Public Policy. 1. The United States Department of Energy is considering many different nuclear energy plants for different parts of the United States. The Department may build as many plants as it wishes, but the total amount it can spend for land takings and construction is limited to $490 billion. A consultant hired by the Department has provided the cost and benefit data shown in Table 1 below. Table 1 Costs and Benefits of Various Nuclear Energy Plants Costs (Land cost and Construction cost) Plant No. Land Takings (billions of dollars Construction (billions of dollars) Benefits (billions of dollars) A 60 100 480 B 70 100 1020 C 80 100 720 D 100 100 1400 E 180 100 252 F 20 100 480 Which nuclear power plants would you recommend should be built? Why? If you were an advisor to the Department of Energy, what questions would you ask the consultant regarding the information in Table 1? Why would you ask these questions? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this method of policy evaluation? PART C. Answer one of the two questions in this PART C. 1) The American system of government is fragmented. Describe this fragmentation, give an example, and discuss its advantages and disadvantages. 2) Policy response to issue on the agenda can sometimes depend on whether the issue is within the realm of accident or the realm of human intent or behavior. Discuss how such a difference would determine the policy response. . PART D. Choose the correct answer to each question. The instrument of public policy that is most affected by the faith and trust of American citizens in their government is called:…………………………………………………. In agenda setting, the availability of technology best describes A) bounded rationality B) suasion C) garbage can model D) systemic agenda As a rule, in communicating with administrative superiors and elected officials, Administrators should use the medium, style, format, tone and length the administrators prefer. Administrators should use the medium, style, format, tone and length that their administrative superiors and elected officials prefer Administrators should use a different medium, style, format, tone and length for each communication None of the above. 4) One who is willing to devote personal or organizational resources to guide an issue through the policy window is called: A) Kingdon B) Policy specialist C) Policy opportunist D) Policy entrepreneur QUESTIONS 5 to 7: This problem comes from a sample examination for Administrative Officers of the United States Foreign Service a long time ago. The officer in charge of a United States Foreign Service recreation program has decided to replenish the employees’ club funds by arranging a dinner. It rains nine days out of ten at the post and she must decide whether to hold the dinner indoors or outdoors. An enclosed pavilion is available but uncomfortable, and past experience has shown turnout to be low at indoor functions, resulting in 60 percent chance of gaining $100 from a dinner held in the pavilion and a 40 percent chance of losing $20. On the other hand, an outdoor dinner could be expected to earn $500 unless it rains, in which case the dinner would lose about $10. The decision tree for this situation is shown in Figure 12- below. (Sorry for the look of the figure due to photocopying). 5) If the dinner is held indoors, her expected net income will be: –$68 B) –$20 C) $100 D) $52 E) +$500 6) If the dinner is held outdoors, her expected net income will be: $490 B) –$500 C) $41 D) –$10 E) +$510 7) Where should she hold the dinner? Indoors because its expected net income is more than that of the outdoors Outdoors because its expected net income is more than that of the indoors. Either indoors or outdoors because the expected net incomes of both is equal. Neither indoors nor outdoors because the expected net income of both is negative. 8) A large number of interested parties, each with substantial expertise in policy areas and less unified about policy than are the iron triangles is called __________________________. 9) Consider the following recommendation: “The US Department of Agriculture should provide $5 billion to farmers in soy bean production by December 31, 2018 for their loss in the tariff policy of the US government.” In this recommendation; name each component and identify it in the recommendation. Provide the answers on the Answer Sheet below. 10) In policy formulation, when decision makers have nether an adequate information base nor adequate theory of causation about the problem called _______________________________ PART D: Multiple Choice Answer Sheet. Choose the correct answer to each question and write the letter of the answer in the space provided below. NAME: ____________________________________________________________________ 1. ……………… 5………………. 8………………. 2. …………… 6…………… 9…See below……….… 3. …………… 7…………… 10……………… 4. …………… 9.

    1. The United Avows Office of Zeal is in-reference-to multifarious unanalogous nuclear zeal sets manage unanalogous interinterspace of the United Avows.  The Office may uplift as multifarious sets as it wishes, excepting the whole sum it can exhaust manage set takings and erection is poor to $490 billion.   A consultant hired by the Office has supposing the require and favor basis shown in Table 1 under.

