Reducing Child Mortality in Afghanistan. Global Health Deep Dive Project Purpose: This individual project is designed to give you the opportunity to do a “deep dive” into a country, disease, and workforce issue or other topic of interest. There are 3 parts to this assignment Part I: 30% a. Have a clear topical focus, such as a population, a community, a specific cause of morbidity or mortality. b. Describe why this issue matters, that is, what is it significance (i.e. why should we care?) Use of key data sources and indicators to do this. c. Connect your issue to an SDG, target, and indicator. d. Describe policies or influential agendas that address this issue. Consider using WHO, ICN, Ministries of Health to find policy from influential stakeholders. e. Describe any cultural, political, historical or other considerations that continue to impact the issue and how it is or is not addressed. Part 2: 40% f. Describe past and/or present efforts (programs, research, policies, advocacy, etc) aimed at addressing this issue. Is progress being made? You may find information in Millennium Development Goals progress reports by country. Agencies that do related work may be good sources of information. For example, PEPFAR-funded groups, ICAP, Marie Stopes International, Pathfinder International, SAVE the Children, Engender Health, CARE, Population Council, etc. g. You have one million dollars to spend. Make a proposal to address the problem you have identified. You should have a clear rationale for your choice that reflects the elements described above. h. Include a model for your proposed approach. i. Include a table that addresses budgetary items that may be needed. j. Whatever your topic of interest, articulate at least one relevant implication for nursing (education, practice, or policy). The paper should incorporate and appropriately cite resources. The paper should be in APA format and no more than 6 double spaced pages (not including references and title page; no abstract is necessary). Models and budget tables can be included as appendices. For all pages: 12 font, 1 inch margins as per APA 6th edition 10% Part 3: 20%

    Reducing Slip Dullness in Afghanistan


    Behind the Taliban Militia had been defeated in the year 2001, the years that followed were unruly ce the race of Afghanistan. The object was characterized by referableorious agitation engagement, acceptiond insurgency activities and acceptiond demand ce interdiplomatic assist. In entire these engagements, the women and the object were the most weak collections. The noble reckon acception in object failures has been caused by a reckon of causes some of which are preventable.  While there has been eminent advance in kind vigor and guide of slip failures, The Islamic Renotorious of Afghanistan quiescent administers the charts of the countries with the nobleest reckon of slip failure. Strategic artifices such as the Entirety newborn Resuscitation artifice are a brainslip of the administration of referableorious vigor that is meant to convert the reckon of slip failures in Afghanistan. The synod aims at realizing a 10% acception in approximation to sort reproductive and slip vigor uses so as to fix that object can feed over the period of five years. This targets in-great-estimate the race influence in subordinateprivileged areas such as slums and in the grassy areas where the vigor facilities offered relatively low-sort uses (Mayhew et al, 2008). This monograph seeks to inspect the objectowation of slip dullness reprove in Afghanistan, the causes to slip failures and estimates that the synod can portraiture to convert dullness reprove in adolescent object as polite as confirmation coordicommunity shapeless the disturbed stakeholders, alignment and leveraging of instrument and other generally-knpossess estimates ce comely the flatten of slip vigor in the kingdom.

    Slip Dullness and SDG

    The Global Sustained Bud Goals that are guidelines on society bud that are followed by entire communitys that are members of the United Communitys. Nature a Member of the United Communitys, Afghanistan is spring to appliance the SDGs in its kind and slip vigor programs so as to acceleration consummate the United Communitys Objective of realizing the meanest slip dullness reprove as potential by the year 2030. The estimate ce slip dullness reprove is 70 failures per 1000 lineages (Bhutta et al, 2004). The Millennium goals standpoint prominently on Kind and newborn vigor and the goals and objectives were cemal in such a method that they would acceleration the cem to galvanize patronseniority from entire countries environing the earth. These objecteavors can be seen in the `entirety Mother Slip initiative’ that is aimed at sparing entirety mother and slip. The SDGs bear a muster of 13 issues that are portraitured as guidelines ce the consummatement of slip dullness decrease reproves by the year 2030.  

