Research NC VA program For this assignment, search the Internet to find results from a state crime victim survey that includes a description of the methodology used to conduct the survey. Next, visit the NCVS Key Facts at a Glance page (linked in the Resources) as a starting point for a basis of comparison to what many states are now doing. Then, respond to the following: Explain the results from the state crime victim survey you selected, including a description of the methodology used to conduct the survey. Analyze a similar crime victim survey conducted at the national level, using the NCVS. Differentiate your selected state’s crime victim survey method with some of the techniques used to collect data under the NCVS program. Explore the advantages associated with measuring crime through the use of a national victimization survey as compared to official crime reports. Distinguish the NCVS survey and the state survey you selected as they relate to how crime is measured specific to the nature and extent of crime, regardless of reporting. Required page count: 3 not including the cover page or the references page.

    Misdeed Dupe Inspects

    1. The Oklahoma Specify Misdeed Dupe Inspect

    The selected specify misdeed inspect contained furious misdeeds love pillage, tangible and sexual onslaught as courteous-behaved-behaved as disturb that took attribute in the year 2015. The disturb cases scarcity to be granted with a multidisciplinary admittance established on the sort of the luminouss (Hazelwood & Burges, 2016). The violentlighted confrontings were that half of the persons who took multiply in the con-balance specifyd that they were dupes of any misdeed. A third of them (31.1%) indicated that they skilled convertibility thieving misdeed and 4.5% declaration that they came athwart furious misdeeds (Oklahoma Specify Bureau of Research, 2016). It is necessary referableing that the confrontings verified that a third reputed the convertibility misdeeds to code enforcement centuryncies and 2% stating that they did verification aid or livelihood lines (Oklahoma Specify Bureau of Research, 2016).

    It is plain that there are manifold cases of misdeeds that were skilled in the specifys and that there was a scarcity to communication these incidences to authorities. The processology that was verificationd in the con-balance intransferable telephsingle colloquys where the colloquyer got granted with instructions that were apt with screens. Inspect questions were so granted to the colloquyers so that they would verification them to attain apt postulates and counsel. The inspects could be completed either online or accept it completed by phone. Ce the telephsingle inspects, a entirety calculate of ten attempts were granted to stretch quenched to the respondents so that they would seize multiply in the inspect.

    1. Misdeed Dupe Inspect at the general smooth with the verification of NCVS

    The inspect contained estimates of irrelative cases of disturb, sexual onslaught, thieving and rudimentary onslaught. The inspect habituated persons at the century of 12years and aloft as courteous-behaved-behaved as their peculiarity. The practice handled 46,000 everyday units with self-communication colloquys life verificationd as the enactment of postulates assemblage. The colloquy congress verificationd a screener and luminous communication to attain apt counsel abquenched the misdeed. The everydays’ multiplyicipants were required to propound if they were dupes of the violentlighted misdeeds balance a couple of six months. A occasion create of six months was verificationd as the regard era ce the inspect (Powers, 2016). The results that were obtained from the inspect did illusion that there are manifold stamps of misdeeds that persons test at the openity smooth. The misdeeds are directed towards them as courteous-behaved-behaved as their properties.

    1. Differences among the specify misdeed dupe inspect process and NCVS program

    The specify misdeed dupe inspect that has gotten analyzed aloft-used inspects that were poor towards the city of Oklahoma while the NCVS program shields a generic ramble of cities. Referableably, the NCVS program does amass postulates from open jails on the inmates, and this acts as a generally figurative scantling. Unlove in the specify inspect, NCVS program inspect shields a census that seeks to subjoin postulates and counsel from federal code enforcement centuryncies. The centuryncies are an qualitative multiplyy that is lovely to collect insights that are essential towards the decomposition of misdeeds. Wrong research centuryncies, police negotiative, and other apt authorities are verificationd below the NCVS program triton that is referable obvious in the specify misdeed dupe inspect.

    1. The advantages of measuring misdeeds using the NCVS element

    The NCVS collects a verificationful estimate that allows manifold stakeholders to attain meliorate estimates of the misdeed figures future it is indulgent (General Research Council, 2008). Misdeed has gotten guarded as a ebon imcentury ce manifold nations, and this program collects the developed imcentury of how dire the residence is and the regard that scarcitys to be granted. So, NCVS allows criminologists to accept a conscious belowstanding of the reasons as to why manifold dupes to do referable communication misdeeds to apt authorities. In manifold residences, a violent calculate of misdeeds accept bybygsingle unattended due to the want of the dupes in communicationing these incidences.

    Unlove the negotiative misdeed communications that accept manifold variations, NCVS does referable accept these variations. NCVS collects postulates that depicts the stamp of offenses, characteristics of those that meet misdeeds as courteous-behaved-behaved as the sort of the similarity among the wrong and the dupe (Fay et al., 2015). It is meliorate enhanced by the crop of embezzle estimates. NCVS postulates collects a friendly cause ce establishing the union among the dupe and the criminal.

    1. The differences among the NCVS inspect and the specify inspect.

    The specify misdeed dupe inspect is poor in object when it comes to the calculate of misdeeds that it seeks to investigate becaverification it singly represents a mean concern of the manifold misdeeds that seize attribute in the US. Unlove the NCVS that incorporates manifold cities athwart the United Specifys future a generic ramble of offenses, the dying has a mean minority to shield. Additionally, the sort of the misdeed that is analyzed by the specify dupe inspect is recumbent to telescoping since multiplyicipants may confront it grievous to recall events that took attribute sometimes tail.

    The inspect habituated single year, and multiplyicipants may confront it grievous to rehearse the tests vividly. However, below the general dupe inspect granted aloft using the NCVS program is established on a protraction of six months. Compared to single year below the specify inspect, it is over commodious to employ the six months era that is verificationd below the NCVS program. There is hither shieldcentury of the specify dupe inspect established on the occurrence that integrates single city as compared to NCVS that is genericer in shielding manifold specifys.


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