PROJ592 Week 1 Assignment: Project Proposal Student Name Michelle Garrett Date 7/09/2017 Project Title Windows 7/10 Migration and application Integration Project Project Concept Purpose of this Project is to migrate remain legacy MS Window PC’s. Into the new company standard of Windows 7 and or 10 Compliance. Company A total count of 325 of 600 users’ computer and or standalone PC’s are out of compliance and need to be evaluated for migration. Also, the accommodation of new Remote work/home balance and hotel seating policy. Which includes PC’s hardware specification standardization (stationary Desktop replaced with Laptop and Docking Station), OS upgrade, legacy application decommissioning and next generation application migration). Proposed Timeline Budget Benefits First and foremost, those still on Windows XP faces the end of support from Microsoft and or any technical support agreement. Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP on various dates. Depending on when you purchased your XP machine. Windows XP is now at the end of its life when it comes to full support. Key Points: The security and business costs of using Windows XP. First: Windows XP limits browser options Audit hardware and software for Windows 7 or windows 10 upgrade. Whichever comes first. At this point, Windows XP is obsolete, insecure and limits business. Additionally, migrating to Windows 7 or windows 10 also affords the opportunity to review how desktops are provisioned, It may be that virtual desktop infrastructure would provide a better service to the business, providing access to devices from existing desktops through tablets to smartphones. Attempting to manage these devices often brought in by users themselves as part of the trend towards the consumerization of IT. As part of an ageing and creaking Windows XP environment just doesn’t make sense. Other benefits Windows 7 OS provides many new tools and features that focus on improved productivity through improved usability. This new OS has been constructed to be more intuitive and less distracting (no more annoying and unnecessary pop-ups notifying the user that there is a notification for the user). Users that upgrade to Windows 7 or windows 10 will benefit from increased productivity while enjoying the following resources. Upgrading to Windows 7 gives users the ability to run almost any software that is Windows compatible. Windows 7 will work with more accessories and programs than its predecessors, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Microsoft has designed this OS to automatically run any program that was designed for Vista, and it will also be able to run most XP applications in an XP compatibility window. Other benefits can be seen via the following Links below: Action Request I’d like move forward with this migration project.

    Device Scope Statement and WBS


    Course Title and Enumerate

    Professor’s name


    Device Scope Statement

    Statement of Dischargeance – Device Description and device Product

    The procedures we denote to economize unordered the device dischargeance are focused towards windows 7/10 travel and its integration to consummate a surpassing smooth of adjusts’ functioning. A enumerate of steps gain be amalgamated to control the cogent execution of device dischargeance. Monitoring and evaluation of the exoteric adjusts gain be dischargeed in ordain to fulfill those that claim the travel across those which possess already been upgraded. Most of the manifestationrs possess been untrammelled lowerneathneath the manifestation of windows XP, which lowerneathneath the considerations of the pros and cons associated, most of drawbacks are pernicious to the fixed. This gain be conducted upon the 325 computers extinguished of the 600 which appears to discharge short significantly withextinguished ductility to the expected standards. In the consummatement of this travel, a enumerate of hardware components ought to be replaced with aggravate consonant ones that cogently adjust with the planed contacts and converge the preferment exchanges in the decades.

    Device Extrinsics

    The explanation extrinsic control this device is to transmute the exoteric organization’s adjusts administrativeity to a surpassing smooth and exchangeaggravate from the judicious windows to the most fresh. A explanation disposition extrinsic is the supplies of utilitys aggravate urgeily and efficiently with minimal space entity departed on customer utility. Integration of the standalones machines with windows 7 and 10 is expected to improve supplies of living as unanalogous to the previously applied windows XP. The device is denoteed to operate from 1st September 2017 and purpose by the 31st Dec 2017.

    A entirety of $541,939 is the prize costs of exchangeaggravate manner which combines every the costs expected to be incurred unordered the device including the wages of the consonant hardware components as polite as the control-utility payments control the integration strive.

    Device Deliverables

    The hardware claimments control windows 7/ 10 are associated with aggravate delayed components that gain improve emend skillful-treatment of space control the manifestationrs. The device implementation complexion should referable clash with the typical operations unordered the science. The device gain concede soften to a largely administrative window including largely activated windows. The windows should be consonant with the previously economized contact or their final versions.

    Device Assumptions

    • The exoteric standalones converge the compatibility claimments control either windows 7/ 10 including the mannering urge and Read Path Retrospect.
    • Other claimment such as LAN netafloat capabilities are cogently pliant between the judicious windows and fantastic contacts.
    • The manifestationrs are largely pliant in the manifestation of windows XP and windows 10 thus gain cevery control poor luxuriance claimments.
    • The internet connectivity unordered troop A is secure abundance to smooth upgrade control devices which claim so. The connectivity should as-polite be friendly control conducting the troop’s operations either on windows 7 or 10

    Device Constraints

    During the implementation manner, clearly the evaluation complexions, some of the computers could be associated with malfunctions thus seduceing control either redemption of the liberal adjust or affixed subsistence costs which possess referable been intervening unordered the judicious costs planning. Knowledge smooths could contend unordered the manifestationrs specially in provisions of the manifestation of the fantastic contact. This could be associated with space decay by some manifestationrs in the controlce to discharge the daily tasks.


    Windows exexchange gain simply be conducted upon the 325 machines and rather referable to every the 600-computing adjust. In ordain to standardize the operations and streamline the dischargeanceing procedures, the quiet 275 machines gain be upgraded to the final versions to smooth a spiritless exemplar of dischargeance.

    Acceptance Criteria

    • The installation should smooth emend internet utility to the manifestationrs that everyowing a surpassing interactivity between contendent manifestationrs unordered the national Area Netperformance as polite as path to expedients aggravate the Wide Area Network.
    • The contacts should smooth emend assurance conformance as polite as amalgamate the completeowable and organizational operations standards.
    • There should be minimal or no privative clashnce with the typical functioning of the dischargeance. The device should operate unordered the calculated spaceline and costs with every the device activities entity completed unordered the customary spaceline.
    • The upgradeability should as-polite embrace factors more the typical adjust’s specifications including component living, contact compatibility and fixedware living.

    Technical claimments

    1 gigahertz mannering facility is claimd control hosting of windows 10 onto the standalones. Other technical claimments embrace I GB and 2GB Read path retrospect unordered each of the machines, 16GB detached retrospect unordered the inner storage and Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics card. Computing devices with poor storage memories such as 3GB standalones may possess a poor facility control upgrades in coming thus seduceing control an integration with a surpassing inner storage.

    Performance Breakdown Structure (WBS)

    LevelWBS CodeActivity
    11Travel and Contact Integration device
    31.1.1Monitoring and Evaluation
    31.1.2Device Charter development
    31.1.3Submission of charter
    31.2.1Scope Statement Creation
    31.2.2Team Members Identification
    31.2.3First team convergeing
    31.2.4Device Plan Submission
    31.3.1Adjust Claimments validation and Verification
    31.3.2Wages of hardware and software components
    31.3.3Installation of the hardware components
    31.3.4Applications installation
    31.3.5User Luxuriance
    21.4Device Closeout
    31.4.1Risk Skillful-treatment
    31.4.2Audit procurement
    31.4.3Formal Acceptance Gain