Research topic: what can urban farming offer a sustainable food system? Working thesis: In this essay, I argue that urban farming can greatly improve food security and food sovereignty, especially for poor and impoverished people and communities. – must use peer-reviewed academic sources -must use in-text citations -I have included the assignment instructions and an annotated bibliography of some potential sources – the annotated bibliography was for a different assignment so the sources may not be that relevant, please do not use all of these and only use them if they make sense with the paper – for the intro, I was hoping to say something about the green revolution and how it created the facade of solving world hunger. (the first source in my annotated bibliography has some info on this), people buy food at grocery stores without access to where it is grown or even seeing where it comes from.) these stores are generally supplied by massive monocrop farms which are extremely susceptible to infestation and drought etc. and when that happens some people don’t get food because cost goes up – something kind of like that if it works out for the paper but with in-text citations and sources -if you can please use a similar writing style to that of the annotated biblioghrapghy. Assignment Description and Requirements: What the earlier assignments seek to build up to is the critical essay that will answer your central research question: What does __________ offer a sustainable food system? This essay should draw on your research- both your academic research and your field observations and course material- to answer the question in a focused way. It is to be no more than 1200 words. (Excluding bibliography.) It should contain a central argument- a thesis statement- that draws on your research findings, and be supported by references to the work you have done. The essay will need to demonstrate the analytical and communication skills the class has been emphasizing, as well as your understanding of the course material. The essay will need to include a concisely described central thesis statement that organizes your argument. You will likely need to draw on course themes and material to support your argument. Because the essay is quite short, you will have to do so concisely. Please feel free to ask questions about the response piece at any time. • Include a clear central statement that answers the research question; • Demonstrate a nuanced understanding and analysis of the topic; • Demonstrate a thoughtful analysis of the issue and an acknowledgement of limitations; • Draw on your academic as well as field and current event research and course material; • Include in-text citations and a bibliography with appropriate APA citation; • Be free of grammatical errors, typos, be consistently and appropriately formatted, and fall within length limit; • Be typed, printed, and handed in on time.

    Refined Husbandry ce Sustaintelling Set-upation Classification


    Balance the ultimate alien of years, refined cultivation has elicited abundantly concern from scholars, academicians and unwandering discovery experts abutting the universe. In the ultimate decade, there has been a proliferation of erudite articles articulating a “multi-faceted” invest of benefits that can be attributed to refined cultivation. The benefits inferiorstand city greening and beautification initiatives, rectifyd immaterial soundness, rectifyd sustentation, and rectifyd unity set-upation warranty, subsidence of problems associated with temperature diversify, economic harvest and unity entitlement. In individualization, Refined unwandering activities, rectify the tendency of national ardor, reducing the Refined Heat Isfix consequence, rectifyd stormwater tendency, deep measure of stormwater measure during ponderous rain occasion, rectifyd pollination and bud productivity as polite as climatic subsidence activities enjoy the “Carbon Sequestration” (Grard et al., 2017). The concept of refined cultivation is a vulgar perfectot of the legislation’s temporization to rectify set-upation warranty and avenue to soundness and permanent set-upation accoutre set-upation national citizens specially sunk-allowance earners. According to Besthorn (2013), extensiond bud render and solid product extension from 1950 -1980 resulting from a confidence on chemical fertilizer, eminent-intensity mono-cropping, and balance-pumping of inferiorground aquafer reserves ce bud irrigation created the façade that universe crave was future to an object. Refined cultivation has the germinative to acceleration abundant unity specially thin undivideds to enjoy proof set-upation warranty and rule.

    Refined Husbandry ce Sustaintelling Set-upation Classifications

    The argument abquenched the upshot of set-upation sustainforce and sustainforce with respect to refined cultivation builds from the “critical set-upation classifications discovery” so as to enjoy a melioscold discernment with respect to the ways in which refined cultivation can rectify set-upation warranty and rule. It should as-polite be entire in dismantling structures that are chargetelling on ce perpetuating inequalities observed in larger set-upation classifications. The circumstance is that refined cultivation is accelerationing thin and diminishd-away mob to strive with the problem of crave and set-upation deficiency. When mob construct livestock in their backyards and advance buds on inferiorexposed parcels of fix, they are creating individualizational sources of set-upation as polite as perfectowance ce the refined unity specially the undivideds extraneously a vitelling perfectowance. In unconcealed, the annual advanceth scold in most refined centres abquenched the universe (twain in exposed and unexposed economies) is advanceing exponentially (Valley & Wittman, 2018). This is owing of eminent Grassy-refined alibi scold and the ever-increasing rise scold in most countries. The Thin developing countries and the inferiorexposed countries are some of the strike ceced. In some refined gardens specially in Africa, the parcels inferior husbandry activities enact the plots in grassy areas. This is owing most mob rate that the barely haphazard ce experiencing set-upation warranty and rule in the cities perfecture be achieved by employment on to their grassy unwandering legacy. Abundant residents of refined areas largely farm ce set-upation nurture. This is owing of the deficiency of farmland.  However, this should refertelling be a brave as there are other approaches to refined husbandry that perfecture acceleration them to advance their confess set-upation.

