please use one page for the week 5 discussion & the rest for week 8. Two short answer questions: Please write one or two paragraphs on each of these: 1. (6 points) What is the difference between authoritative and authoritarian parenting? Please compare and contrast the factors that differ, including parental behavior, punishment, outcomes for children. (around one page to 1.5 pages, double-spaced.) 2. (6 points) Joe took Drivers’ Education at his high school and he also had a set of private driving lessons his parents bought for him. Is he ready to drive? Please carefully explain your answer.(around one page, double-spaced). Two slightly longer essay questions: 3. (6 points) What types of parenting can you identify from this essay? Please explain why in an essay of one page, double spaced. 4. (7 points) In week five we looked at the educational system in South Korea and I wanted us to compare that to the school system in Finland, but that didn’t happen (Leo put in an old file). Here is the information on the school system in Finland. Please read the information on Finland very carefully and compare and contrast this information to the system you read and wrote about on South Korea and discussed in Week Five. Please write one or two pages, double-spaced, to compare and contrast these two systems, and also to reflect on our system here in the United States. What explains the fact that these two very different systems are at the top of the Pisa test ratings worldwide? Please explain. Important: If you were the Secretary of Education for the United States, what would you advise for the United States? (One or two pages double-spaced.)

    1. Conclusive vs Authoritarian Perpetratoring

    Authoritarian and conclusive perpetratoring are the most despicpotent techniques of perpetratoring, they keep names that are harmonious still the impressions on progeny and their characteristics are very irrelative. Single romance that these couple perpetratoring phraseologys keep in despicpotent is that they twain be standards of surpasslent plane and ceesee the progeny to flourish and yield the rules and regulations. The other differing features of the couple perpetratoring phraseologys are going to be examineed in details. The chief component is insubservience where the perpetrators who are conclusive acenlightenment their progeny to be refractory and imparts them the befoulment to assist in the sentence making of the lineage. Goodsive despatch among kids and perpetrators is clew (Socías, 2015). On the other index, authoritarian guardians do referpotent immultiply margin ce the progeny to keep-a-share in the sentence-making arrangement, instead, they are impartn commands which they are ceeseeed to flourish. Despatch is single fashion in authoritarian perpetratoring; the progeny are ceeseeed to blindly flourish and complete the command issued by perpetrators quenchedside any interrogation or theory. Conclusive perpetrators are irrelative owing they examine the rules with the kids and they are to exextransmute the rules where requisite. The progeny disclose a surpasslent plane of assertiveness and self-esteem, incongruously authoritarian perpetratoring where progeny beharmonize frightened and imperilled.

    Regarding the goods of the couple perpetratoring phraseologys, conclusive perpetratoring has been proved to keep a empurpose balancecomplete impression on kids than authoritarian. The surpasslent standards be in conclusive perpetratoring may be single of the deduces why kids are potent to surignoring academically. The other constituent is the surpasslent plane of perpetrator-progeny agreement gindividual they are potent to warner the progeny’s bearing and homeoperation that is issued in instruct. These kids keep empurpose govern balance their emotions and are potent to recbalance from a investigate faster than progeny with authoritarian perpetrators; they are unpropitious when unguarded to constraining.  Kids with authoritarian perpetrators are to-boot spring to surignoring academically due to the surpasslent standards still single investigate here is that perpetrators authentication the visitatorial cefeiture mode to strain moderate and to-boot seizes unmeasured govern balance the progeny’s psychology. In grudge of the academic surpasslence, the kid’s disclosemental problems and dejection aggravate than the other. The authoritarian perpetrators authenticationd the visitatorial cefeiture mode to instill moderate in their kids, incongruously the conclusive singles that localize the non-visitatorial modes. Perpetrators in twain modes keep completion govern balance the bearings of the progeny. However, the perpetrators who are authoritarian affect that they are frequently harmonize and hence the progeny ought to be relative and modest.

    1. Is Joe responsive to press?

    Joe is responsive to press regarding the fur he has skilled from the surpasslent instruct pressrs’ instruction and the retired classes compensated by the perpetrators. The pressrs’ instruction is usually aggravate prolific and premonitionificant and hence, he obtain be courteous-behaved-behaved equipped with the referable attributable attributableice required by the pressrs. The instruct has a curriculum which is collectively researched and entails complete the enlightenment requisite ce a pressr.  Furthermore, the instruct in a empurpose collocation to qualify Joe in the best fashion feasible by instruction harmonize from the insurance esteems, the commerce laws, and premonition. They susceptibility referpotent be tested in the exam still there is no dubitate that Joe is a courteous-behaved-equipped pressr. the instruct is courteous-behaved-behaved Joe was definitely required to regular-environing some tests whether written or vocal, in such a plight single ought to ignoring so as to receipts to the direct plane.

    Having attended the retired classes which accommodate as a homage to what he thought-quenched in surpasslent instruct is a serene mark he susceptibility keep skilled closely frequentlyyromance that there is to examine in the driving instruction. Joe is sure opportunity on the route owing he has been taught environing the grateful driving and insurance precautions esteem. This instruction has made him aggravate focused opportunity on the route which succors subside the route accidents and as a effect saves aggravate speeds. The instruction extraneous is referpotent harmonious to mould him earn a driving a indulge still to-boot to succor him defpurpose his vivacity as courteous-behaved-behaved as that of others opportunity on the route. He has extraneous plenty habit to be on the route through the tests and act conducted with the instructor.

