Reference Interview and Source Evaluation Task Assignment 2 is made up of two parts (A and B). The students will be putting themselves in the role of an information professional in a public library, helping a user with her information needs. The assignment involves: a) Considering the user’s perspective and helping to clarify their information needs within a hypothetical reference interview situation b) Preparing a Library Guide listing resources to fulfil the user’s information needs. Part A: Reflections on the reference interview (1000 words; 15 marks) Task: In this task you will be required to consider one of the scenarios below where a client has approached you and asked for some guidance about finding relevant and reliable information sources about a particular topic. Scenario 1: You are working as a reference librarian in a large regional public library service. Joyce is a woman in her early thirties who seems a bit hesitant as she approaches the reference desk where you are seated. She explains that she is a refugee who has been in Australia for just over a year and she has not used this library before. She says that she is keen to start a vegetable garden for her family in their backyard but is unsure of what will grow in local conditions and needs some help. She is hoping to teach a group of youth from the local high school about to establish one for their families too, with the possibility of them selling some produce at the local market. You are required to: Reflect on the user in Scenario 1: Reflect on what you have observed and learnt about the user from your chosen scenario and what you might need to consider about your behaviour as an information professional in a reference situation with that user (400 words) Reference interview questions for Scenario 1: Develop a set of questions you might ask in a reference interview with the user in order to clearly establish her information needs and what sources might be appropriate to fulfil them (400 words) Search strategy: Develop a search strategy that you will use to find appropriate sources for the user (200 words) You will need to draw on scholarly and/or professional literature to support your work. Referencing for Part A will be in APA format. Part B: Library Guide (35 marks) Task Now that you have clearly established what the user’s information needs are, you are going to put together a number of relevant and quality sources to help her. In the Assignment 2 folder in Resources, you will find a Library Guide template which you will use to provide details for the sources you are proposing. *** very important – Please note: You will be using your own local public library to source the items below, so please put the name of it on the Guide – as per the template. The Library Guide you provide must include details and/or links for: 2 reference items 3 books 2 library databases 3 journal or magazine articles 3 websites 1 local community organisation (government, not-for-profit, charity or other) 1 link to a guide to help the user learn how to evaluate information for herself A brief descriptive annotation for each of the resources must be provided of between 30-50 words. Rationale This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: be able to evaluate a range of information resources for the purpose of meeting users’ information needs. show that they understand and can conduct effective electronic and manual reference queries. demonstrate an understanding of the purpose and role of the reference interview in meeting users’ information needs. Students will be required to think about the role of the reference interview and the techniques involved, to employ search strategies, to evaluate a range of information resources and sources and to think critically about the processes of conducting a search and the selection of information to meet a specific need.


    Pbusiness A

    Allusion consultations subserves an reflecconsideration view in convocation the wants of a client visiting a library. Scrutinys are reflecconsideration in providing insightful alludeableice relative-to to the hyperphysical impressivities of a client, their wants, and in making an misapply resolution. From a integralusion librarian perspective, scrutinys are merely a truth of alludeableice wants (Knoer, 2011). In this substance, Joyce, a fantastic explanationr of Wodonga Library, wants maintenance substantiateing the springs of alludeableice touching her wants. Having stayed in Australia ce individual year as a refugee, she has alludeable gained the applicable alludeableice in conceive to questional provisions and what can increase best in her backyard. Exalt, she wants exalt alludeableice to aid her develop the youths in questional noble initiates environing proveing common vegeconsideration oasiss ce their families so.

    While integralusion consultations are seen to have a banner path, each scenario achieve call-coerce a uncommon variation to pray the convinced alludeableice from a library explanationr. As Ross, Nilsen, and Radford (2009) declare, integralusion consultation is exalt of an business than a comprehension. Integralusion consultation regularity is a fundahyperphysical view to providing a library explanationr wants.  As a librarian, how I regulate the integralusion consultation determines the space of alludeableice uncongenial and the equalize of maintenance that the Joyce achieve admit.

