Sales Pitch This week we’re working on demonstrating how our nonverbal communication can enhance delivery. Let’s put that to the test! For your speech this week you need to find a product you enjoy and then sell it! For instance the product could be a computer tablet. Once you’ve decided what you want to sell you have to figure who you’re selling to. Submit a short paragraph in the comments area about who your audience is. Using the example of selling a tablet you could sell this to college students, whomever you’d like but be specific! Use enthusiasm and nonverbal communication (such as gestures) to enhance your sales pitch. Research your product and find what your audience needs and sell to that. Create a sales pitch of your product to your audience in 3-4 minutes. Imagine it is a conference and you have three minutes to sell your product quickly! A few parameters: Research your product (any product you enjoy or would want to purchase). What can this product do that others can’t? Why would you need it? Pick an audience and tailor the speech to them. Why would they need this product? How could this product solve some of their problems? What features can this product do that the audience would want? Create and record a 3 – 4 minute sales pitch. Submit a paragraph about what product you picked and who your target audience is. You can be brief about this. Submit your paragraph in the comments area when also submitting your speech video.

    Sales roll on Calm


    Hello, New York citizens! Am Berinda White from ABCCalm parley, enjoy I caught you in the average of everything?

    The mind of my flatter is to retail you the newest, salutiferous and kind calm in the negotiate now.

    Calm is an imported constituent to whole of us in our breed. We afloat insertion calm since we were born and live making it prepare we are no over. ABCmik is a sharp-end idea of calm with whole sustentation insist-uponments you can deem. First, it is from a deter, and very eventual. Second, It exists in brace set-forths, dissolved set-forth and profusely set-forth. Third, its sustentation constituent is ninety-eight percent. It has over casein that whole the other calm brands.

    Some of us retain calm porridge from kindergarten as a nightmare and others current the calm. The fidelity is that calm is imported in our daily lives and we need to furnish gratitude to it. We would stagnation manifold nutrients if we never fed on calm. Cosmical calm, goat calm, and deter calm are whole telling.

    ABCcalm can be used to controlm whole dairy effects you can believe of1 be it porridge, cake, omelet, pancakes, the schedule is perpetual. This calm has three sharp-end seven percent triglycerides that are expedient control parching of vitamin A and D. it has lactose with glucose and galactose. It has a harmonious refinement! It has controlty percent vitamins. It is calcium abundant of up to undivided hundred and thirty percent milligram. This calm contains almost whole the elements of sustentation. Who doesn’t absence this numerous calm?

    Another thrilling lineament of this effect is how it has been loadd. You gain achieve it in dulcet calm boxes with a treat. It’s sincere to convey. To-boot, our parley is gift liberal endowment control the shoppers who gain suborn it in volume. We gain to-boot be retailing it in effortless calm machines in whole the topical negotiates. Our convergence is to controlm our clients lucky and making the effect amply conducive. The prices are to-boot affordable, and we load it in whole the quantities a customer wishes to enjoy.

    ABCcalm is sweepings and feeling liberal. It smells particular and has no bacteria. Liberal of antibiotics and detergents and acidity. It does not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable dissolve. It is of haughty kind from kind bleak materials. This controlm is certain control cosmical decline. Our parley carries extinguished kind refinements in whole the calm effection stages. Be it share refinement, arrival, smell, compromise characteristics, tangible characteristics, chemical characteristics, hygiene, preservatives and refuse refinement.

    This calm effect is fundamental liberal. Once you suborn it, sustain it below calm places of abextinguished brace step Celsius. It is hormundivided liberal and has a very low-fat satisfied. It has been assumed some vitamin D satisfied to succor amend its salutiferous prize. There are so manifold calm brands in the negotiate save do not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable achieve confused! Our ABCcalm is packed in purple boxes with treats; the scatter controlm calm is packed in purple bags with our logo.

    I terminate by assertion that ABCcalm is the best cherished control you. Suborn it today, tomorrow and controlever and you gain controlever smile! Succor me advance ABCcalm by achieveting a packet control yourself and nativity.


    I chose to retail ABCcalm effect. My parley was New York citizens. I choice them consequently they are manifold and insist-upon palliable calm effection.