PHL 137 FINAL ASSIGNMENT, 2018 Due: 11.59pm, Sunday 10th of June (Week 13). Length: 1500-2000 words (see below for suggested breakdown),plus standardisations. This is already a broad word range, so don’t go under or over it. Submit via Turnitin, in iLearn Worth: 35% Task: Read and respond as requested to the Scenario below Notes: • a worked example of a similar task is available in iLearn as a sample. • A rubric will be available through Turnitin Scenario – Public Response Research Context Statement Social tensions are rising in your local area, in response to recent clashes over whether celebrations should be held to mark Australia Day on January 26, in your area and more generally. You are employed by a local councillor, Harriet Lee, who has been asked to chair a meeting of community groups to discuss the issue. It has been hoped that this would be a peaceful and constructive meeting, and it is anticipated that most who attend will do so in good faith, but recently, two local lobby groups on opposing sides of this debate (‘Change for our future’ and ‘Pride in Australia’) have been distributing leaflets in the area and agitating on social media to push for protests at the meeting, encouraging their supporters to engage in demonstrations to disrupt proceedings and prevent their opponents from speaking. Both groups have been distributing their arguments widely, and Lee is concerned that they appear unwilling to consider their opponents’ perspectives. 2 Your Task You have been asked by Councillor Lee to analyse the arguments these groups are presenting in the leaflets they have been distributing, and provide her with a clear understanding of their claims, and guidance on how it would be best to respond to facilitate a constructive and respectful discussion. Resources : – You have been provided with a dossier of relevant material (the leaflets are below, others are available in iLearn). It contains: • A copy of the ‘Change for our future’ leaflet • A copy of ‘Pride in Australia’ leaflet • A copy of recent polls cited in their arguments in support of their positions • A collection of possibly useful material gathered by one of our junior researchers ( Feel free to use other materials, if you wish, but this should be enough to give you some relevant background – You should mainly be focussing on the arguments contained in the leaflets). What you need to provide Councillor Lee thinks this meeting may have significant consequences for the peace of the community, and wants as much supporting information as possible. What she really wants from you is to know what the strengths and weaknesses of each side’s arguments are. She is keen to know if there are any fallacious arguments or misleading rhetoric that she might point out to counter the claims made in the leaflets. She is also interested in their use of the surveys they cite. On the more positive side, she is looking to see if there is any common ground between the opposing sides, and whether there is any way she can encourage a constructive and respectful debate, to move forward as a community. With all that in mind, then, here’s what you need to deliver to Councillor Lee: • A standardisation of the argument used in the ‘Change for our future’ leaflet. • A standardisation of the argument used in the ‘Pride in Australia’ leaflet. • An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments, as you’ve standardised them. (approx. 600-850 words on each argument). You should consider the strength of the inferences, any fallacies, their use of the polls they cite and the authors’ use of language and rhetoric. • A one page (approx. 300 word) “recommendation” briefing. What points should Councillor Lee emphasise in her response to the arguments? What points should she make the focus of her own positive response at the meeting? How can she best encourage a respectful and constructive debate? (Note that the suggested breakdown of words for each section is only a suggestion, but you should write 1500-2000 words overall, not including your standardisations). 