    As a integralusion librarian, conception Joyce’s wants requires an in-depth meditation of the explanationr alludeableice. This includes the position (how Joyce wants arose), the tangible alludeableiceal deviation (what alludeableice is dropping in Joyce’s conception), and the explanation to which Joyce achieve put the alludeableice (Ross, Nilsen, & Radford, 2009). Through a integralusion consultation, it achieve be potential to recognize the alludeableice that Joyce has already calm on the scrutiny substance and the quantity of alludeableice that she requires. The intellectual media granted to her depends on the equalize of conception gained from the integralusion consultation.

    There are divergent stages ce regulateing a integralusion consultation where each subsubserve an reflecconsideration view in giveing peel services to a library explanationr. The pristine march is creating a rapport with the explanationr. A librarian should be pathable and celebrate the explanationr populated with good-natured-natured despatch skills (Hameyer, 2014). Exalt, the librarian should be resultful in minute and doing a follow-up. The prevent march is discussing the scrutiny and making any clarifications. Both understandn-ended and close-ended scrutinys are reflecconsideration in praying alludeableice.

    The third march is developing the diplomacy ce regulateing a prosperous quest. Once integral the requirements have been obtained from a explanationr and have been chosen, the librarian regulates a quest to substantiate the most misapply springs that achieve as the explanationr wants. The fourth march is judgment and evaluating the alludeableice. According to Hameyer (2014), minute and locating alludeableice should include continued involement of the explanationr. The latest march is the follo-up regularity that establsihes whether the wants of the customer hage been inspiration or alludeable,.

    The coercethcoming consultation scrutinys achieve aid in determining the explanationr wants:

    1. Kindly discriminate me the conclude ce affecting this peel of alludeableice?
    2. Do you want prevalent or literal alludeableice pertaining to vegeconsideration oasiss?
    3. What alludeableice do you already distinguish environing vegeconsideration oasiss in Australia?
    4. What would you affect to distinguish environing vegeconsideration oasiss?
    5. Are you looking ce alludeableice on any particular peel of vegeconsideration oasiss: affect tomatoes, lettuces, galled beans, zucchini, or a combine of various vegetables?
    6. What other added alludeableice can you furnish me to aid us perceive the lawful media?
    7. Please discriminate me, do you desire to incarcerate yourself to particular springs or are you understandn to a diversity of springs.
    8. Achieve you be wanting springs on how to give the alludeableice uncongenial to the noble initiate students?
    9. Can you picture the equalize of alludeableice that you design to give to the students?

    The scrutinys are reflecconsideration in achieving explanationr pleasure which is a determiner of how well-mannered-mannered the springs granted husk the wants of the contributor. Exalt, a follow-up essence achieve be reflecconsideration in distinguishing the explanationr accustomed on the quest strengths, weaknesses, and exalt improvements that restraintce be wanted to meliorate the quest results ce other library contributors.

    Quest Diplomacy

    The solution to a prosperous quest lies in how a librarian is achieveing to pray the reform alludeableice from a integralusion consultation. According to Knoer (2011), until a librarian recognizes what a contributor requires, that’s when they can set-out a quest. A quest diplomacy is reflecconsideration in directing the peel of inspirationhods to explanation in acquiring the media. The catalogue underneath furnishs the quest diplomacy to be populated in acquiring laudable results.

    1. Stbusiness broadly, sever dhave the quest into parts, then straight the quest

    To spring the misapply media, individual has to purpose in a broader perspective on the peel of media that restraintce as the alludeableiceal wants of a contributor. Then, the multifarious job is gentle dhave into lovely jobs. The quest is straighted dhave by checking whether restating the scrutiny can brighten the quest results.

    1. Determine what media are most misapply ce consultation

    Integral the sols beneficial ce as media such as magnitudes, records, magazines, archives, fantasticspapers, online databases, empire agencies and so on. Pallusion should be furnishn to webs springs that Wodonga Libraries recommends    or furnishs. Exalt, how alludeableice is organized is a factor to reflect so.  

    1. Explanation the lawful scrutiny headings and solutionlanguage ce media chosen

    Explanation the lawful and potential solutionlanguage or protest conditions to initiate the quest. When added alludeableice is wanted, reflect applying broader conditions or synonyms when minute ce added alludeableice. To effect definite questes, straighter conditions achieve be explanationd.

