Respond to the statement, “The prevalence of media images helps to create reality for young children and therefore we must critically analyze the content of these images rather than just assuming they are innocent entertainment.” Dr. Alvin Puissant how is a director, media center also he is Judge Baker children’s center. ‘He said: Children in fact have been raised on Disney for many generations now’. Disney has been spectacle of innocence it hides behind innocence in way to allows it to separate corporate culture from corporate power and it has the kind of romance about it that allows us in some way to treat Disney as the ultimate form of fantasy. A fantasy that never needs to be questioned according to Dr. Henry Giroux. Based on the information that given above we are think that Disney try to interact the culture to make their movies a window to there opinion and also it might get into the propaganda way. What examples of gender stereotyping do you see in Disney films? Do you find gender stereotyping to be more pronounced in the depictions of male or female characters, or do you see any difference? When you look at Disney and Disney movies over the years is how the little the image of females really changed you still have the same highly sexualized female body with big breasts the tiny waists the fluttering eyelashes the coy expressions and the seductress. There is a dangerous massage that she returns to him that she socialized him that she excuse him , she reinterprets him rage and his abuse as temper and this is a movie that is saying to our children overlook the violence there is tender prince lurking within and it’s your job to kiss that prince and bring it out or to kiss that beast and bring the prince out. Have gender portrayals in Disney films changed over time? What evidence do you see for continuity or change in gender portrayals? No actually there is no big changed over the time is almost the same characters in every while if they make it happen to change a one it would with a differ massage then the before. Choose one of the sociological theories (functionalism, conflict theory or symbolic interactionism) and use it to analyze Disney’s portrayal of gender. We chose conflict theory to analyze Disney portrayal of gender. The level of analysis is macro it has image of society which is objectively real social structure. It order maintained involuntarily through exercise of power and it has view of change normal and often productive. The key figures is Marx also the major criticisms are too radical ignores cooperative aspects of social life What examples of racial/ethnic stereotyping do you see in Disney films? Man in Africa the saffir are swinging from trees and that they see no affricans and they see gorillas being the once they relate to is it promoting white supremacy according to Dr.Puissant. How do you think parents should handle outdated offensive stereotypes that still exist in Disney films from earlier yeras? Parents should handle outdated offensive stereotypes that still exist in Disney films from earlier years that instead of watching films for Disney recommend something else like go out for dinner or either for night in the park. How are gender and race portrayals in Disney movies influenced by the fact that most Hollywood executives (including Disney’s) are white males? From what we think overall there is a viewpoint about Disney it might be overwhelming. First of all, Disney they don’t have a message for the black society yet. Second of all , Disney getting bigger every while and produce more films then before so later on they are going to put the black population in the picture. To protect their company from any thirteen in each of the media tables such as Facebook or Twitter and all the social media.


    Question 1

    In today’s earth posterity keep gcourse very fast in decoding knowledge from instrument images and gratified. It is hence urgent to arrange the gratified beneath powerful inspection accordingly some of the knowledge painted may referable be sinless as perceived. Some of the cartoon created may comprise adult gratified, and hence posterity should referable be known to observe the appearances (Garfinkel & Rawls, 2015). Strict restrictions should be arrange by twain the parents and the creators of the gratified so that the young posterity minds do referable gcourse putrid. Since posterity are very sinless and incline to vision what they discern on the television or other instrument quenchedlets, gratified displayed should comprise befitting parental control.

    Question 2

    There are divers gender stereotyping patterns root in the Disney films. The snow clear portrays divers of the feminine stereotyping as usually discernn in the unity where the woman’s role is to cleanlyly and fulfil total private chores as she waits restraint the invention to liberate her when she is in labor. The Cinderella film inclines to appearance that wholesome girls should referable torment in career as they accomplish, in the desire retreat, secure married to a rich prince winning. In the Disney appearances the gender stereotyping is more pronounced in the feminine reputations as most of the feminine keep been absorbed unanalogous roles as comparuddy to the virile reputations (Haines, et al, 2016).

    Question 3

    There has been no exexshift in the gender paintals in the Disney films. This is accordingly the sympathy substance a acquisition impulse affair inclines to abide with its operational activities that are using the selfselfcorresponding reputations balance opportunity with the selfselfcorresponding husk of gender stereotyping. They keep bybygone an extra mile of personification by using voluptuous reputations as a representation of huinvention traits. The selfselfcorresponding sex paintal has been compatible and that the sympathy intends referable to exexshift in regulate referable to endanger its relation. Gender stereotyping has been compatible balance opportunity through the films.

    Question 4

    The political sight that Disney film has chosen to abilityen is functionalism. This is accordingly the sympathy wants to paint the unanalogous functions gender keep in the companionship by the rules of prosperity. In divers occasions, the feminine reputation has been picturesque unanalogously. In the slumbering embellishment film, the virile misappropriate has been portrayed to appearance ability and anarchy (Garfinkel, & Rawls, 2015). The woman in the movie keep been painted to be depended on the man restraint prosperity thus appearanceing the functions of man and feminines in that companionship. Through functionalism, the Disney films portray unanalogous roles of twain reputations so that they can quenchedlast courteous in the companionship through their relations.

    Question 5

    There are divers racial misappropriates painted in the Disney films. An pattern is the Dumbo movie where the pattern of reputations in the film are crows that keep been absorbed the African American phraseology so that they can be associated with need and illiteracy. The film besides appearances the workers substance sombre and their supervisors substance clear proving that there is racial insight in that the clear populace are more loftier to the sombre populace (Weber, et al, 2014). Another pattern is the peter pan film where the ruddy man are substance portrayed as the lad in the unity since the clear populace are discernn as the loftiers, and that’s the missive posterity accomplish frequently secure conjuncture observeing.

    Question 6

    Parents keep an immense service of ensuring that their posterity secure the best lessons quenched of the films. They should frequently acsympathy their posterity when observeing the films so that they can reoffer on some of the issues substance painted in the films (Scharre & Ramasubramanian, 2015). Parents are having the individual service of ensuring their posterity secure the analogous lessons quenched of the films. If parents are referable offer, they should reach infallible that the kids keep befitting adult control that accomplish be there to reoffer the delicate issues. Alternatively, parents can eninfallible the posterity are selected in quencheddoor activities so that they do referable putrid their minds with the misappropriates painted in the films.

    Question 7

    Course and gender keep frequently been a probing question that affects total livelihoods be in the municipal or political earth. The gender paintal and racism in the Disney films keep frequently portrayed the clear companionship as substance the loftier and upper ten than other communities (Scharrer, & Ramasubramanian, 2015). This is accordingly in the anterior years, obligation and colonialism had been vile and the clear posterity were brought up accomplished that their unity was frequently loftier to other communities and hence the concatenation of the selfselfcorresponding is frequently appearancen in the Disney films accordingly the executives had been unguarded to the colonial duration. The reality that they are man reachs it patent why the feminine reputation has been appearancen to be trusting on the virile reputation.


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