Personal Reflection on Values an Ethics. First, develop a statement that encompasses an overall picture of your values and ethics. Are your values based on family, health, achievements, wealth, job success, happiness, faith, love, or anything else that you hold in great esteem? Think of your value statement as what defines you as a person. Describe your understanding of the origin of the values you hold important. Try to describe your ethical beliefs. If possible, offer a story to illustrate your ethical behavior. Try to explain the roots of your ethical beliefs, where they came from, how you were influenced, whether any particular events in your life greatly impacted your beliefs. Have your ethical beliefs undergone any major changes? If so, describe what they were and why they changed. Second, drawing on the various ethical frameworks we have studied this term—utilitarianism, deontology, etc—explain your ethical perspective. You do not need to limit yourself to one ethical framework and can draw from more than one. If you draw from more than one framework, you will need to explain your reasoning in your answer. Be sure to reconcile any contradictions between these perspectives (for example, utilitarianism vs. virtue ethics). Use the textbook as evidence in this section of your paper as a form of support. After you have explained your ethical perspective, consider why and how you have adopted this perspective. This section of the paper will ask you to think about your personal life and the way you were brought up in terms of a specific ethical framework or frameworks. Explain why and how this framework was taught to you. For example, you could use a deontological perspective to represent how a duty/rule-based approach was used by your parents. If you grew up in different places, if you are an immigrant or the child of immigrants, perhaps you were taught a different ethic in school than you were at home? If this was the case, how did you reconcile any ethical conflicts? Which ethical framework do you draw on most as an adult and why? You do not need to answer all of these questions; however, you do want to present a nuanced, concrete discussion of your ethical perspective. Be specific and explain the role of culture and the historical time period when thinking about the particular ethical framework was used in your education or upbringing. Lastly, conclude your paper. In your concluding paragraph, describe the person you are today and address the person you want to become. Are they the same person or different? Why? Your paper must have an APA-formatted title page. The paper should be at least 1500 words in length (not including the cover page and references). It should be grammatically sound and free of spelling errors. You must integrate the ethical theories discussed in the readings and class. Be sure to include in-text citations and a reference page for this material. Outside sources are not required, but any use of such material must be cited. Please check the message below and reply to the client. Ethics Theory and Contemporary Issues 9th Edition By: Barbara MacKinnon Andrew Fiala My Values are Family First I have a wife and 3 kids. My job as a Trucking Terminal Manager supports My family. I believe that you must prove your worth to me before I accept you as a trustworthy person. I do not judge anyone until then. My Value derived from a strict child hood, and my 4 years in Active duty military the Airforce. Also through my 32 years of trial and error in Relationships, Jobs, Friends, and Family. I was very Nieve when I was younger and there have been many issues to build me into the man I am today. My Parents had their own trucking company with strict work ethic (Dark to Dark work hours), but we also played hard boating, four wheeling, etc. So it seemed worth it during my childhood because I could always look foward to the weekends. The military opened me up to another world @ 18 I learned how to fight for my freedom, my Job and how it was important to the mission as a C-130 Crew chief (Keeping airplanes fyling to get the troops off the ground and back to safety) , and that you can not just trust anyone like I thought before. I have worked in the private sector since my 4 years in active duty building trustworthy relationships that people know when I say something they know it is 100% what i mean.

    Identical Meditation on Computes and Ethics

    Identical Perspective

    My computes are domiciled on source which is an complete sunder of my spirit as it discusss a apprehension of connected, contributes kindness and laughter. I am the father to three kids and a fond consort to my consort. Our league as a source is domiciled on kindness, honor, knowledge, commitment and supply to our kids. Some computes are domiciled on my result with my role substance a trucking final superintendent and the toil accelerations me in providing financial food to my source ensuring that they never failure. Having been brought up in a rigorous sliphood I compute source owing it has shaped me to be whom I am today. My parents were very rigorous by regularting diverse limits on what we should hire in. The rigorousness secured that I dealt with the consequences of my impressions thus curving proud spirituality at an cethcoming generation.

    My genius has defined twain my spiritual and visible ability.  Having spiritual cece has enabled me to unite my expectations in spirit and strain the endureards of veritcogent self- faith. My parents had regular proud endureards and expectations ce me which I had to secure that I unite them. Their rigorousness accelerationed me surpass in my academics and to-boot instilled faith in me. I peruse how to be under obligation extraneously holding on anyone and to-boot restraintmed moderation. As I grew up I had to result at my parent’s trucking sodality from waning to waning which made me distressingstarted and under obligation. My role in the Airfibre as an erratic once soldierlike has made me over under obligation and augmentd my stance skills. My role in the soldierlike named ce consecration and alacrity to secure that things are in enjoin.

