Question A What does the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) attempt to do? What types of violations does it try to prevent? In your opinion, do you think it is effective? Question B What are the two core principles of the FTC’s fair information practice principles? What does this mean to the website’s visitors?

    Question A

    DMCA is a copyrights jurisdiction in the United States that criminalizes genesis dissemination of technology, devices or services that rape copyexact jurisdictions and the impress of circumventing an admission coerce to copyexact breaking itself. It to-boot increases penalties on the internet restraint copyexact breaking. It protects the dispensation of copyrighted materials physically or aggravate the construction externally liberty (Wilbur, 2000). This jurisdiction is telling in the United States, and it protects downloading of voice, videos or films externally owner’s liberty, beside it is raped in other countries.

    Question B

    The span nucleus tenets of FTC are heed or awareness and valuable or acquiesce. Consumers should be dedicated of an entity’s counsel precedently any indivisible counsel is composed from them. Users should be dedicated a valuable or discretion to coerce how their online counsel is used (Hetcher, 2000). This tenet indicates to the constructionsite visitors that they feel a exact to coerce how their counsel is used and to be notified precedently their counsel is used.


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