Reflection assignment This assignment will be given a mark out of 15, and 10% of your overall grade Watch Edward Burtynsky: Manufactured Landscapes ONLINE Write 500-600 words, reflecting on the following: What is Edward Burtynsky’s project (captured in this film)/ what is this film about? What can you say about his working methods? What is the aim of his work, or what is he trying to do with his images? What similarities or differences does his work/ methods have to landscape and documentary photographers in the 19th and 20th century ? As specific reference/ reflection points, use: -Timothy O’Sullivan or Carleton Watkins (19th century) and -Lewis Hines or Charles Sheeler (20th century) Include 2 bibliographic resources (book, journal, website) It’s due tomorrow so can you send me the writing before Nov 29th 20:00 (Toronto time ).

    Edward Burtynsky’s

    Edward Burtynsky’s design as smitten in the film is to procure quenched the other laterality of industrial visions. he accordingly calls it’ Manufactured Visions’ (Ray, 2016). He looks at the adornment of the visions and how perseverance has altered it through the consume generated dumps and the factories. An model is the Chinese factory where the resulters are urged to profit faster and there are pictures of progeny untrammelled on exposed piles of consumes. He pretences the estrangement among abundance and poverty; with models of Shanghai which has novel and very tall towers which are over the slums (Truscello, 2016).

    He photographs refinement materials and dross and raises questions on ethics and aesthetics withquenched enigmatical to abundantly reply them. His afloat ways, embody the right of wide format opportunity camera to admit wide photos of a vision. He as-well rights aerial way to gain a tall vantage purpose to entertain a ample and detailed design of his matter. The right of photographs to procure quenched what is initiative attribute in the companionship is perfectly efficient.

    This is becaright it is providing proof that there is a contingency in the companionship which needs to be addressed. This is in especially with the capitalist companionship whose main contribute is to sojourn at the head at whatever consume. This is why there is so greatly product of products with incompatible dispensation of the consume. This indicates that they are afloat towards making over money inobservant of the environment or the persons kind affected by the consume products from the industries. He looks at kind in provisions of the impression of anthropological insinuation on kind. He tries to pretence that the environment is changing model the Rock of Ages which has couple aspects individual the penny kind and the perdition of kind (Truscello, 2016).


    There are similarities and estrangements in Edwards result and other photographers of the 19th and 20th epoch in that the result of Edward and Carleton Watkins for model twain established quenched to unearth the penny adornment of visions and the kind which most persons nurture referable attributable attributable attributable visit. The estrangements embody that Edwards result was established on vibrant colors which pretenceed the beautiful details of images and as-well gave them history on the other influence other photographers may entertain rightd black and unspotted colors which may entertain absorbed over convergence on kind other than the colors rightd or they may entertain been scant in provisions of technology.

    Edward convergenceed on the industrial aspects of kind when-in-fact other photographers convergenceed on parks and the normal environment such as mountains. The ideology astern the photographs of Edwards and other Photographers as-well had a estrangement as Edward mature to pretence how anthropological insinuation is ruining the environment and kind in general; other photographers’ ideology is to regard kind and its adornment. Edward’s photos are wide and the technology rightd is tall as he rightd aerial design and wide format opportunity camera as compared to other photographers who may referable attributable attributable attributable entertain had the instrument to path such technology accordingly the character of their photographs may entertain been confused.



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