    Through that role, I peruse the sympathy of idiosyncratics abextinguished me and to-boot how to complete tasks assigned to me. Substance an erratic once soldierlike encompassed resulting with other militants from contrariant endgrounds. I peruse the stroke of substance knowledge to augment my usey with others. The toil has enabled me to grace a fighter ce weighty things and endure by the things that are jurisprudenceful. Substance a fighter has increased my faith levels as I am cogent to endure immovconducive by the sentences that I perform. MacKinnon’s Ethics has brought an weighty resolution of ethics and identical perspectives. This has weighd contimpress and supposition with a unadorned and synchronous weigh of peruseings that keep enabled an knowledge of the elder immaterial theories (MacKinnon and Fiala, 2014). It has to-boot interjacent synchronous debates that keep enabled me in despatches a pure and hired resolution of my identical meditation on computes and ethics.

    Immaterial Assurance

    In my daily impressivities, I am guided by spiritual principles which contribute insights on how to behave. Uprighty is a elder stroke that I cement in my interaction and agency. I am a innocuous idiosyncratic who speaks extinguished the accuracy in any predicament. Substance updirect accelerations in restraintming expectation and creating sound kinsfolk with idiosyncratics environing. In my erratic once hirements, I keep restraintmed expectation from my colleagues who revere in the commands that I exhibit (Ford and Richardson, 2013). Entireegiantty is a assurance that has accelerationed me generate sinewy kinsfolkhip ties with idiosyncratics abextinguished me. I am attached to my source and exercise perfect my exertions to ensuring that they keep things that they demand. I maintain single-mindedness by ensuring that I do what is jurisprudenceful unmindful of the urgency abextinguished or the consequences.

    In making my sentences I am reasonconducive to everyone through analyzing the predicament at compositionart and exhibiting a prevalent that does referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive weigh-down anyone. Accountability is a assurance that I place argument on by commencement impute of the consequences of my impressions. Ce stance, in my soldierlike toil I was accountcogent ce ensuring that flattens attain the soldierlike legion of the plea and revert them end safely. I keep proud honor ce others through admiring them and I vie to use idiosyncratics well-mannered. To constantly be on the amiconducive interest of the jurisprudence I rest by perfect the ordinary rules and order (Ford and Richardson, 2013). Twain at home and at result I draw proud stance skills through impressing as an stance and providing control in diverse areas.

    My immaterial assurances keep been ruled by my upbringing unitedly with my toil. From my upbringing, I was taught to constantly be updirect and accountcogent ce my impressions. My toil has taught me how to guide idiosyncratics unitedly and making reasonconducive sentences that do referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive move idiosyncratics indirectly. The erratic once instilled honor ce other as we had to result as a team and ensue instructions from proud conduct. The toil to-boot demandd a balbaldoom of single-mindedness in ensuring that impressivities I hire in are jurisprudenceful. Engaging ce my immunity in the soldierlike and my role has augmentd my assurances as I keep been demandd to be entireegiant to the soldierlike and ensue the rules and instructions given. My immaterial assurances keep truly rectifyd as balance duration I keep grace over informed of the sympathy in touching with idiosyncratics and I am placeting over exertion in ensuring that I maintain them.

    Immaterial Frameworks

    In making elder sentences immaterial perspective has been very weighty in ensuring that the sentences I perform are of long-ford results. I keep accelerationful the utilitarianism avenue which accelerations in making sentences that sympathy a wide collection of idiosyncratics. The sentences are tailored to instigate wellsubstance unordered idiosyncratics. Utilitarianism accelerations me in assessing and evaluating the consequences of a sentence to dodge its indirect impacts (Greene, Overlli, Lowenberg, Nystrom, and Cohen, 2008). The sentence made is expected to consent over real extinguishedconclude compared to the indirect extinguishedcome. I keep cementd the avenue in making sentences in my erratic once in the soldierlike to secure that my resultmates are glad.

    The role demands a spiritual frameresult which dictates the impressivities that the soldierlike succeed hire in to terminate wellsubstance opposing a colossal population. Utilitarianism encompasses a balbaldoom of controlced that I keep cementd in engaging from my toil and immunity as I evaluate the amiconducive that succeed conclude extinguished of my hirement (Greene et al., 2008). The avenue has enabled me to perform sentences that sympathy my source ensuring that the sentences stipulate to the needs of my consort and those of my kids. Utilitarianism dismisses sordidness unitedly with spiritual egoism. The shyness with utilitarianism is that does referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive think honesty unitedly with the jurisprudencefuls of idiosyncratics as it elder centre is wellbeing.