            Table 1 Requires and Favors of Various Nuclear Zeal Sets

    Costs (Set require and Erection require)
    Set No.Set Takings(billions of dollarsConstruction(billions of dollars)Benefits(billions of dollars)

    1. Which nuclear jurisdiction sets would you praise should be built? Why

    In determining the zeal sets to be built, it is influential to collate the favors versus the require of endue, in this occurrence the cumulative whole of set takings and erection requires. As such, according to the require-favor anatomy overhead, set D has the principal favor followed by set B and set C. However, the, the chief brace sets can accurately correspond the budget suitableness set C may referable fit. This is accordingly it required a whole of $180 favorite manage set takings and erection, which is further than the resiimputable sum of $120 favorite left behind erection of set D and set B. The other set that could fit as the third claimant is set a. However, it is weak by the truth that the require of set takings manage set f are inferior than manage set A. Coercion-this-reason, set F qualifies as the third design to sate the $490 favorite budget commencement. Set E has the smallest favor in-reference-to proud requires and coercion-this-reason ill-disposed manage enduement.

    1. If you were an advisor to the Office of Zeal, what scrutinys would you pray the consultant in-reference-to the knowledge in Table 1? Why would you pray these scrutinys?

    The scrutinys understand;

    • Who accomplish capital the erection designs?
    • How accomplish requires be assessed to adhere-to uprightness?
    • What is the criteria of budget aggregateocation?
    • Where is the erection plight located?


    The rationale manage praying these scrutinys is that it is influential to secure that the beginning of capitals is clear. This secures that a design does referable faggregate precedently it smooth begins. In restoration, the require toll administration manage voluptuousness of requires must be identifiable and comprehensive to secure the requires are referable joyed. It is too influential to attain abextinguished other truthors that may desire the raze of favor expected to secure that improve tolls are performed and the improve sets are deceptive. The residuum of the erection plight serves as a estimate manage ensuring that there is a penny natural design manage which the office intends to compose a jurisdiction set.

    1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this arrangement of plan evaluation?

    Advantages: the requires and favors manage a plan are nforever unreserved with positiveness specially when in-reference-to the coming. It coercion-this-reason requires that requires and favors be aid deposit through a sensitivity cupel, which helped to acception the robustness of explanation basis and bulk. In restoration, the arrangement aggregateows the analyst to market exhaustively with aggregate the requires that could start Vis a Vis the favors. The arrangement how ceforever had a inhale end in that it does referable verification into avowment other truthors that may desire the raze of favor, manage point macroeconomic truthors

    PART C.  Apology undivided of the brace scrutinys in this PART C.  

    1. The American administration of synod is fragmented.  Describe this fragmentation, concede an stance, and examine its advantages and disadvantages.

    Collective fragmentation as observed the American synod refers to a managem of synod where a accessible pattern shares dominion with ingredient collective organizations systematically as avows. This record that jurisdiction is shared between avow synods and the exoteric synod.

    Advantages of a fragmented synod: Fragmentation facilitates avow loyalties and aggregateows administrations to manner pragmatism. In restoration, it promotes the enlargement of democracy immanent to collective stoppage. Aid, it gets axioms manage pluralism suitableness ensuring the opposition of jurisdictions that prevents inclemency. Disadvantages: Fragmentation makes it obscure to principle a exoteric plan, which gets axioms manage acceptiond noncommunication of avowmentability

    1. The plan acceptance to the offspring on the agenda can rarely exist on whether the offspring is among the dominion of property or the dominion of anthropological eager or proceeding. Examine how such a estrangement would determine the plan acceptance.

    The chief offspring relative-to to plan acceptance is in substance specification principally focused on attributing ill-disposed stipulations to anthropological proceeding instead of to doom, property and regularity. However, this offspring canreferable be considered by barely faceing at the collective players excepting too the characteristics of offsprings and the regularity of the ill-disposed stipulations. This is allied to the free construction of truthors and stipulations manage competing collective players. The overhead portrayals can be explained using lewd theories. There can too be considered as truthors desireing the raze of plan acceptance. They understand mechanistic principle scheme (Infrequented scheme), property scheme (whole absence of anthropological manage), eager scheme (frequented manage) and the included deputy scheme (manage mediated by other stipulations).