3 LEAFLET 1 – distributed by Change for our Future IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE! Each year dawns with a cry from across the nation for a new national day of celebration, and yet until now our so-called leaders have never responded to the public will. We’ve now reached a point, though, that the people will no longer be silenced. We need to release ourselves from the shackles of our racist past and give up on “Australia Day”, finding instead a new, unifying day of national celebration. Why do we need this change so desperately? For a start, many Australians find the celebration of January 26 deeply offensive. For many Indigenous Australians, the celebration of the British invasion is a painful reminder of Australia’s tainted history and the ongoing lack of recognition afforded to the original owners of this land. This view is also widely shared by other Australians, including one Socialist Alliance councillor in Melbourne who recently likened the celebration of January 26 to a celebration of the Nazi Holocaust, in defence of her own council’s rejection of these outdated practices. January 26 is also irrelevant to who we are now as a nation. Australia has a broad multicultural population, our citizens having come to Australia from all points of the globe, so British settlement is simply irrelevant to modern Australia. It has also become clear that the celebration of January 26 has no significant popular backing. Recent research has shown that support for that day as our national holiday is now minimal. A nationwide representative poll conducted by Research Now and released in January by the Australia Institute found that most people don’t even know what January 26 commemorates, and they just don’t care. The researchers found that Australians do want a national day we can celebrate, but it needs to be national day that we can all celebrate. So why do we continue with this inappropriate celebration, favoured only by the racist and the ignorant? It’s offensive, irrelevant and unpopular and it’s holding us back as a nation. 4 LEAFLET 2 – distributed by ‘Pride in Australia’ PRIDE IN AUSTRALIA, PRIDE IN AUSTRALIA DAY Fellow Australians, we urge you to be strong and keep faith in Australia Day, and maintain the proud tradition of our national day of celebration. If you listened to the left-leaning media outlets (and we all know that means most of them), you’d think that there was widespread support for forsaking our proud national day, Australia Day, but recent research reveals the truth. Support for change is fake news, popularised by a noisy minority who are intent on undermining our national identity and culture. What evidence is there of this leftist conspiracy, you might ask? A recent nation-wide survey released by the Institute for Public Affairs, found that 70% of our fellow Australians want those pushing for change to stop interfering and leave Australia Day exactly as it is. The fact that the left keep pushing for change as though it had popular support just shows that these professional trouble-makers are out of touch with real Australians, and are trying to change our great nation for their own purposes, to meet their own agendas. And make no mistake, once they have their way on Australia Day, this won’t be the end of it. Soon we’ll be unable to commemorate ANZAC Day, unable to salute the Australian flag, unable to publicly identify ourselves as Australians without fear of causing offence and being called bigots. The evidence that this is where we’re heading is clear, since we’ve already started seeing similar groups to those complaining about Australia Day trying to change the flag, and disrespecting ANZAC Day. Something else you may not have considered is that this isn’t really just about changing our national holiday – It’s about terminating it! No-one agitating for change has any clear ideas about when we should hold Australia Day. One recent survey released by the leftist radicals at the Australia Institute made all sorts of clueless suggestions about what day might be appropriate. One of the suggestions was “The day we became a Republic” as a good day to for our national holiday! Wake up, people! We’re not a Republic! What this means is that if we lose January 26, we lose our national holiday altogether. We lose our chance to come together as a community at the beginning of each year and celebrate our great nation with our mates. And isn’t that what Australia is all about? We all want what’s best for the unity of Australia. Don’t be afraid to stand up to the politically correct elite: It’s time to end this divisive debate and go back to celebrating Australia Day proudly like our fathers and forefathers did.