    They comprise, eliminating malnutrition shapeless object reducing the slip dullness reprove up to a reprove of 70 failures in entirety 100000 lineages ,eject entire preventeffectual causes of failure, be effectual to guide and extirpate epidemics such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, waterborne indispositions and communiceffectual indisposition, fix correspondent approximation to object vigor attention uses, sure and operative tenor, vigory foundations and affordeffectual corrective and vaccinations ce object of entire tailgrounds, fix that entire object arrive-at the period of disciple develop and bear a hazard of attachment develop, object entire cems of nicety, eliminating entire cems of injustice including strenuous engagement and slip exchangeking, extirpate hurtful cultural resuscitations such as ceced marriages and feminine genital mutilation, verify nobleest flattens of hygiene and sanitation, eject entire cems of abportraiture such as slip fruit and anguish and collect legitimate identification ce entire newborns whether boys or girls (Horton, 2010).

    In nature, it has been objectow that failures of object subordinate the period of 5 years are alarmingly noble, nature estimated to be over 42%. United Communitys policymakers believe that these can be reversed by providing sort vigor attention uses during prenatal, antenatal and postnatal uses. The Earth Vigor Cem has periodical that diarrhea and pneumonia are couple of the elder causes of noble slip dullness. The Afghanistan synod through it has too conducted a examine which has homogeneous characteristics. It is estimate referableing that Malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS and measles are too summit slip killers.Just enjoy Earth Vigor cem’s answers bear shown, the nobleer reprove of slip reprove distinctly in Afghanistan if as a object of present and ceced marriages, present pregnancies, meagre nobility artificening resuscitations, nicety counter women, collective and collective mutability and meagre hygiene.

    Methods of Tackling the Causes of Slip Failures

    Foundation Surety and Security

    Contaminated foundation causes a reckon of indispositions some that are uniform long-term indispositions ranging from cancer to a artless stomach subvert. The synod of Afghanistan believes that a catholic bisect of sliphood failures are as a object of sick sustentation resuscitations. The estimate principles; detecting, preventing, toll and sort superintendence demand to engperiod as they engperiod in other scopes so as to be effectual to organize referableorious vigor (Hogan et al, 2010). The solution to the occurrence of foundation surety is to regulartle a colorless cemal of recommendations and estimates that can be applied correspondently counter the republic. Preparedness should be seen uniform in the foundation chain as the kingdom fruits to regulartle a coalesce shapeless rational vigor and husbandry.

    Levigation of Polio

    Polio is a weighty indisposition that cripples the martyr and it is casually lethal. In importation, the indisposition is too transmitted hence attention should be fascinated to fly spreading it to other living-souls. The synod has adopted immunization of object as a contrariant estimate. This entrance gain be utilized until the troop has referablehing failures caused by Polio. The primal target is entirety levigation, then surveillance and containment strategies gain be applianceed per tract-of-land with advanceive consummatements nature reported to the administration of vigor officials

    Outbreak and Turning-point Superintendence

    At the exoteric flatten, the synod of Afghanistan has perpetually corroborated with interdiplomatic and communityal bisectners in turning-point superintendence in a bisectnership that is expected to decisive to into the restraintthcoming. In resuscitation, rationalitarian emergencies connected to vigor matters can bear devastating effects. The uniformts are usually vast, unpredicteffectual and insist-upon an proximate reply.  Casually there are strategies that the synod canreferable be effectual to appliance by itself and hence it has to depobject on bud bisectners ce patronage. The Earth Vigor Cem has the insist-upond space in twain rational means and financial significant to patronseniority the objecteavor of the community. To consummate amiable-fortune in such subordinatetakings it is significant to be effectual to coordinate the input of unanalogous stakeholders, bear approximation to global expertise in the scope of institution, flying mobilization of significant instrument and rational significant, pay processing of basis and despatch of counsel to entire stakeholders and straightforward preparation of uses to the demandy (Ronsmans, Graham and Kind Survival Series Steering Collection, 2006). In importation, some emergencies include a reckon of issues and complications. This, hence, insist-upons a reckon of experts to touch uniformts such as clinical transmitted, conducting surveillance, logistics, despatch, and production of vigor technologies.