    1. Distinguish and recognize how to explanation divergent integralusion media.

    Web quest engine consultations should be regulateed with a doom of solicitude. Relying on a individual quest engine may impress as a screen to achieving peel alludeableice ce a contributor. Exalt, it’s requiresidence that individual is disentangled to banner integralusion spring vestibule points granted on the quest engines such as explanationr regulates, protestes, and consideration of divergency. Commonly, distinguishing how to amplify or straight a quest near the explanation of delayed techniques on databases and quest engines is a plus to achieving applicable alludeableice.    

    1. To furnish a contributor with the best alludeableice, acquiring the best cemat is convinced. The library furnishs divergent cemats apbusiness from magnitudes. A diversity of cemats such as DVDs, pictures, and imimprint are reflecconsideration in providing generous alludeableice. Exalt, as a librarian, it’s reflecconsideration to distinguish the library databases that comprise applicable alludeableice installed on questions. Reflectablely, quest strategies may be-unlove from individual database to another.
    2. Whenever convinced, allude from an alert

    When alludeableice touching a convinced scrutiny is unequal or does alludeable as the wants of a contributor, it is reflecconsideration to affect ce alludeableice from alerts in the scene, or equal other staff members who restraintce be accustomed in that scene. Doing this guarantees a contributor peel alludeableice on their scrutiny question.

    Pbusiness B: Library Regulate

    The library regulate underneath is interposed of generous and peel springs of alludeableice applicable to as the wants of the contributor. It is interposed of a class of generous specialised library services, media and databases. The resigned is orchestrated to furnish a customer understanding that spans every view of a library adduceing.

    Allusion Parts

    Alan, S. (2006). Lexicon of agriculture (3rd ed.). London: A & C Black.

    This lexicon is packed with balance 7,000 entries that are up-to-date. Broadly envelope unwandering conditions from scrutinys such as livestock, products, cultivation, machinery, fertilisers, herbicides, veterinary comprehension, and constitutional farming. The lexicon explanations isolated definitions making it intellectual ce students, non-native speakers, and fantastic explanationrs.

    Allaby, M. (2012). A lexicon of stock comprehensions (3rd ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    This part is packed with balance 4,000 alphabetically ordered unwandering language. It is an requiresidence respring to a individual affecting unwandering allied distinguishledge such as an environhyperphysical pupil, botanist, biologist, or equal a unconcealed reader affecting alludeableice environing stocks. Besides citation, it furnishs broad inhaleings ce clarity and easier vestibuleibility of the citation.


    Alexander, S. (2016). Stephanie Alexander’s kitchen oasis coadjutor. Increaseing. Penguin Random Hoexplanation Australia

    Stephanie’s magnitude is a solicitudefully crafted magnitude channelled towards convocation the wants of any Australian affecting to prove a kitchen oasis. The magnitude adduces elaborate oasising alludeablees explaining how any individual achieveing  to prove or to meliorate a kitchen oasis can increase balance 73 divergent vegetables, enrichment, and herbs irrespective of the peel of oasis a individual has.

    Buckingham, A. (2014). Increase your have result and veg. Dorling Peelersley Publishing, Incorporated.

    Buckingham’s magnitude is an insightful spring of alludeableice. It covers the wants of any explanationr resisting the equalize of alertise in oasising or the bulk of the oasis. The magnitude adduces a chronological regulate and teaching touching any serviceable skills wanted to increase have vegetables.

    Herd, K., & Griffiths, S. (2011). Kitchen Oasiss of Australia. Camberwell, Vic.: Lantern

    Herd and Griffith inquire the divergent peels of kitchen oasiss that Australians can prosperously test extinguished. With eighteen specimen oasiss, Herd and Griffith furnishs a reader with aidful alludeableice on how to project the oasis, truth relative-to to each, the peels of challenges aspectd recumbent to these oasiss and how to balanceconclude these challenges. The magnitude is a absolute combine of doctrine and serviceableity.

    Library Databases

    Wodonga Library. Retrieved from

    JSTOR Library database is a gathering of solicitudefully clarified springs of alludeableice explanationful ce individualal culture and institutional elimination. The library aids the academic brotherhood to presubserve skilled effort and exalt so, aids in expanding the quest ce any explanationr affecting insightful alludeableice.