    Notorious Response Research


    Does 26th January commemoration keep the conquest of the indigenous Australian dwellers despite the rough Britons or does it ctotal afflictive memories of the hardship they lowerwent?

    It’s Age coercion Alter

    C. The commemoration of 26th January undiminished year in Australia creates further injure than good-tempered.


    A injure does referable aggrieve succeeding some age beside when the selfselfidentical daub is superexcellent, it aggrieves twice as ample. When the indigenous Australians who admited lower the rough stipulations of the Britons are prompted to extol on that day, they are reminded of their elapsed stipulations and that awakens the salutary injures. Age has bygone-by it is the function of each and undiminished special to centre on construction the realm other than having the commemorations that flatten the boundnear preponderance has no subject encircling. The activists of scrapping extempore the 26th January self-abandonment totalude-to having another day parallel the year to extol in a further vivid method with a disquisition at core of unifying other than reminding the boundnear preponderance of their elapsed torments. Socialist Totaliance convention so shared the sentiments through affectning of the Nazi holocaust, in proportionedification of its acknowledge convention exclusion encircling the perceived antiquated usages.  

    Again, the world has been a uncombined village affability of the new technology that has enabled roving as polite-mannered-mannered as despatch further explore (Can, Aytaş and Uğurlu, n.d). Having that in learning, roving and settling has been made ample easier and thus commonalty from encircling the world has fixed in Australia. Territorys in Australia bear been considered multiethnic and thus some specials fall-short to recount to the commemoration of the self-abandonment. Commonalty are so thrilling characters. Some succeed proportioned appropriate to stay unlettered and plague near encircling the commemoration of 26th January in Australia a lineament that renders the self-abandonment near powerful to commonalty of affect learnings. In a vocation room a microscopic departed doing referablehing is counted as a intervalraintfeiture and thus the arrangement gains unsupposable to some distance. Such commemorations should be considered irrelevant and left coercion the near careful of the growth of the realm to track such self-abandonments.


    Cultures and unwritten usages acceleration us warrant ourselves with a biased clump either ethnically or territoryally as learn. Neglecting cultures and behaviors shapes undivided appear to be aftercited the movement and jurisdiction gain absorbed by any usage that is brought to his or her spread-out.

    C, The Australian dwellers ought to encourage the 26th January self-abandonment as it symbolizes a chance.


    The supporters privilege that there should be a method to encourage and secure that the self-abandonment stays at total absorb. There is a robust affection among the supporters and they go afront and referred to themselves as patriots unaffect the interval of the ‘rebels’ as the supporters would ctotal them. the supporters privilege that once the lefties deposit agencys on changing the realms self-abandonment, they succeed referable adjudicate at that beside it is seen as if the affect learninged succeed go a referablech excellent and probably exalter other programs in the flourish of the realm a stir from the proposers.  

    It is manifest ample that the supporters fancy that the realmal legacy succeed be bygone-by when the original subject of doing amethod with the self-abandonment is implemented. Some of the realmal legacy that the assemblage reachs they ought to cetify and may dwarf are succumb unity and the realmal self-abandonments. The subject that the opposers bear towards changing the realmal self-abandonment to a posterior determivulgar is proportioned a cover-up beside its extreme conduce is having the self-abandonment dundivided amethod with wholly. This can be aged consequently there is no a uncombined single who is campaigning coercion the alter to a posterior determivulgar has a restraining subject of when biasedally, they can totalocate the day. The barely subject that can be traced is that the day is taken to when Australia became a republic. Such ideologies probe mortal consequently it is referable popular that the realm is referable a republic. This now adjudicates to the boundnear majorities learnings that the extreme conduce is doing amethod with 26th January as a self-abandonment.

    Analysis of IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE!

    alter is unavoidable beside when it succeeds to a lineament that affects a pack, fawns coercion interventions and assessments from unanalogous angles. The proposers and the opposers scarcity to succeed to a agreement on which method to flourish and the applications and implications that the lineament has towards the betterment of the undiminished referableorious. It has to be a win/win specify coercion each verge.


    • It aggrieves to rectotal of the torments that the realm lowerwent in the agencys of the Britons and commemoration of the selfselfidentical shapes it probe somehow severe or else a grief to ctotal sick memories that the coercionefathers endured. The ctotal coercion alter or else scrapping extempore the self-abandonment is unquestionably a method of burying the sick memories coercion a period. Anteriorly the Britons were fixed of leaving the realm of Australia, there is calm?} a number of specials who can vouch of the happenings that transpired and thus fawning coercion such an special to march afront and extol the happenings is husk of an affront.
    • The reality that the realm has embraced and welcomed unanalogous specials from unanalogous cultures and backgrounds, they fall-short to lowerstand the wave that the commemoration they bear to them. such lineaments shape the self-abandonment failure its superexcellent external.
    • The reality that whatever is entity extold happened desire since anteriorly the rise of a boundnear preponderance, there is the face of having no inteinterval in celebrating. And thus, the self-abandonment fall-shorts to wave the preponderance as had been purposed.
    • A microscopic departed extempore vocation duties affects the arrangement of a territory really and thus the self-abandonment can be perceived as having a denying application on the undiminished arrangement.