    Also, the avenue does referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive ensue ethics thus substance unimmaterial in some cases. I do referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive exercise the excellence perspectives in my impressivities owing I do referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive hold on solely ethics period making a sentence. Undercommencement impressions domiciled on my excellences may discuss real impacts to me excepting origin indirect impacts to the wider collection. Excellence ethics goes resisting penny stance and is repeatedly thinked to be egotistical. Sentences perform through excellence ethics expresses one’s genius excepting does referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive evaluate the predicament at compositionman. It has conclude to show that my immaterial frameresult has been somehow broad. Having peruse abextinguished deontological ethics I keep conclude to a quittance that my immaterial frameresult has revolved abextinguished utilitarianism.  

    Reasons ce Adopting Utilitarian

    Utilitarianism perspective is salutary in creating wellsubstance opposing a wide population (Greene et al 2008). Wellsubstance instigates a apprehension of connected and motivates idiosyncratics to be over hired and fruitful. The perspective accelerations in eliminating the transaction of sick consequences thus preventing indisposition unordered idiosyncratics. Through the avenue, I am cogent to restraintm expectation from idiosyncratics abextinguished me and ceceen their faith in me. In my erratic once, my resultmates were cogent to collaborate with me owing they had faith in what I directed as they knew it would blessing them.  Substance encircled by sundry idiosyncratics has stimulated me in adapting the utilitarianism perspective.

    The idiosyncratics abextinguished me face up to me ce control and instructions on what to do. It is my once to impress conformably to secure that there are pleasant and that my impressions are salutary to them. I keep to impress as an stance to be competed through commencement into thinkation the well-mannered-substance of others ce them to to-boot instigate and secure that they aggravate wellsubstance in others. The immaterial avenue has taught me to be over under obligation and legitimate. From a source texture, my kids and consort hold on me which entails that I keep to perform sentences which perform them glad.  I am a under obligation idiosyncratic and I keep big sympathy ce others such as my source and my colleges at the soldierlike.

    How utilitarianism was taught to me

    I keep peruse the utilitarianism from identical experiences unitedly with my upbringing. In my tracking toil, I keep to place a balbaldoom of effects owing that’s where I attain to food my source through. My sentence to result distressing has real impacts on my source as they attain their basic needs. Resulting in the soldierlike Air cece I was in impute of procures impromptu and placeing of flattens heaveing legion. Deciding on when the flatten succeed procure impromptu and where to place augmentd my utilitarianism perspective of substance sympathyed abextinguished the legion. The once demandd me to secure that the commands and instructions I exhibit secure that the legion in the flatten procure impromptu and place safely.

    The rigorous result ethics at my parents’ sodality aggravateed my avenue owing my parents made the sentence of resulting ce long-for hours to secure that we never failureed basic needs. In the soldierlike, my erratic once accelerationed in curving my accountability where I was tasked with checking the place and impromptu-procure of flattens. The flattens carried legion consisting of sundry soldierlike idiosyncraticnel which was my function to secure their security. As an adult, I am drawn to the utilitarianism avenue which is selfless as it places the well-mannered-substance of sundry idiosyncratics principal. The impress of placeting others antecedently me has earned me honor unordered idiosyncratics and to-boot made me an avenuecogent idiosyncratic.


    Currently, I am a very distressingstarted and under obligation source art. I result distressing to secure that I contribute ce my source by substance exercised to my trucking final superintendential toil. I keep sinewy kinsfolkhips with idiosyncratics by substance an updirect and expectationworthy idiosyncratic. I am over sympathyed abextinguished idiosyncratics’s happiness by ensuring that the sentences I perform the idiosyncratics abextinguished me glad. I am a guideer who emphasizes on single-mindedness and I am entireegiant to those I hire with. I am under obligation ce my impressions which entails that I keep to heave extinguished my impressivities and hirement effectively to minimize instances of indirect results. I long-for to grace a meliorate idiosyncratic maintaining ethics that are acceptcogent and instill real impacts.

    Also, I nonproduction to motivate idiosyncratics abextinguished me ce self-improvement purposes ensuring that they ensue the jurisprudenceful spiritual principles. Increasing accountability levels succeed acceleration me rectify the faith that idiosyncratics keep in me. What I keep been cogent to collect is that my immaterial principles keep been built on my spirit experiences. The experiences from my slip keep played a wide sunder in influencing my comportment as an adult. I keep to-boot normal that my computes and assurances out-top in perfect the areas of my spirit where they discuss real impacts. I nonproduction to be a guideer that idiosyncratics can compete by substance an stance through observing computes and assurances that keep a real rule.  


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