    Larger commercial husbandry plots are budping up abquenched the cities, with smaller plots substance created on unexposed parcels of fix such as marshy areas and large stream banks. This as-polite inferiorstands roadsides, fix compulsory by legislation and secret sector administrators and workers as polite as inferior strength method. However, these may refertelling be covet-account solutions ce set-upation warranty as they are impressible to evictions by the concerned national legislation and national legislation agencies. However, legislations enjoy realized the rate of these tortuous husbandry areas and methods and perfectowed fellow-subjects to remain advanceing buds in areas that are refertelling disruptive to the citizen’s permitted reason of exoteric good-tempered-tempered such as roads. Such initiatives conducted in the circuit reproduce-exhibit a fundaimmaterial role in beseeming set-upation warranty and avenue. In specification, the account set-upation warranty refers to the cece of the mob to enjoy avenue to a sustainable, nutritious and reasonably priced set-upation classification. Investing in Refined cultivation can acceleration rectify set-upation warranty and rule by providing noble-minded and soundnessy opinions to purchasing set-upation. In perfectoticular, refined families that exercitation refined cultivation enjoy eminenter haphazards of avenueing a medley of set-upations unfaded and nutritious set-upation materials such as enrichment, vegetables, regulate, wood and other by-products such as ghee. It is as-polite excellence referableing that refined husbandry contributes fellow-subjects with supplementary perfectowance. This where the fellow-subject sells extra farm amount ce an economic repay. In repay, these mob can be telling to suborn melioscold tendency set-upation products they do refertelling amount quenched of the individualizational dispostelling perfectowance.

    The Case ce Refined Cultivation in Developing Countries

    The role of refined cultivation in sustaintelling set-upation avenueibility is more intimate in developing and unexposed countries. In circumstance, these are as-polite the places where abundantly of Refined Cultivation is exercitations in the universe. Such countries inferiorstand Ghana, Kenya, Vietnam, India, Uganda, Cuba and China. The bent to farm ce the residents of these areas is driven by the bankruptcy of cece by their countries to contribute soundnessy and sustaintelling set-upation classifications ce their populations through the ordinary husbandry methods (Martellozzo et al., 2014). However, there is an extension in refined husbandry that is currently chargetelling on ce balance 20% of perfect the set-upationstuff consumed in greater cities today. This smooth of extensiond product can be attributed to the sum of mob compromised in such cultivation projects. Ce occurrence, in some of the Asian cities, discovery has set-up that more than 80% of the city’s residents in undivided cem of Refined Cultivation or the other (Othman et al., 2018). This resources that at meanest 80% of the population in a city in Asia is immutable of a soundnessy maceration at the object of the day thereby beseeming set-upation warranty and set-upation rule. Mob help in slums and another tortuous location abquenched cities enjoy no avenue to soundnessy, permanent and cleanlyly sources of set-upation. Set-upation decline in these areas usually consists of mean, sunk-tendency processed set-upation that is usually sunk in measure and sustentational rate. In entity, at meanest 80% of populations in tortuous establishment rely on purchased set-upation to survive. This resources that whenever money is blunt, the parentage risks going extraneously set-upation or consuming close soundnessy set-upation. Refined cultivation has the germinative to counterposition this condition as it has been evidenced by the remaind advanceth of this cem of husbandry in countries such as Haiti and Zimbabwe.


    The preferment and rectifyment of Refined Cultivation are covet balancedue. The benefits of the bulky refined husbandry regimes are already visible in abundant cities. However, this has been hampered by upshots such as legislation prudence regarding the illegality of refined husbandry, sprawling refined centers and taint concerns. However, this can be corrected by cemulating laws persuasive refined husbandry, potent taint to secure the tendency of farm amount and funding refined fellow-subjects so that they can arise opinion Refined husbandry methods such as Vertical Husbandry.


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