    Cultural, Collective, Historical Considerations

    The Islamic Renotorious of Afghanistan has verifyd adulterated cetunes throughquenched truth. These bear catholicly been ascribable to the hard-line believes in cultivation, politics, and sanctity. Its geographical colonization can too be blamed ce its engagements. Afghanistan is a wilderness kingdom where the environment is referable the best ce carrying quenched amiable unwandering activities, hence frequent families depobject on purchased foundation and rations. Where it is referable abundance, malnutrition kicks in and the objects may be lethal. The collective environment has too been lawful ce a reckon of object failures fueled by complaisant engagements and terrorist activities. Historically, women who bear been discriminated counter and slighted and object up looking behind the object by their possess. In most cases, the slighted women are uneffectual to collect abundance foundation and basic necessities to their object and some object up death (Assefa,Jabarkhil, Salama and Spiegel, 2001). Truth too has it that object bear been at the feeling of rational abportraiture in Afghanistan. They are portraitured to exveer illegitimate items such as drugs and encounter, slip abuse and nature ceced to fruit in mines. Frequent object bear died in factories and mines including hoportraiture accelerations who are abused and molested by their employers.

    Past and/Or Present Objecteavors at Addressing This Issue

    Ce Years, Afghan object bear been death at a noble reprove distinctly antecedently they arrive-at the period of elderity. The kingdom has been ranked by unanalogous bookmakers as undivided of the countries having undivided of the toughest places ce a slip.  A combicommunity of factors such as want, engagement, low-flatten of feminine education and heightened feminine nicety and meagre vigor uses, find it undivided of the hardest places ce an infant to survive in the earth. Nonetheless, with a complaisantian synod tail in influence, the stipulations are comely with western countries and global cems such as the Earth Vigor Cem initiative administer in the rehabilitation of vigor feelings and preparation of prudenceless and subsidized medical uses .  Ce precedence, in the primeval immodest years of Taliban synod, at lowest 100 babies quenched of 1000 feed lineages died quenched of stipulations influenced by engagement. However, the residence is changing although plenteous demands to be dundivided to ground Afghan mothers abquenched slip attention.

    Budget Proposal

    To extirpate object failures, the synod has injected $ I darling into the bud of strategies to extirpate the total and renew referableorious vigor. The funds gain be portraitured in space erection through to preparation of collective amenities such as beddings, mosquito nets, and drugs. The budget gain be yielding so that it can accommodate the activities of twain communityal and interdiplomatic past most of the activities gain be dundivided in collaboration with their representatives. Earlier bisectners who are referable bisecticipating bear been removed and the roll updated. In importation, the Earth Vigor Cem does referable constantly bear a guide of entire the deliverables and targets, hence, the budget is referable scant by expectations. Space erection gain assent-to past instrument past they are straightforwardly relative-to to the slip success bud activities. The availeffectual $ 1 darling ce the contrivance gain be entireocated as follows, with identical breakdowns nature adapted by the lawful departments.

    Proposed Budget Entireocations

    Activity AreaOutputsCost ($)Space ErectionHouseholds balmy subordinate synod vigor artificesEntire orphaned object collectd with a distinctive vigor coverRoll-quenched of prudenceless maternity  program550000Technical patronseniority to the bucolic administrationBud of a vigor financing artificeCreation of a referableorious vindication artifice20000Learning and budStakeholderdissection report5000Bud of guidelines and policyVigor Financing policy5000Performance monitoring and evaluationImplementation of synod strategies15000

    The identical budgets ce multiform periodncies gain be in-one and scrutinized by the Earth Vigor Cem representatives ce acclaim. The identical budgets gain be expected to collect costs ce cemal and corporeprove uses and other significant activities among the budget.

    Items to be Comprised in The Budget

    • Bud of the roadmap
    • Bud of a concept referablee ce an acceptiond answer of the vigor sector
    • Bud of a legitimate framefruit ce prevalent vigorattention finance
    • Definition of the Cost-benefit package
    • Bud of a monitoring and evaluation framework
    • Activate collective success financing
    • Provoke newfangledness and creation in vigorattention use preparation
    • Roll-quenched of prudenceless maternity attention
    • Creation of a consecrated referableorious vigor financing artifice
    • Conduct of learning and bud dissection
    • Bud of a vigor despatch strategy
    • Harmonize exoteric medical uses
    • Financing trips ce the medical functionary doing learning in other countries
    • Procurement of equipment and supplies
    • Payment of salaries, stipend and any legitimate mandible where requisite.


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