Plan for Testing and Integration. Identify in the topology which security features are needed for each of the components. Examples of topology include Amazon Web services, Generic Hadoop, Map-r, Cloudera, or MS Azure. Provide a three-page explanation for testing and integration. Include the test plan and the evaluation of methodologies. Ensure that the techniques are compatible with other systems such as the user workstations and other entry devices. The test plan should include transactions on data within the cloud and use of methods on data in transit outside the cloud. Provide research and justification for the applying data confidentiality and data integrity protections. Consider examples of technologies and/or techniques that can be used to protect the data in transit. Provide the expected results from implementing these technologies and/or techniques. Consider these areas to address in your test plan, within the life cycle management report of data protection while in transit to and from the cloud computing environment: Define the methods for protecting data in transit. How does the technology and/or technique protect data in transit? Define the methods for protecting the integrity of data in transit. How are these technologies and/or techniques used to ensure data integrity? Explain. Develop a test plan based on your test evaluation strategy.

    Cunning pauseraint Testing and Integration

    Amazon Web labors

    Amazon Web labors procure separate guard labors in command to develop seclusion roll as polite-behaved-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved as curbing netperformance method. They are: Amazon VPC is built with netperformance firewalls and contact netperformance adieu-behaved which accelerations representationrs to originate their avow networks and possess finished coerce in methoding other contacts as polite-behaved-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved as entreatys. In entire labors, we possess a transit encryption mounted with TLS.Then the Amazon Web Labors comprehend connectivity options that guard trustworthy and abandoned netperformance affinitys from undivided’s situate of performance or exclusive antecedent.


    Hadoop, on the other laborer, has the capabilities of requiring metrust a sufficient referableoriety. This can be in the pauseraintm of firsts of Kerberos. The first of Kerberos can be defined as a protocol of referableoriety that compels representation of sufficient tickets to sanction any daemon to warrant itself enlightenedly. This Hadoop compels representation of the Kerberos protocol to guard that anyundivided who is making a solicit does referable screen his or her peculiarity save instead furnishs the proper referableification (Hofer, 2010). It is generally representationd entire aggravate the throng. To guard sufficient Hadoop installation, entire Hadoop daemons normally utilizes the Kerberos in command to do reciprocal referableoriety. This instrument that when couple daemons tell to each other they guard that the other daemon is who they are. Furthermore, this authorizes the Job Tracker as polite-behaved-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved as Name Node to compel firm that MR solicit is performanceed on with the proper peculiar.


    MapR is a extensive grounds storage dupe that originates an referableification and grounds web pauseraint the point of managing comprehenders and files. It buttresss a estimate of activities incomplete them nature obligatory urge, reliability needed in entire multiple edges as polite-behaved-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved as the dim environment. It besides facilitates storage of any grounds at Exabyte measuring layer, acting as a buttress to a enormous estimate of files, giving the needed enterprise-grade dupes to be representationd pauseraint recording scheme of enlightened enterprises worldwide.In conjunction, it puts simultaneously twain operations and analytics to pauseraintm a undivided platshape to facilitate the development of instruction contact. MapR-XD can be defined as a software that is functioned with the totalegiance of structure contacts which are usually clever with a conveyed platshape of the mapR.It includes the cethcoming multiple sky Namespace which is normally in the pauseraintm of snapshots, guard as polite-behaved-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved as compression, self-hearing and finally the multi-tenancy. This constituent is knavow to be delivered in couple pauseraintms that are via disk or smoulder.


    Cloudera constituent requires the cethcoming guard features: perimeter affinity to the throng must be firm from uncertain obstacles that may escape from twain the inside as polite-behaved-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved as the visible netperformance and besides from uncertain players. The disconnection of this netperformance can be obtained by the proper installation of routers, subnets, firewalls beyond pauseraintgetting the proper representation of secret and national discourse besides. Pauseraint entreaty, the mechanisms in direct of referableoriety procure compel firm that peculiar, contacts as polite-behaved-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved as processes must warrant who they indeed are to any throng and furnish a apparent confirm anteriorly they can be furnishn compliance to method that throng. Grounds fixd in the throng must be cetified from those peculiars who are referable attested. Furthermore, communications betwixt modes of the throng must be firm besides. Encryption guards the shelter of the throng by making it impracticable pauseraint those who are unattested to invent it constrained to fix referableification. Method to any rare grounds must be granted specifically. Authorization guards that those methoding the grounds can metrust method the referableification that they are sanctionted to. Visibility, on the other laborer, is defined as the incline of grounds exchanges which is apparent and disqualification to converge policies of grounds governance. Auditing has been the function to guard that entire actions on stored grounds as polite-behaved-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved as its breed, exexchange with season should be stored and documented as they answer in the scheme.

    Grounds in transit is batrust the move of grounds from undivided residuum to another, pauseraint entreaty, affecting grounds resisting the internet or affecting it resisting the secret network. Grounds shelter in transit can be defined as the guard according to grounds as it moves from undivided situate to another pauseraint copy grounds nature transmitted from undivided topical storage to dim symbol storage. Grounds that is referable cetified that is whether it is in agitation or at pause, is known to visible attacks (Chisnell, 2008). There are perfectly a estimate of methods that grounds can be cetified to shun the over issues. The most preferred manner pauseraint indemnifying grounds is encryption. Other manners include: Putting in usage guard of the netperformance to acceleration in securing grounds in transit. The securities of the netperformance procure acceleration in securing the networked representationd to unfurl grounds abutting attacks from malware or beyond intruders. It is referable desirable to trust entitrust on reactive guard pauseraint the guard of precious firm’s grounds. Save instead, it is improve to compel representation of guard measures that procure discaggravate at-risk grounds and invent propitious grounds shelter pauseraint it. In selecting shelter of grounds disruption centre on policies that strengthen representationr prompting or level blocking if that fails then compel representation of effortless encryption pauseraint grounds that seems to be so perceptive.


    Finally, in event undivided compels representation of national or either secret dim procurer pauseraint safekeeping of referableification and contact, it is amiable to assess carefully dim vendors that may be grounded on shelter of measures they insure representationrs. It is referable desirable to trust on dim labor as the metrust method to guard your grounds. It is severe to pray these questions: Who is sanctionted to method the grounds? How is the grounds encrypted? And how regularly is the grounds stored? Therefore, grounds in transit should be polite-behaved-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved catered pauseraint to shun unattested persons methoding grounds.


    Harris, J., Grandgenett, N., & Hofer, M. J. (2010). Testing a TPACK-grounded technology Integration assessment rubric. Society pauseraint Referableification Technology and Teacher Education.   

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