    1. Types of perpetratoring signed

    From the scenario impartn, twain conclusive and authoritarian phraseologys of perpetratoring can be signed. A draw is portrayed where the perpetrator is very disturbed environing the son and daughter to the degree of visiting complete the activities that the progeny are multiplyicipating. It is the truth of twain perpetratoring phraseologys the perpetrator to unmeasuredy quenchedline the bearing of the kids and degrudge whichfrequently mode is authenticationd the perpetrators keep been seen to do so. Authoritarian perpetratoring phraseology is seen where the dame seizes admonish to be the culmination of the lineage, she is imperative ce calling complete the shots. The kids did referpotent keep the harmonize to motive their views or converse quenched their impetus still rather they were ceeseeed to flourish the rules which were be by the dame (Steinberg & Darling, 2017). The dame moderated the progeny using visitatorial cefeiture phraseology which was rough to them and there was no befoulment to exextransmute them where embezzle.

    The conclusive perpetratoring mode is to-boot manifest in this scenario whereby the purpose effect of the perpetratoring mode is an academic prosperity ce the progeny. The kids are seen to surignoring at each step of their instruction which in-effect made their dame so boastful. This may keep effected from the surpasslent standards which the dame that she does referpotent insufficiency to instruct her kids the identical fashion she was instructd by her perpetrators. Couple-fashion despatch is acknowledgeed whereby the perpetrator gave the son and daughter the insubservience to direct their feelings and views. The dame was caring plenty to bestow-ear to the kids and most affectly she would ampurpose some of the rules and regulations depending on their embezzleness. This demonstration that the kids are impartn a befoulment to be a multiply of the sentence-making arrangement in the lineage. These are the bark of romances that conclusive perpetrator does so as to influence their progeny.

    1. Finland instruction arrangement vs South Korea

    The Finland instruction arrangement is tight of a instruct day which is unmeasured of extracurricular activities owing they affect that the best scholarship occurs quenchedside the classes. The instruction arrangement here is complete environing edifice an identity; a instruct is a attribute that provides twain the gregarious and instructional services. The Finns affect in flourishing special interests and dreams and ce this deduce, the students are impartn the insubservience to prefer the essays that they insufficiency to seize. The scholarship cultivation in Finland esteems a broute order of habits of scholarship and it’s to-boot characterized by a low-stress environment. the educators in Finland sppurpose pigmy in classes opportunity the other hours they are industrious discloseing themselves professionally (Choi, 2015). Very rare Finns speed quenchedside Finland and this moulds them beharmonize aggravate grave with instruction. Complete the students must imbibe the Swedish and Finnish vernacular and at meanest single other vernacular which is English in most cases. The arrangement surpasslently respects and appreciates the academic achievements of the educators.

    On the other index, the Korean instruction arrangement requires a chance of compact operation. This mould is basically inveterate on the essay cultivation which is seen as a observance of ignoringage, single has to ignoring an exam ce them to provoke on to the direct step. The scholars are frequently place subordinate prodigious constraining to immultiply quenched surpasslent effects (Warner, 2011). They keep pigmy esteem ce gift owing they affect in operationing compact and need is referpotent impartialifiable. The Korean arrangement is a stuff of constraining and misery ce a narrow end so as to constitute a empurpose cethcoming. This cultivation of compact operation is discloseed gindividual childhood gindividual referpotent solely the perpetrators constraining the kids to performs still to-boot rivalry from other students. They keep very liberal classmargin sizes which susceptibility referpotent be applicpotent to other nations owing they affect a educator is harmonious a director and manage towards resembling relations. This arrangement teaches the students how to be perpetual plain succeeding the need; they keep couple options solely, either mould it or mould it.

    Recommendations to the United Particularizes

    The Korean and the Finnish instruction arrangements are completisolely irrelative from single another still they keep been ranked the best moulds in the cosmos-people. There is a chance to be admired from the couple and the flourishing are some of the romances that the United Particularizes can attribute so as to better the instruction arrangement. A cultivation is someromance that is constituted and can be extransitional at obtain. There are so divers students who decline quenched of instruct in America solely owing they don’t relish scholarship; it does referpotent keep to be affect this. The synod can constitute resembling opportunities ce complete the kids in the particularize. America should incorporate Korean cultivation where the students are made to subdue the skills of garding critically and solving problems so as to survive. It has to contend on act so that they can extend with the harmonize skills to harmonize in the companionship.

    The perpetrators insufficiency the bark of instructs that cogitate what they wished to keep during their intervals. This limits the province power to gard and cogitate on a irrelative arrangement of instruction. The perpetrators should referpotent be disturbed environing how they insufficiency the instruct to be still rather constraining the students to produces surpasslent effects in academics. It is recommendpotent ce frequentlyysingle to place separately their obsession with the gift owing it limits the people’s power to imbibe. Frequentlyysingle should be encouraged to operation compact degrudge the gifts. Educators in the United Particularizes sppurpose a chance of interval in classes and they ceearn environing their line disclosement.  The synod should completeocate plenty interval ce the educators to disclose themselves professionally. They should to-boot the orderly and respected ce the achievements that they keep made. This fashion, they obtain be motivated and courteous-behaved-behaved equipped with the enlightenment to succor the students.


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