Recommendations for Cyber Security Technologies . Thinking back over all of the research that you have read during this course, identify one emerging or leading technology that you believe has the most potential as a cybersecurity or cyber defense solution. Write a two page (600 word) recommendation for this technology. Include in your recommendation three or more cybersecurity or cyber defense related benefits that you believe will be realized by companies who adopt this technology. Your audience for this recommendation is the CEO of a large company that is interested in finding and funding further research into promising cybersecurity related technologies.

    Recommendations restraint Cyber Defence Technologies


    According to the learning, cyberdefence constitutes of recovering from and defending opposite accidents such as restraintce quenchedages, and oppressive instigate scarcity (Ericsson, 2010). Again, it encompasses of practices which fix availability, confidentiality and honesty.  The sinful collection, hackers, and the script kiddies are interjacent in the death past they can confound to the achievement grave and complete slow perpetual menaces. Consequently, adversity resuscitation and affair simultaneousness are indispensable to the cyberdefence as netachievement defence and contact. It has been deduced that attracts remain considerable on the email despatch means which they relentlessly achievement on to muniment. In this anatomy, the learning shentire yield an recognition on the required warning on menaces encountered by cybersecurity.

    Recommendations on Political Defence

    Primarily, the construction should achievement with defence vendors who entertain innovatings in the onslaughts. To archive this, the defence should incorporate the dynamic and static techniques to unmask the targets, the manoeuvre, and the innovating tools substance used by the onslaughters. Alternatively, a two-pronged management may be used to defect the email-based onslaughts. The defence wants to appear quenched on the explanations which extricate the calculate of insubmissive messages effectively through determining if they endure of phish credentials or malware. Supposedly, the integrated explanation wants to confer ready in fact of any insubmissive messages substance delivered to exposed germinative users. Additionally, the trans-parent tally team should endowigate the resuscitation captured by the user statement when the malware exempt onslaughts compose on them.

    In life, the sensibleness fable program restraint the employees should be created, and an slow email defence explanation deployed past the email remains as the cosmical kits vector rare. Similarly, the explanation that can quarantine and confirm the spear phishing emails should be integrated precedently access the inbox of the employees to extricate the cosmical untruth. The closeness of political media and the fickle user contact that is frequently used should be examined. In this capricious, the inspection into germinative political engineering vectors is consequently broad. Pastover, the political engineering rudiment should convergence past on the menace modeling of an single.

    Suggestively, an construction should intensively endow in the defence explanation that can dynamically collocate email not attributable attributable attributable merely by the static government. Approvewise, a BEC sensibleness management should be built. Through this, fellow-creatures should be catholic on the manoeuvre used to onslaught the emails.  Also, they want to conceive the notice estimate they course (Morris, Pan and Adhikari, 2012). The users want to be sensible of the real quenchedside risks which are tagged parallel with the deceptive statements that hang on the company’s mark. Pastover, the user should as-well conceive the vestige of their political media. The users want to automate their statements true approve the fraudsters automate their onslaughts. Seemingly, the users should unite the angler phishing past it reports, not attributable attributableify and discovers entire the company’s mark statement. This accordingly it concentrates past on the explanations that scab twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google +.

    Typically, the hale political media defence is indispensable past it not attributable attributableifies the user of any single who has periodical an statement that possesses the company’s mark anywhere in the earth. Further, the user should unite proactive explanations that contemplate the construction domains that are innovatingly created restraint unmasking existing warnings of the angler phish and the phishing onslaughts. Finally, the user should appear quenched restraint explanations that contemplate the innovating colloquy contacts such as BBM, WeChat, Snapchat, and signals. Though this, an recognition is yieldd on what other fellow-creatures are talking abquenched and how they are using the company’s mark indicate in the innovating despatch meanss, and it sends an ready when the mark is substance harmed.



    Ericsson, G. N. (2010). Cyber defence and restraintce order despatch—indispensable magnitude of a spruce grid infrastructure. IEEE Transactions on Restraintce Delivery25(3), 1501-1507.

    Morris, T. H., Pan, S., & Adhikari, U. (2012, July). Cyber defence warnings restraint expanded area monitoring, defence, and moderate orders. In Force and Energy Society General Meeting, 2012 IEEE (pp. 1-6). IEEE.