Recommendations for Cyber Security Technologies . Thinking back over all of the research that you have read during this course, identify one emerging or leading technology that you believe has the most potential as a cybersecurity or cyber defense solution. Write a two page (600 word) recommendation for this technology. Include in your recommendation three or more cybersecurity or cyber defense related benefits that you believe will be realized by companies who adopt this technology. Your audience for this recommendation is the CEO of a large company that is interested in finding and funding further research into promising cybersecurity related technologies.

    Recommendations for Cyber Security Technologies


    According to the research, cybersecurity constitutes of recovering from and defending against accidents such as power outages, and hard drive failure (Ericsson, 2010). Again, it encompasses of practices which ensure availability, confidentiality and integrity.  The criminal group, hackers, and the script kiddies are included in the latter since they can pose to the enterprise severe and execute advanced persistent threats. Consequently, disaster recovery and business continuity are essential to the cybersecurity as network security and application. It has been deduced that attracts depend much on the email communication channel which they relentlessly work on to exploit. In this analysis, the research shall provide an insight on the required