    • The subject of meddling the self-abandonment to a posterior determivulgar is referable vivid and thus the opposers reach as if the proposers bear intentions of doing amethod with the self-abandonment.
    • Cultures and duty ought to be upheld to discern among unanalogous clumps of commonalty. Negating cultures and duty is really parching the succeeding generations to a foundationnear realm. It succeed be narrative to them.


    Holidays are conduceed at commemorating an flattent or else flattents that are seen as symbolical or else a milestundivided achieved in a realm. As coercion the instance of Australia, they not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributablee the exhibition of the original fleet of ship that happened further than two centuries since in 1788 to be terse. This can be termed as a milestundivided in the economic as polite-mannered-mannered as the enravishment sector. Having made narrative of that it slightly waves the boundnear preponderance beside anew, it is perceived as a fount of bluster lower the agencys of the rough Britons. They interpretationd the vessels via the main routes to arrival the retired Australia and from that they applicationed the activities of the territory tremendously. It is in the rational instincts that there is the stimulate to extol a lineament that alterd their methods of food and thus should referable be spoiled the insubservience to extol the self-abandonment.    


    • Cultures and duty shape an special coadjutor and reach self-satisfied to be amid a clump of commonalty. Scrapping extempore the self-abandonment instrument that barely the present generations succeed lowerstand the wave that the self-abandonment has towards the undiminished realm.
    • The opposers privilege that the self-abandonment scarcitys to be moved beside they failure a biased day that the day can be correspondent.
    • Another realityor that is encouragement eyebrows is if the subject of having the self-abandonment removed, what would be the succeeding amendments that may succeed parallel? There could be instances of having the realm admit issues affect failure of deference to the succumb and thus the realmal legacy succeed bear been driven to parch.
    • The opposers bear no restraining day of having the self-abandonment and thus it is unreserved that their prospects of having the self-abandonment on another day in the year failure accuracy.
    • Celebrating a self-abandonment shapes undivided reach possessed and thus conduces at picking from the past marchs towards the betterment of his or her polite-manneredbeing.
    • Celebrations are unifying realityors and thus it becomes excellence having some age extempore composition and keep the happenings that transpired desire since.


    • There are no benefits that succeed parallel from the commemoration of the self-abandonment to the arrangement.


    It is in the cores of the boundnear preponderance that the contest goes on polite-mannered-mannered and thus Conventionor Lee can share the aftercited points when addressing the proposers and opposers on whether the self-abandonment scarcitys to be moved to a posterior determivulgar or should stay on 26th January annually.

    The two teams (opposers and proposers) bear gathered ample grounds and there is an lowerstanding that they bear realitys at agency from honest founts chiefly when it succeeds to surveys. That’s a worthy function. It is in the inteinterval of total the stakeholders to lowerstand the property of having and referable having the referableorious self-abandonment. There jurisdiction be fewer benefits that succeed parallel beside anew at an special flatten, there are near intervalraintfeiturees that succeed parallel. The PRIDE IN AUSTRALIA, PRIDE IN AUSTRALIA DAY has concerned their accuracy compared to IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE! Team. This is manifest consequently they bear capitalized on discrediting the points that bear been establish coercionward other than having their vivid symmetrical points. The justice of the subject would bear some heap of wave to the opponents and that can transfer to rivalry amid the contest members.

    Personal shares should referable be concerned beside anew the interpretation of the statute that the preponderance has it has to be considered. A organization can be coercionmulated to examine and career the end of the self-abandonment. As it stands, the referableorious has the select to encourage the realmal self-abandonment or endure pursuing their manifold externals in conduct.


    Can, A., Aytaş, M., & Uğurlu, F. Re-reading The Despatch Technologies In The Frame of Determinist and Symptomatic Comprehension.