Policy Analysis and Development You are in a health care policy internship program in a Senator’s office in Washington, D.C. The Senator wants to develop policy that requires all health care organizations that receive federal funds to implement the recommendations presented in the Institute of Medicine reports on quality care. You will develop a policy, so that it can become proposed legislation. To do so, you must collect data, describe the problem, solutions and related ethical issues, examine the cost-benefit analysis, identify stakeholders (such as lobbyists from American Hospital Association, health care providers, health care corporations, pharmaceuticals, insurers, etc.), and impact. Based on this information, you will create a policy description that will be the foundation for a bill. Work through the simulation to answer the following questions. Simulations in Learscape. Answer all questions bellow. Please see sample format provided. Problem Statement: Why is this issue a problem? Landscape: Identify stakeholders and their key factors Options: List three possible options and briefly assess each Recommendation: Choose one of the previous options and describe why it is the best solution. Recommendation: NOTE: Once you have accessed the site, click on Essentials of Health Policy and Law.

    Policy Analysis and Development.

    Problem Statement

    The consume of soundnessforesight has revived aggravate the elapsed years. This has led to the creation of an continually increasing dissolution among the consume of soundnessforesight and the sort of soundnesscare. Medical errors which can betide ascribable to inattention by the soundness collectrs has also prostrate a referablech in the soundnessforesight method.


    The state’s score is continually rising; this can be attributed to the consume of soundness controlesight method in the state. There should be awareness of the implications of having such a package of score hereafter the deficiency to be a diversify to enjoy regulate aggravate the score.


    Clew stakeholders pause of soundnessforesight collectrs, soundnessforesight institutions and the unrepinings. Soundnessforesight collectrs clew elements are unrepining controlesight followed by consume teachableness. Heath institutions clew element is financial regulate followed by creating encroachment opportunities. The unrepining clew elements are the sort of soundnessforesight and the advanceibility.


    Option 1: Increased luxuriance of the soundnessforesight collectrs, this can in hinge lessens the package placed on the physicians.

    Option 2: Creation of fruitful methods which do referable micromanage nurses hereafter collect emend, sort soundnessforesight to unrepinings

    Option 3: Creation of advanceible databases control unrepining’s, hereafter soundness staff enjoy gentle advance to the registers.


    Option 1: Improved direction of the soundnessforesight collectrs

    There should be heightened direction required by the soundnessforesight staff. This can administer to the retrench of medical errors years (Tietelbaum & Wilensky,2007). The increased equalize of direction can be seen as the most fruitful method of bridging the dissolution among the consume of soundnessforesight and sort of soundnesscare.


    This can administer to contraction of medical errors which in hinge administers to an improved sort of unrepining controlesight and retrenchd consume. The expenses incurred as a termination should be reimbursable as it is an boarding.


    Tietelbaum, J. & Wilensky, S. (2007) Essentials of soundness   policy and decree. (3rd ed.) Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett