Recommendations for Cyber Security Technologies . Thinking back over all of the research that you have read during this course, identify one emerging or leading technology that you believe has the most potential as a cybersecurity or cyber defense solution. Write a two page (600 word) recommendation for this technology. Include in your recommendation three or more cybersecurity or cyber defense related benefits that you believe will be realized by companies who adopt this technology. Your audience for this recommendation is the CEO of a large company that is interested in finding and funding further research into promising cybersecurity related technologies.

    Recommendations coerce Cyber Pawn Technologies


    According to the scrutiny, cyberpawn constitutes of recovering from and defending resisting accidents such as capacity extinguishedages, and impenetrable restraintce scarcity (Ericsson, 2010). Again, it encompasses of practices which determine availability, confidentiality and honesty.  The guilty collocation, hackers, and the script kiddies are moderate in the passing past they can daze to the achievement sharp and complete delayed perennial menaces. Consequently, calamity resuscitation and occupation simultaneousness are qualitative to the cyberpawn as neteffect pawn and collision. It has been accruing that attracts endure abundantly on the email despatch document which they relentlessly effect on to achievement. In this segregation, the scrutiny shentire furnish an instinct on the required monition on menaces encountered by cybersecurity.

    Recommendations on Gregarious Pawn

    Primarily, the structure should effect with pawn vendors who possess advice in the invasions. To archive this, the pawn should combine the dynamic and static techniques to descry the targets, the diplomacy, and the novel tools nature used by the invasioners. Alternatively, a two-pronged management may be used to disfigurement the email-based invasions. The pawn insufficiencys to behold extinguished on the disruptions which extricate the calculate of choleric messages effectively through determining if they insist of phish credentials or malware. Supposedly, the integrated disruption insufficiencys to afford prompt in subject of any choleric messages nature delivered to delicate undeveloped users. Additionally, the intelligible confutation team should question the exercise enthralled by the user totality when the malware unoccupied invasions involve on them.

    In being, the assuredness fabrication program coerce the employees should be created, and an delayed email pawn disruption deployed past the email offal as the anthropological kits vector excellent. Similarly, the disruption that can quarantine and realize the spear phishing emails should be integrated antecedently adit the inbox of the employees to extricate the anthropological falsity. The influence of gregarious resources and the fickle user collision that is frequently used should be examined. In this unsubstantial, the vision into undeveloped gregarious engineering vectors is accordingly extensive. Overover, the gregarious engineering element should centre over on the menace modeling of an separate.

    Suggestively, an structure should intensively endue in the pawn disruption that can dynamically class email referable barely by the static administration. Affectwise, a BEC assuredness device should be built. Through this, commonalty should be extensive on the diplomacy used to invasion the emails.  Also, they insufficiency to know the advice compute they method (Morris, Pan and Adhikari, 2012). The users insufficiency to be assured of the solid extinguishedside risks which are tagged parallel with the fallacious totalitys that jam on the company’s mark. Overover, the user should to-boot know the trail of their gregarious resources. The users insufficiency to automate their totalitys honest affect the fraudsters automate their invasions. Seemingly, the users should incorporate the angler phishing past it reports, referableify and discovers entire the company’s mark totality. This owing it concentrates over on the disruptions that scab twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google +.

    Typically, the strong gregarious resources pawn is qualitative past it referableifies the user of any separate who has symmetrical an totality that possesses the company’s mark anywhere in the universe. Further, the user should incorporate proactive disruptions that reconnoitre the texture domains that are novelly created coerce descrying present warnings of the angler phish and the phishing invasions. Finally, the user should behold extinguished coerce disruptions that reconnoitre the novel confabulation collisions such as BBM, WeChat, Snapchat, and signals. Though this, an instinct is furnishd on what other commonalty are talking abextinguished and how they are using the company’s mark spectry in the novel despatch documents, and it sends an prompt when the mark is nature harmed.



    Ericsson, G. N. (2010). Cyber pawn and capacity method despatch—qualitative parts of a clever grid infrastructure. IEEE Transactions on Capacity Delivery25(3), 1501-1507.

    Morris, T. H., Pan, S., & Adhikari, U. (2012, July). Cyber pawn monitions coerce large area monitoring, refuge, and coerce methods. In Capacity and Energy Society General Meeting, 2012 IEEE (pp. 1-6). IEEE.