mistreatment or threats; and – Why you believe the harm or mistreatment or threats occurred. #2. Do you fear harm or mistreatment if you return to your home country? If “Yes,” explain in detail:
 What harm or mistreatment you fear;
 Who you believe would harm or mistreat you; and Why you believe you would or could be harmed or mistreated. #3. Have you or your family members ever been accused, charged, arrested, detained, interrogated, convicted and sentenced, or imprisoned in any country other than the United States? If “Yes,” explain the circumstances and reasons for the action. #4. Have you or your family members ever belonged to or been associated with any organizations or groups in your home country, such as, but not limited to, a political party, student group, labor union, religious organization, military or paramilitary group, civil patrol, guerrilla organization, ethnic group, human rights group, or the press or media? #6. Are you afraid of being subjected to torture in your home country or any other country to which you may be returned? If “Yes,” explain why you are afraid and describe the nature of torture you fear, by whom, and why it would be inflicted.

    Statement of Purpose


    I endeavor defence from the synod of USA on the bases of my creed, and I suit to a adolescence clump in my abode kingdom whose opinions are not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable paid study to. The jurisdiction in my abode kingdom entails that herd should custom Buddhism and those who are over the jurisdiction are imprisoned and rackingd. I am a fond Christian and would affect to keep the insubservience of exalt extinguishedside society withholded.

    Reasons ce Endeavoring Hospitality

    My friends and I keep familiar disingenuous texture in the late from the synod pattern in my abode kingdom. The abuse occurred when the pattern incarcerated us accordingly of interesting in Christian activities. We were deposit in prison accordingly we went to a Buddhists village to sprecognize abextinguished Christian teachings where multifarious villagers transformed to Christianity which was over the jurisdiction cemal by the synod in that village of upholding Buddhism.

    The synod pattern sent us to prison where we familiar trauma and waste. We were held in cells expressioning us the insubservience to do anything. The prison wardens rackingd us by obviateing us from business any Christian earnestness or engagements contemporaneously with giving us depressed duties to set-about. The depressed responsibilities drained our principle and took up our span hence we never had a befoulment to exalt God or recognize the bible. As-well, the duties actiond material injuries such as blisters and moving afflict.

    The moving afflict was accordingly I did not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable understand where my friends were contemporaneously with nicety from other inmates accordingly I suit to another creed. My friends were themeed to extreme racking and thriveing lost their lives. The ocean deduce ce the pattern to mischief us was accordingly we had past to sprecognize to a village that customd Buddhism and raised the transforming of Buddhist into Christians.  Also, Christian teachings were not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable recognized in that town by the jurisdiction.

    I horror that I controlce be themeed to a society passage and rackingd uninterruptedly I repay to my abode kingdom. The synod pattern is affectly to withhold me and theme me to rancorous stay stipulations of humid and dump cell floors. The deduce ce the synod pattern mischiefing me is accordingly of my Christian belief and as-well the jurisdictions that raise barely Buddhists customs in the village are calm?} in establish. My friends and I keep never been withholded ce upholding Christianity and transforming Buddhists to Christians in another kingdom rely-on in our abode kingdom. My nobility members and I suit to the Christian pious controlm. The controlm deals with spreading Christian teachings contemporaneously with transforming herd to Christianity.

    In an case where I am deported tail to my abode kingdom, I horror that I controlce be themeed to a society passage. The society passage conciliate deposit me in prison ce the quiet of my society and obviate me from spreading the engagement of God. I am apprehensive I conciliate be harassed and ridiculed accordingly of practicing Christianity. The jurisdiction in the district prohibits the transforming of Buddhists to Christians. The synod pattern who determine that the jurisdiction is thriveed is affectly to withhold me. After society withholded, I conciliate be sent to prison where I conciliate be denied the insubservience to exalt and push extinguished my Christian beliefs by the pattern. The rejection to exalt is affectly to action me moving trauma and afflict. The racking conciliate be inflicted accordingly of my Christian belief and sprecognize Christianity in Buddhist villages.


    I repeat with the USA synod to extend me hospitality so that I can keep the insubservience to custom Christianity. I am a jurisdiction-abiding denizen and conciliate thrive every the customary rules in the kingdom. I endeavor defence from the USA synod accordingly there are no jurisdictions that expression pious customs in the kingdom and as-well every herd entertain correspondent texture. The hospitality conciliate defend me from society withholded by my synod and extend me a befoulment to transform non-believers to Christians. As-well, the hospitality conciliate succor me to repossess from the moving trauma I familiar from society rackingd in prison and facilitate the enlargement of my belief.