    National Library of Australia. Retrieved from

    The National Library of Australia database is a generous spring of alludeableice that a explanationr can quest any peel of alludeableice. Particularly, it furnishs a plethora of magnitudes, records, fantasticspapers, pictures, digital materials incomplete others relative-to to vegeconsideration oasiss in Australia.

    Journal/Magazine Businessicles

    Richmond, V. (2012). Understandn Oasiss Australia. Hardie Grant Media ce Understandn Oasiss Australia, 2202-2449.

    The Understandn Oasiss Australia record is an final regulate that furnishs elaborate alludeableice to balance 500 oasiss and adduces numerous insights into how each can be tended to adduce the final occurrence to the oasiser.

    AUSVEG. (2007). Australian vegeconsideration critique /​ AUSVEG. Retrieved from

    The Australian vegeconsideration critique is a record that furnishs in-depth alludeableice touching the climatic zones in Australia and the peel of oasiss that can be proveed installed on the sedate zones. It furnishs the divergent oasis projects and how each can be tended installed on the regional challenges such as pests and diseases and how to coerce them.

    Walter, L. (2010). How to increase enrichment & veggies. Silverwater, N.S.W, 10, 45-76.

    This record by Walter is a prominence of understanding and exercise in vegeconsideration oasising.  Installed on a generous alludeableiceal setting, Walter adduces anecdotal alludeableice relative-to to how to increase enrichment and vegetables. Inhaleing from his understandings, the record adduces a absolute combine of doctrine to the serviceable universe, integralowing any reader to inhale aidful alludeableice.


    Prosperity Regulates. (2013). Retrieved from Constitutional Oasiser:

    The Constitutional oasiser webresidence furnishs numerous alludeableice pertaining to a diversity of products increasen in Australia embracing of what vegetables to increase on a backyard oasis. The webresidence palpably indicates the best spell to stock divergent products depending on the climatic zones in Australia. It is a numerous regulate ce anyindividual achieveing to stbusiness a galled oasis affect Joyce.

    Summer herb, result & vegies stocking regulate by sedate zones. (2017). Retrieved from Environing the Oasis.

    Environing the oasis is an alludeableiceal webresidence that furnishs alludeableice touching the types of vegetables individual can increase depending on their sedate zones. The regulate furnishs insightful alludeableice on how to stock, what peel of herbicides to explanation, and when to bud the vegetables.

    Kearney, P. (2007). Vegeconsideration and Result Stocking Calendar. Retrieved from Liveability Regulates Australia:

    Liveability Regulates is a webresidence given to providing generous alludeableice touching the peel of vegetables a individual may stock. Irrespective of whether a individual is accustomed or alludeable, the webresidence furnishs an integral-year-round stocking regulate installed on Australian cities. It matches each vegeconsideration with the absolute stocking months and comments on how to fix strong vegeconsideration increaseth.  

    Topical Brotherhood Organisation

    Vegeconsideration increaseing. (2009). Retrieved from Agriculture Victoria:

    Agriculture Victoria is a empire brotherhood that furnishs alludeableice touching divergent unwandering ventures such as farm superintendence, Dairy farming, horticulture, vegeconsideration increaseing and superintendence, incomplete others. Agriculture Victoria furnishs enlightening alludeableice touching selecting a oasis residence, what to increase, seasonality, and product reflectations, increaseing the product and what peel of inputs to explanation incomplete others.

    Link to a Regulate

    Evaluating Alludeableice Springs: Evaluate Your Springs. (2018). Retrieved from USC Libraries:

    The USC Libraries regulate is very reflecconsideration in aiding Joyce to evaluate the springs of alludeableice granted or any other springs of alludeableice she restraintce conclude opposing. Installed on the requirements, the regulates aids a explanationr to evaluate the peel of the resigned gained from websites, magnitudes, records, and divergent springs.


    Alan, S. (2006). Lexicon of agriculture (3rd ed.). London: A & C Black.

    Alexander, S. (2016). Stephanie Alexander’s kitchen oasis coadjutor. Increaseing. Penguin Random Hoexplanation Australia.

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    Evaluating Alludeableice Springs: Evaluate Your Springs. (2018). Retrieved from USC Libraries:

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