    Collective actors seeking to determine a plan aim to aim to thrust the sense of ill-disposed stipulations extinguished of the dominion of the property to the dominion of anthropological eager. However, the acceptiond verification of probabilistic referableions of causation by collective actors and mechanistic concepts has secured the continued good-fortune of plan acceptance. This estrangement has influential consequences manage plan acceptance spent anthropological manage. This is accordingly they principle a impetuous normative sense of the deep plan offsprings as they report to gregarious, economic, collective and economic stipulations.


    PART D.   

    Choose the improve apology to each scrutiny.

    1. The record of notorious plan that is most desireed by the credulity and reliance of American citizens in their synod is designated:………………………………………………….

    1. In agenda elucidation, the availability of technology best describes

    A) terminable rationality

    B) suasion

    C) offal can model

    D) administrationic agenda

    1. As a administration, in communicating with professional superiors and elected officials,
      1. Administrators should verification the moderation, title, managemat, tundivided and extension the administrators elect.
      2. Administrators should verification the moderation, title, managemat, tundivided and extension that their professional superiors and elected officials elect
      3. Administrators should verification a unanalogous moderation, title, managemat, tundivided and extension manage each communication
      4. Nundivided of the overhead.

    4)  Undivided who is accomplishing to apportion idiosyncratic or organizational instrument to manage an offspring through the plan window is designated:

    A) Kingdom   B) Plan specialist

    C)  Plan opportunist        D) Plan entrepreneur

    QUESTIONS 5 to 7: This substance comes from a pattern evidence manage Professional Directors of the United Avows Manageeign Service a crave season gone.

    The director in assault of a United Avows Manageeign Service amusement program has resolute to refill the employees’ club capitals by arranging a dinner.  It rains nine days extinguished of ten at the shaft and she must fcheap whether to wait the dinner indoors or extinguisheddoors. An enclosed temple is suited excepting celorn, and spent habit has shown turnextinguished to be cheap at indoor functions, resulting in 60 per cent haphazard of gaining $100 from a dinner held in the temple and a 40 per cent haphazard of losing $20.  On the other index, an extinguisheddoor dinner could be expected to realize $500 spontaneous it rains, in which occurrence the dinner would miss abextinguished $10. The judgment tree manage this seat is shown in Delineation 12- under. (Sorry manage the face of the delineation imputable to photocopying).

    5) If the dinner is held indoors, her expected catch proceeds accomplish be:

    1. –$68        B) –$20    C) $100    D) $52        E) +$500

    6) If the dinner is held extinguisheddoors, her expected catch proceeds accomplish be:

    1. $490        B) –$500    C) $41    D) –$10    E) +$510   

    7) Where should she wait the dinner?

    1. Indoors accordingly its expected catch proceeds is further than that of the extinguisheddoors
    2. Outdoors accordingly its expected catch proceeds is further than that of the indoors.
    3. Either indoors or extinguisheddoors accordingly the expected catch proceedss of twain are resembling.
    4. Neither indoors nor extinguisheddoors accordingly the expected catch proceeds of twain is indirect.

    8) A comprehensive estimate of animated parties, each with solid expertise in plan areas and short unified abextinguished plan than are the brawny triangles is designated __________________________.

    9) Consider the subjoined praiseation: “The US Office of Agriculture should get $5 billion to farmers in soybean evolution by December 31, 2018, manage their mislaying in the tariff plan of the US synod.”

    In this praiseation; designate each element and fulfill it in the praiseation. Get the apologys on the Apology Sheet under.

    10) In plan managemulation, when judgment makers accept catchher an comprehensive knowledge low nor comprehensive scheme of causation abextinguished the substance designated _______________________________

    PART D:   Multiple Choice Apology Sheet.  Choose the improve apology to each scrutiny and transcribe the communication of the apology in the interinterspace supposing under.

    NAME: ____________________________________________________________________

    1. …Tax Plan……………        5………C……….        8…offspring catchworks…………….   

    2. ……A………        6……A………            9…See under……….…       

    3. ……B………        7……B………            10…Causation……………       

    4. ……D………

    9.  Components understand;

    • The $5 billion contemplated bombast to farmers
    • The synod as the financier of the design
    • The U.S. Office of Agriculture as design sponsors
    • The farmers as beneficiaries and
    • The end of the hypothecation being to cushion farmers manage mislaying in the tariff plan of the United Avows synod